Articlering! Are you one of those people looking for a reset VBA Project Password? If so, then no problem. This article will walk you through the entire VBA password recovery process. Yes, so there is no need to worry now, you can explore this article. In this article, we will mention several ways to recover VBA password. So keep reading the article to know the full process.

In some cases, users can lock the VBA project and forget their password and get locked out of the file. The user now wants to crack the password, which is a layer of protection for the encrypted access file. There are also cases where files are corrupted or show errors and prevent access to the VBA project.

Here is the best way to reset password protection and get access to VBA project. Read to the end of this blog to find out which method best suits your needs and learn how to perform a password recovery or deletion without any hassle.

Automatic Solution to Reset VBA Project Password

What if the user wants an efficient solution to reset or unlock VBA project password? We then provide you with an automated solution that allows you to recover passwords from multilingual source code for VBA projects without any technical glitches. Using SysTools VBA Password Recovery Tool, users can easily remove multilingual passwords associated with VBA files. In addition, the software has a demo version which gives users access to all the main features of the toolkit, and users can easily display only the first few characters of the new password in the trial version.

Reset or Unlock Password Protected VBA File –  Software Steps

Here you will find a total of four simple steps:

  • Download and Run the application on your version of the Windows operating system

Download VBA Password Remover Software

  • Insert the files by clicking the Add File or Add Folder option, depending on your needs

Click on Add file or folder

  • Select the file or folder you want to add and click the Open button

Click on Open

  • If you receive unwanted files for any reason, you can Remove them by clicking the “Removebutton

Click on Remove

  • Click on the reset option to complete the password removal process

Click on Reset button

  • Then in the end, the software will display the messageRecovery process completed successfully“.

Click on Successfully

Recover VBA Project Password – Manual Approaches

In this section, we will cover three different ways to disable passwords for VBA projects. However, there are some prerequisites that users should follow before starting to use this method.

Disable VBA Project Password With Hex Editor

  • Download and open a hex editor and create a new XLS file
  • Press the “Alt + F11” key to set the password in the VBA field
  • Save and exit the file after setting the password
  • Open the file you just created and copy all lines starting with CMG = …. / DPB = … / GC = …
  • After copying those lines, paste them into a password protected VBA file where you want to disable VBA passwords
  • Now, save the file and hit the “Exit” button
  • Finally, you need to open any Excel file you want to see the code for and add a dummy password.

If you don’t want to install Hex Editor, you can use the method below.

Reset VBA Project Password Using Workbook Method

The first step is to open the workbook where all the VBA password protected files are stored.

  • Validate all worksheets by pressing “Alt + F11” keys simultaneously
  • Here, enter “Insert-Module” and paste the code
  • Open a workbook that disables VBA passwords
  • After completing all these steps, you need to press Tools-Macro-
  • Finally, double click on “Password Cracker”.

These are the steps of the workbook method. Users can use this method, but sometimes it doesn’t work. So, to disable the VBA project password, you can refer to the last manual method in the next section.

Disable VBA Password With WinZip / WinRar

  • First, change the .xlsm file extension to the .zip file format
  • Open the .zip file with WinZip / WinRar and Pick on the .xl folder
  • Extract the vbaproject.bin file from the .xl folder
  • Open extracted file with hexadecimal editor
  • After opening the file, find the “DPB” file and replace it with the “DPX” file and save it
  • In the .zip file, replace the vbaproject.bin file with the file you just saved
  • Now change the .zip format to the file extension .xlsm
  • Here, open VBA in MS Excel and click on “Tools” option
  • Next, select “VBA Project Properties” and click on the “Protect” option
  • Now you need to add a new password and save the file in .xlsm format
  • Finally, reopen the file by adding a new password
  • All three are manual methods to disable passwords for VBA projects.

What are the Disadvantages of this Manual Solutions?

There are some drawbacks to using this manual solution. Some of them are:

  • Time consuming solution
  • Not a very good solution
  • Technical process to crack VBA password
  • Not suitable for non-technical users.
  • No success rate guaranteed
  • Fear of losing important data
  • To avoid this inconvenience, users had better use professional solutions.

Why Choose this Automated Software?

You will find that this tool offers more features than the other solutions and stands out in each of them. Find out the benefits of using this utility and then we will understand how it works.

  • Generate New Password: After using the software to remove the password from the VBA project file, a new password will be generated. This tool feature not only allows users to recover VBA project passwords, but also to get new passwords after deleting old ones.
  • Recover Passwords of Arbitrary Length: There is no limit or size limit for passwords compromised by VBA projects. You can easily crack passwords consisting of different combinations or very long ones.
  • Reset Multilingual VBA Password: Users can also decrypt passwords consisting of letters, numbers and characters. Even though it is long, you can easily reset multilingual passwords.
  • Option to Add Folder of VBA Files: If a user wants to add a folder containing VBA files that need to be checked, he can do it using the advanced mechanism of this tool. The power of adding folders makes it a quick task instead of adding VBA files one by one to remove passwords.

This is an amazing feature this tool offers to allow users to reset passwords securely. Let’s start working on this tool.

Time is Over

Here we provide the best solution to reset VBA project password in the easiest way. So if you are also facing the same problem then this is the right blog to provide the best professional solution for you. By following the steps above, the user will have absolutely no trouble completing the task. Manual workarounds for this process are not completely secure. Therefore, users are better off with technical solutions. Therefore, users can also use the trial version of this application to better understand the program. Once satisfied, the user can purchase a licensed version of the tool.


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