PPC Campaign

One of the primary focuses of a business is to gain as many clients and customers on their doorstep as possible. Ensuring this would mean implementing effective marketing strategies that will attract them and help generate leads.

While many have been accustomed to using traditional means of advertising, such as displaying products and services on billboards, television, or various social media channels, most savvy businesses will start relying on digital marketing this 2022 and moving forward.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to transition to the digital world to stay afloat. The rapid switch heightened the need to go digital as it is productive and cost-effective. Moreover, with health and safety concerns, opting to go virtual is beneficial as customers increasingly rely on the internet to look for products and services that are otherwise unavailable to purchase in person. 

As most businesses shifted to marketing online, Search Engine Optimization or SEO has never been this important. In truth, it is critical in the success of a company’s website as the best SEO services can increase a company’s online presence and improve the site’s rankings in Search Engine Results Pages or SERPs.

But aside from SEO, Pay-per-click advertising is also an essential digital marketing tool that can help drive business growth. For PPC to be effective, it needs to be a part of SEM or Search Engine Marketing alongside SEO. An effective SEM strategy can create compelling, quality, and optimized landing pages for both organic and paid searches, generating excellent results for both PPC and SEO campaigns.

PPC and SEO can improve and improve the business’s overall marketing plans. When both efforts are combined – optimizing a website and purchasing PPC marketing-companies ensure that their brand dominates popular search results.

PPC is an advertising strategy where advertisers run ads on a paid advertising platform and pay the platform each time a user clicks their ads. These ads run on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. PPC also refers to the advertisements people see at the top and along the sides of search engines. 

Businesses only pay a fee when they are clicked and do not pay for anything else. It is often the preferred method for online advertisers as they do not want to pay for simply displaying their ads. Instead, they want to pay only when they are clicked or when users take action based on their ad. 

The best PPC services providers help marketers effectively get their brand to the target audience almost immediately. Compared to organic SEO effort and traffic that can take months to years before paying off, PPC involves less time. 

Why should businesses use PPC? This specific marketing strategy is ideal regardless of the company’s size, but much more beneficial for small ones as advertisers can choose how much they are willing to spend on each keyword. Hence, they can manage the amount they will pay when their ads are displayed. Essentially, it ensures that advertisers’ money on ads is not wasted and will likely attract more people interested in their product or services.

Moreover, some might have misconceptions about the cost of running a PPC campaign. While they can be cost-effective when planned and executed correctly, they still cost money. As PPC campaigns are based on keywords, some cost higher than others. 

Fortunately, most advertising networks give advertisers the option to set a budget, so expenses are controlled. For example, you have allocated a certain amount per day when running a PPC campaign. If the amount is reached, the ad network will turn off ads for the rest of the day to prevent advertisers from spending more.

Accordingly, PPC provides targeted traffic. By targeting keywords that prospective customers will likely type in the search engines, advertisers expose their businesses to the highest quality of visitors that people cannot find elsewhere.

With PPC, businesses can also immediately change their ads, significantly if they do not garner expected results or attract the target audience. Ultimately, it gives advertisers complete control over their ads, from getting the right keywords combination, ad texts, and landing page. Also, when a PPC campaign was initially set up and did not do well, businesses can check to see if the campaign is successful or not. If it is the latter, they can easily make changes to it.

Most importantly, PPC allows businesses to reach a significant number of people. Advertisers can also choose which parts of the globe they specifically want their ads to be shown and ban places they do not want to show their ads to.

PPC can also allow business owners to schedule their ads only whenever they want them to show. For example, they can show their ads only during working hours, then turn them off or disable them after operating hours. There are still many critical benefits of PPC, but the most notable is the measurable Return on Investment, or ROI. It is critical when measuring the success of campaigns. Advertisers can also know if their money has gone up or down to the last cent.

In summary, the PPC advertising model is an excellent marketing option for a business. It is a cost-effective and simple technique to promote products and services, drive traffic to a website, and ultimately increase sales.

For businesses that have yet to employ this marketing strategy, this might be the right time for you to consider. However, it is essential to remember that there are many ways to lose money when venturing into the digital realm.

Without professional guidance, breaking the bank is likely to happen. It is best to find a reputable PPC company that can assist you in finding the leading ad network for your brand, work with you on bidding strategies, ad copy, and even testing.

There are many reputable PPC service providers, so it is vital to make a competitive analysis before starting. As a business owner, it is a given that you made a considerable investment for it. Keep it further profitable by advertising online.

Read this infographic from Digital Marketing Agency to learn how to run a successful PPC campaign to get more sales.

PPC Campaign


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