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Summary: This article contains the complete steps to save EML files as PDF in bulk on Windows platform. So, keep reading the article if you are looking for the same.

Users are switching from one platform to another or one format to another for a variety of reasons in today’s modern world. It quickly gained a large following. In our recent research, we came across a large number of inquiries from users who wanted to know how to save EML files in the PDF format. Please take a look at the following frequently asked questions:

  • Hey, how do I save my multiple EML files to PDF format all at once?
  • Is it possible to convert Windows Live Mail EML files to PDF format using a solution that does not require the use of a supporting application?
  • How can I save my EML messages as PDFs, complete with attachments and information about the headers?
  • Is it feasible to save several EML folders as PDFs alongside their respective metadata?

In the same manner, there are a great number of inquiries that exist where users demand such a conversion for a variety of reasons. If you have the correct solution, it is feasible to save a large number of EML files as PDFs at once. The purpose of this post is to inform you about this possibility.

How to Save EML Files as PDF in Bulk on Windows?

The conversion of EML files to PDF format can be accomplished either manually or with the assistance of a third-party tool. When it comes to conversion in bulk, however, manual methods are ineffective at that time. It is not feasible to save numerous EML files as PDF documents at the same time using the manual process. In addition to this, it requires the installation of an application that is supportive.

So, for bulk conversion, you have to take the help of professional app. One such application you can found on the internet is EML Converter Software for Windows. It is the highly regarded application to convert unlimited EML files to PDF format without any limits. With this app, one can safely save multiple or selective EML files as PDF document as per the need.

Additionally, the application is capable of successfully supporting every platform that can generate EML files. To export EML files as PDF in bulk, you also don’t need to install a supporting application, which is a huge time saver.

Would you be interested in learning how? Take a look down below, if you would.

Simple Instructions to Batch Convert EML Files to PDF Format

Here is a good news: The application comes up with a free demo version facility. So, you can test this application without investing on it anything. It will help you to test the complete working and features. Also, you can save some EML files as PDF in bulk. So, start by downloading the freeware app.

After downloading, run the application and click Open to begin procedure.

From the opened list, click on Choose Folders and Choose Files option to load your EML Files.

Once you select EML files or folders, the software will instantly load them on the left panel.

You can get the complete preview of your EML files by double-clicking on it.

Now, click on Export tab and from document files, choose PDF.

Choose the destination path and file naming option.

In the final step, select the file that you want to convert by clicking the Save button.

The process of converting EML files into PDF format can be observed on the screen as the software gets underway. Additionally, the time required for this procedure of preserving will be minimal.

That’s it. This is the simplest process to save EML files as PDF in bulk. Along with the easy process, the application offers several advance features. If you would like to know, please have a look below.

Advance Features of EML to PDF Converter Software

  • Save EML Files in Bulk: You can safely convert multiple EML files as PDF format in batch at once. You don’t need to select EML files again and again to save them.
  • Simple and Safe App: This software is safe, tested, and reliable. It will help you to safely save EML files as PDF in bulk on Windows without facing any type of hassle.
  • Convert Messages with Attachments: With this software, you can save EML messages as PDF format along with attachments. Also, it preview your EML files before saving them as PDF format.
  • No File Size Restrictions: There is no file size limit imposed on EML to PDF Converter. You can save unlimited EML files as PDF format without facing any issues.
  • Maintains All the Properties: While saving EML files as PDF format, this software maintains properties. You will see no changes in the converted PDF files.
  • Convert EML Headers: With this advance application, you can safely save EML files as PDF along with header information.
  • Preview All Your EML Files Data: This is the advance tool to save EML files as PDF in bulk on Windows. With this app, you can preview EML files content, message headers, raw messages, hex values etc.
  • Convert Selected Files: With this software, it is also possible to convert selected EML files to PDF format as per the need. This option is helpful to save time and efforts.
  • Multiple File Naming Options: This incredible utility offers so many file naming convention options. So, users can easily rename the file as per the requirements.

Some Common FAQs

How to save EML files as PDF including header information?

To accomplish this, you only need to select the “include email headers” option from the drop-down menu. If you check this box, you will be able to save EML files as PDFs with the header information included.

Do I Need to install any EML supportive application to save EML files as PDF in bulk?

This application does not require any other software to run. On Windows, converting multiple EML files to PDF format does not require the installation of a companion program of any kind.

Does the application supports Windows 11?

Absolutely; it is compatible with all versions of Windows, including 11, 10, 8.1, and any other editions that came before.

Where do I get my resultant PDF files?

You are given the option within the application to select the location from which the PDF files are to be obtained. This feature will make it much simpler for you to view and handle the files that were generated.

The Conclusion

Hope you like reading the post. Here, we have provided the most reliable and tested app to save EML files as PDF in bulk on Windows. Users are able to convert an unlimited number of EML files produced by programs such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and Thunderbird using the solution that is offered. Users of this app can reliably obtain the correct conversion without risking the alteration or loss of any information thanks to the app’s design.

So, if you are in need to save EML files as PDF in bulk on Windows, just download the app and start using it. This application will help you to convert all EML files as PDF without facing any type of hassle.



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