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Off plan property is a property which is only plan up till now and is under construction. The term “off-plan properties” refers to those properties which can purchase before completion of construction.

Selling an off-plan property in Dubai has now become an uprising trend among the Emirati Real Estate developer community. Property holders and investors can sell their off-plan property in Dubai before a project reaches its completion and the condition of the purchase varies from seller to seller.

Take the case of UAE’s one of the most famous property developer companies, Emaar.


OFF Plan Property



If Emaar wants to sell an off-plan property in Dubai, they require the owners or the investors to pay the 40% amount beforehand. However, this 40% down payment figure is not constant and it varies for all developers.

During the purchase of off-plan property in Dubai, buyers and sellers must sign an agreement that states the price and terms, agree to contracts and apply for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) where the new buyer is register with the developer.

Once the transfer is complete, the new buyer will ultimately take over all the outstanding payments. An individual can also easily sell an off-plan property in Dubai without any hustle.

By selling an off-plan property in Dubai, there are a number of advantages you get.

Dubai Real Estate Market

The very first benefit that you will get after you become a seller in Dubai’s Real Estate market is that you will get a lot of recognition among the Real Estate developer community.

Other than that, the off-plan tag on your property will come with the advantage that you will get the best possible price on your property.


You can’t get the same price when your property is ready as an off-plan property in Dubai Real Estate is more valuable than a ready property.

If you have an off-plan property in Dubai and you want to sell it, then you should follow the following measures to sell the property in the most effective way

These following steps are proves to be the best possible procedure that one can follow while selling his or her off-plan property in Dubai.

Find Experience Real Estate Agency in Dubai

Before selling a property in Dubai, you should consider finding a reliable and trustworthy real estate broker with whom you can build a professional as well as friendly relationship.

He will provide the property market insights that will help you in selling your property.

Finding an ideal real estate agency before selling your off-plan property in Dubai is the most important step towards progress. ]

If you wish to sell your property at the best and at a deserving price, then finding the right and an experienced real estate agency is the very first step.

A highly experienced Real Estate agency that loads with a team of highly trained and educated Real Estate professionals.

Hiring a Real Estate agency will make you free from doing all the boring and tedious paper work. The agency will be able to sort through the dozens of pages of mostly fine print and make sure that your sale is done absolutely by the book.

You are far less likely to have to worry about errors and omissions; if they do occur, a licensed real estate professional will have insurance to cover them, limiting your risk.

Negotiate a Perfect Price for your Property

Discuss with your agent and determine the real worth and value of your property and negotiate a suitable price for it. Negotiating the correct demand for your off plan property in Dubai is as important as it can be.

The very first step you should follow when you sit with your Real Estate agent to set a price is to properly study and analyze your targeted market where you are trying to find your potential buyer.

Determining whether it’s a hot seller’s market or a buyer’s market will help you navigate your negotiations. After looking through the market completely, you will surely be able to set the correct price for your house.

Make Your Property Look Presentable

Making the property look the best possible will increase your chance of selling your property in a timely and profitable manner. This is one of the most important steps.

When a buyer will approach you, the very first thing he will look upon is the presentation of your off-plan property. How it looks matter a lot!

Paint your outer walls, repair any faults in ceiling and walls, check out your centralized air-conditioning, upgrade to new rugs and furniture, install new and fashioned floorings, and make every possible step to make your property presentable.

Marketing Your Property Right

Marketing your off-plan property in Dubai becomes a lot easier when you become aware of the current trends of the real estate market.

For marketing your property precisely, firstly photograph the interiors and the exteriors of your property and then use the right tactics through social media platforms, e-mails, and SMS communication.

Your broker will also help you in marketing your property. Marketing your off-plan property becomes easier if you can identify the current real estate and marketing sector trends.

Some properties demand drone photography, especially if they’re situated on the waterfront, in the mountains, near a park, or on large acreage.

An aerial view would be an important advantage to showcase the surrounding neighborhood in these cases.

Viewings of Property

After you have followed the above mentioned steps, customers will hopefully start reaching out. Make sure that your property is in the best possible before customers start coming for viewing your property.

Regardless of whether you need to drive the whole course the other day, be certain that you can take the most immediate course to each home thus.

Your purchaser customers are recruiting you as the master nearby and the properties recorded there. Try not to harm that assumption by cruising all over incapable to find a road that has been there for a long time or more.

Making an Agreement and Applying For NOC

Once you get a potential buyer who is willing to buy a property, both parties would be required to sign an MOU and Form F. after that, both you and the buyer would meet at the Developer’s Sales office and apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate).


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