what to sell on amazon to make money

Do you want to know how to sell your products on Amazon? The first thing to do is link Amazon with Shopify. Shopify can be considered an official Amazon partner, which allows entrepreneurs such as you to sell their products through Amazon. You can utilize Amazon as an extra channel for sales to boost your sales.

This article will help you discover how to begin selling your items on Amazon and the reasons the reason why you should put your items for sale on Amazon’s marketplace. Additionally, you’ll be taught some tricks to increase sales on Amazon sales. 

We’ll also discuss the myths surrounding making sales on Amazon for people who are just beginning.

Why You Should Sell on Amazon

1. It’s the most popular online sales channel.

Amazon is the largest online sales channel used by an internet-based retailer. With more than 1.9 million registered Amazon sellers the website is an absolute powerhouse.

Customers will find the most popular items on Amazon first. It’s no wonder that 90% of them believe they are more likely to purchase products on Amazon as opposed to other eCommerce websites. The huge e-commerce site stocks millions of items across a variety of categories.

Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the level of competition you may encounter. It is better to be in the same place your customers are, by selling items on Amazon. Don’t let competitors steal the entire potential revenue.

2. Another revenue stream

The primary reason to be able to sell your products on Amazon is that you’ll gain access to the second source of revenue. If you’re selling your products on Amazon it is important to be where your customers are.

If your clients are on Facebook If they are on Facebook, you can create Facebook ads to contact them. Your customers enjoy studying and reading about your field, start blogs so that they can be able to find you quickly.

If your clients shop on Amazon or other marketplaces, you can sell on Amazon. You’ll be able to increase your revenue and gain new customers through selling on the marketplace.

3. Brands that are trusted

Amazon is a well-known and well-known brand. Amazon was established in 1994. This means that it has more than 24 years of relationships and trust-building. 

If your shop isn’t able to get the brand’s recognition due to it being relatively new, people may feel more secure buying items on Amazon rather than in your store.

If you sell items through Amazon via your online store you’ll establish a stellar image for your brand and establish a good reputation. Also, when you sell on Amazon you will gain access to customers that may be a little more cautious about risk.

In time, customers who regularly buy from you could eventually begin purchasing directly from your shop.

4. A lot of people have accounts

As previously mentioned, Amazon has millions of active users. In the US currently, there are around 150 million Amazon Prime members. A typical Amazon Prime user spends $1400 per year on Amazon products on their own.

In regards to the realm of eCommerce, Amazon holds a large part of the market share in the field. People who have Amazon Prime accounts will likely look on Amazon to find items they’re looking for because they enjoy perks as members.

It is important to know the place the customers of your business are. If your main audience is located in the US and you sell items on Amazon is worth it.

5. Minimal fee

One benefit of selling your products on Amazon can be that it doesn’t charge listing costs except for selling as an individual and not having a merchant account. There is the option to include as many items in the Amazon store as you’d like.

If you have the Amazon Pro Merchant account, you’ll have to pay $39.99 per month, and a number of your sales. If you’re selling lots of things on Amazon this monthly fee isn’t too much.

6. Proven model of success

A lot of sellers who sell products on Amazon have seen huge payouts through the marketplace. An average of 0.3 percent of Amazon sellers earn more than $100 million on Amazon alone, and 0.6 percent make more than $50 million.

The amount may seem low however $100 million is an enormous amount of money for brands to generate from just one channel of sales. 51 percent of Amazon sellers earn more than 100,000 dollars in sales per year. 

So the odds are favorable for you. If you work hard you can also become the next Amazon success story.

4 Myths of Selling on Amazon

1. Amazon’s marketplace is becoming too crowded

There are millions of items on Amazon but there’s plenty of an opportunity for businesses like yours to generate revenue.

Although you may not be able to beat your competitors in price, an Amazon buyer can select your product over one from a competitor, or even a supplier.

Don’t add barriers. Even if you earn an additional $10,000 by selling products on Amazon this is much more than what you could have gotten if you had stayed clear of it.

2. It is possible to set it and put it away

Many times, entrepreneurs believe that the marketplaces will lead to customers buying their products independently. You must be proactive about making sales, particularly in the beginning.

After you’ve made several sales and earned favorable reviews, you’ll be better positioned to be discovered naturally.

3. You can de-prioritize your store

The truth is that Amazon is not the only one of the many online selling websites available. You are also able to make sales on various other websites. However, your store online will be more profitable over time since you may eventually be able to sell it.

In addition, should you consider that if Amazon were to cease to exist or shut down your store, you’d maintain your website to rely on?

Don’t be dependent on just the same sales channel. The more revenue streams your company has the lower risk it is for you to be if one of them ceases running.

4. The new products won’t be able to generate organic traffic

The latest products could be able to generate organic traffic if they’re optimized.

Additionally, if you offer targeted traffic from paid sources to items immediately after they’re uploaded and concentrate on getting reviews and sales, in the beginning, your brand-new product can receive organic traffic.

Customers who are considering buying a product may be cautious of products that don’t have reviews However, there will be people who purchase products without reviews if they’d like.

How to Become An Amazon Seller in 8 Steps

1. Choose What to Sell on Amazon

The first step in understanding selling on Amazon is to figure out what products you can sell through Amazon. For product, ideas take a look at our showcase. merchants to get ideas.

Dropshipping has thousands of products across various categories. Take a look at the products listed to get an idea of selling through Amazon. Amazon marketplace.

Check out SellerApp’s what to sell on Amazon log to know what to sell on amazon to make money.

2. Does your store comply with all the requirements?

To be an Amazon seller, you’ll have to make sure that you fulfill all the requirements and ensure that your products aren’t subject to restrictions.

Products for babies’ books, books, pet products, and games, can launch in an Amazon store in a short time. You can browse other eligible storage options. If your industry isn’t included there, you’ll need to apply for approval.

Amazon also has products that are restricted including hoverboards, explosives, as well as weapons. Avoid selling anything that falls within Amazon’s restrictions guidelines.

3. Create an account for professional sellers

If you’re currently running a Shopify online store, you’ll probably require an official Amazon account.

You are selling an individual product each when you sell a product, the .99 cent Amazon listing fee is added that reduces your margins, specifically when you add other Amazon charges.

If you sign up for a professional plan it costs a $39.99 monthly fee and a small amount of category-related fee using an account for professional sellers.

To sign up, visit Amazon Seller Central where you’ll need to input your name, email address, and password.

In the next step, you’ll need to provide your company’s details.

You’ll then need to proceed with the procedure by giving Amazon your company’s invoice, tax, and product details.

4. Request category approval

In the course of selling products on Amazon, you’ll be required to submit a request for category approval. Certain category categories need approval by Amazon before they are added.

Popular categories like clothing & Accessories and Shoes. Bags & Sunglasses and Jewellery require approval before sale.

Check out the requirements for approval for each category to figure out the next steps you should take.

5. Link the Amazon account with your Shopify account

Once you have received Amazon approval, you can connect after receiving Amazon approval, and connect your Amazon seller account to the Shopify account. 

In the left-hand navigation on the Shopify, dashboard Look for the + icon next to the Sales Channels and click on it.

A pop-up will be displayed in the area where Amazon is first listed. Click Add Channel.

6. Create Listings for Products

In the Sales channel, you’ll find Amazon in the list. Click it, and then click the Create Listing button.

After that, you’ll need to then click Select Product. There are two options available. As a private label retailer choose the second option, ‘This product is produced by a different brand.’

Selecting this option allows you to look up the AliExpress product that you want to be an extra seller of. Once you’ve found the product you want to sell then click select. Then, you’ll have to choose Publish. Then repeat the procedure to publish each record.

7. Streamline Your Inventory

An efficient inventory management strategy is the most important factor in selling your products on Amazon. It’s essential to ensure that your stock levels are healthy for both your clients directly and customers who purchase from the marketplace.

When you receive orders from Amazon the stocks will begin to fall, so make sure you update your inventory to reflect current products available in the Amazon listing.

8. Send Traffic to Amazon Store

The most crucial aspect of understanding how to sell products on Amazon is learning how to advertise the product. There are a variety of methods to advertise your Amazon products. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • For selling items on Amazon it is necessary to be able to tap into each audience you have.
  • Another method for selling your products on Amazon is to add your links to Pinterest board groups. Smaller companies do not have many followers on social media. This is why group boards are an excellent method to reach a huge market. You can utilize tools such as PinGroupie to find boards that are relevant to your area of expertise.
  • Amazon ads are among the most well-known ways to sell your product on Amazon even if you don’t have a customer base for your product. To increase the visibility of your product, an advertising budget can put you in the market ahead of your rivals selling similar items.
  • If you’re advertising the most popular products on Amazon through your account, the item will be sold when it is seen by customers.

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