Articlering! If you are looking for a solution to split VCF into multiple files. Then you are on the right page. In this post, we will discuss an easy way to split multiple vCard files into one or more contacts.

The vCard file is used to store data/information including a person’s name, company name, phone number, email address, etc. This VCF file contains all the information in text file format and the contact details that are shared among the address books.

Sometimes we store all our contacts in separate vCard files, ignoring the fact that some phone numbers are confidential and cannot be shared with others. When you need to share multiple contacts (stored in a vCard file), you will not be able to do so because these contacts are secret. Here the VCF needs to be split into multiple files.

Why Need to Split vCard into Multiple Contacts?

There are many reasons why users would like to split a VCF file into multiple contacts. You can include one or more vCard in a VCF file. This can be a problem when the user has many contacts in the VCF file and wants to split the file into several parts. There is another reason. In this case, someone who wants to send a contact to another has to destroy the VCF file. Therefore, the user can only get one contact.

Sometimes, for some reason, some contacts need to be shared via email. Well, in this case, we can’t share the whole VCF file. This file contains other related contacts that the user does not want to share with everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to split the files and forward each specific contact separately.

How to Split VCF into Multiple Files – Manually

VCF files provide efficiency in sharing contacts from one device to another.

But it’s also confusing when it comes to how to handle multiple VCF files. Then, using the given method:

The first method we’ll cover is a manual process that you can perform on Windows devices. However, this process is laborious and can take a long time. So first you want to check out the process and its functionality.

Step 1: Convert VCF to Windows Contacts

  • Browse to C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and click the Import button
  • Select the vCard (VCF file) option in the Import to Windows Contacts dialog box and click Import
  • Select the VCF file from your computer
  • Click the “OK” button to split the online VCF file into multiple contacts
  • A new Properties popup will appear, make the necessary changes and hit the OK button.

Step 2 – Export Windows Contacts to a Single VCF File

  • First, navigate to C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and hit the export button
  • Select the VCF file and click the Export button
  • Now select the destination path to save the VCF file
  • Click the OK button to save the single VCF file.

Limitations of Manual Solution

  • The whole process took too long.
  • Required technical knowledge
  • complicated steps
  • Data integrity is not guaranteed.
  • Possible data loss

Automatic Solution to Split VCF into Multiple Files

The manual method has several drawbacks that can complicate your process. To avoid this, we have the best VCF Split & Merge Tool. This application can not only split multiple VCF files but also provides other services. This utility splits VCF files on the basis of contacts, number of contacts, keywords etc. This application provides dual mode for loading VCF files in the software. This application is easy to use and comes with a consistent GUI which makes it simple and easy to operate for novice users. The application maintains and maintains the folder hierarchy and avoids any constraints in it. This utility gives you fast and 100% accurate results. It supports vCard files from multiple platforms as well as any version of vCard files such as vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0 and vCard 4.0.

Note: The application is available in a free version. With this trial version, you can follow the process, understand the tool, and understand its efficiency and effectiveness. Enjoy the demo version and export 10 vCard contacts from each folder. If you want to get the most out of this Utility, you need to purchase a license key. You can also view the vCard file at any time if you need to view it.

Quick Steps to Split VCF into Multiple Files

  • Install and Run the software

VCF Split & Merge Tool

  • Click the Add File or Add Folder button to insert the VCF file

Choose Add file or Folder

  • Then browse to the folder where the VCF file is stored

browse VCF Files

  • The software then scans all VCF files

Scan all VCF data file

  • Then click the Split vCard option

Select Split Option

  • Select the path to the exported VCF file and click the Export button.

Click on Export Option


We’ve given you some great ways to split VCF into multiple files. One of them is Manual, which requires the use of the Windows Contacts feature and requires several procedures. The other is an automated process that only involves a few steps and is compatible with Windows. So you can compare the two and decide which one is more suitable.


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