Income Tax India

The growth of the Income Tax India in recent years has created a huge market for logistics services. The logistics industry employs more than 50 million people in India. An efficient logistics partner can help improve the operational efficiency of businesses. by reducing costs and reducing lead times. This ultimately translates into market share and profits for the business.

There are many types of logistics businesses that can be operated. This includes third-party logistics (3PL), and express and freight services air freight service and warehouse service In order to be successful, every logistics company needs to start with the following points.

Financing and Investment

The first step a shipping company must take is to seek investment. The amount of investment in the logistics business will depend on the services you wish to start. Simplified freight brokerage and management services require less capital than 3PL services. You will need approximately $1 to $2 million in investment. Pure 3PL services require an investment of $10-18 million. Starting an Inland Container Depot (ICD) or Container Freight Station (CFS) costs hundreds of millions of dollars (USD).

It is important to identify the specific services you want to target and prepare a service-based investment plan. Finding logistical investments in India is relatively straightforward due to the liberal FDI norms and the interest shown by large private equity players.

Compliance and Registration

The second step is to obtain the necessary registration and compliance certification. Like any other business, Logistics services require government registration and compliance. In India, registration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Association of Air Cargo Agents of India (ACAAI) is very useful for shippers It may be necessary to attend an industry forum such as the CII Institute of Logistics to address issues related to the logistics industry. Other important registrations in India include the DGFT registration, the Income Tax Department, the Company Registry, and related government entities.

Business Risk

The third area to consider is business risk. In developing countries such as India, risk management plays an important role. especially for the logistics business This is because the logistics business is very active and many partners/suppliers are involved throughout its operations. The risk of claiming compensation is therefore very high. It is important to be responsible by purchasing a sufficient amount of commercial insurance. Many large insurance companies in India offer such insurance plans. Serious liability issues arise from damage to goods, theft, personal injury, environmental damage, etc. Although commercial insurance can help with certain liability issues, there are some serious liability issues. But it doesn’t always work. For example, most commodity and property insurance in India doesn’t cover inventory shortages. As it is considered a normal risk when conducting a 3PL business, it is, therefore, important to understand the risks involved before entering into any contract.

Procurement of customers and competitors

Acquiring customers is the key to running a successful business. If you want to start a service, 3PL will help to research various industries/products. and understand the logistical needs of those industries. Because India is a major export economy. There are many thriving industries such as automotive, infrastructure, manufacturing, and services. All of these sectors require logistics services. Identifying weaknesses and delivering effective solutions is key to winning new customers for 3PL services. You can start investing in infrastructure and building solutions to deal with a wider market.

It’s important to know your competitors. Liberal FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) norms make it easy for multinational companies to enter the Indian logistics industry. Such big players can invest hugely in infrastructure and marketing, so before jumping into any service, it is important to do thorough research on your competitors and focus on positioning yourself differently. different.


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