How to Start business Online or Drop Shipping Business in 2021

It’s hard to start a business Online these days, and even harder to find the right ideas. So in this blog post, we’ll explore how you can start starting a drop shipping business in 2021!   We know that it is difficult for many people (especially millennials) to get their feet on the ground when they are just getting started out.

Luckily, there are many different ways that you can make money online today with little or no experience at all! In fact, one of the most popular ways is through drop shipping – which has been growing exponentially since 2015. It used be very difficult to set up your own store from scratch and figure out how everything worked – but thanks to new platforms like Shopify and Woo Commerce it’s now easier than ever to get your first store setup and start making money!

  1. What is drop shipping and how does it work?

Drop shipping is a way of selling physical products where you don’t actually keep them in stock. You have a supplier ship the item directly to your customer and then you just simply charge the customer for it after they order.

There are several benefits to this method of online business: Firstly, you don’t need an expensive stock of products on hand which can easily add up to thousands of dollars. Secondly, you don’t need to pay extra for warehousing or shipping costs. It’s all included in the price your supplier charges you!

The way it works is pretty simple. You sign up with a drop shipping website like Oberlin and they have an enormous database of suppliers who can dropship pretty much everything you could ever want (and more). You find products that are in demand and add them to your store, make sure the supplier allows drop shipping then simply tell their database of customers that you’re now an Oberlin partner and they’ll be able to order from you.

Remember: start a business Online, if at any point you aren’t 100% satisfied with the suppliers’ service or their products, all you need to do is let them know – they’ll refund your customer and put them back in touch with you so that they can order directly from you.

This drop shipping model allows Oberlin partners to open stores without any investment, sell a vast range of products without needing to buy stock, and focus on providing a better customer experience than other traditional retailers.

Besides the Oberlin marketplace there are also several online courses with ‘how to dropship’ as their main subject. They’ll teach you how to find products (mostly from Ali express), get them shipped to your store and start making sales.

  1. How to get started with a drop shipping business

If you choose to start your own drop shipping business or start a business Online, in this article we’ll show you how.

First of all, make sure that your e-shop is set up correctly and works as intended. It’s not unusual for people who haven’t run an online store before to make mistakes when setting one up.

That said, if you’re in that situation, there are many e-commerce platforms you can choose from, like Shopify and Squarespace.

Visit Oberlin Connect, a dedicated marketplace featuring tons of drop shipping suppliers

Next step is to visit an online wholesale hub, one where the products you’re interested in selling are sold. In this case I’d recommend visiting Oberlin Connect, a hub where you can find products to sell.

If the product is sold in your e-shop, you can add it to a listing by clicking on the green “Add to List” button and adding product details.

After that, just check out and confirm your order! Oberlin will only charge you once the order ships out.

When you’ve found a product you want to have in your store, click on the green “Add to List” button. This will bring up a form where you can enter details about the item, such as price and description. Once you’ve added all info, press save to add the item to your shop!

  1. Key things to do before starting your first store

There are few things you should do before starting your first store. These will help you to grow faster and give people a better experience when purchasing in your shop.

If you want to have our team manage the shipping for you, just set it up once: go to Oberlin > Settings > Shipping > Add account. This will bring up a list of postage options. Select the one that fits you best and follow their steps to get your account set up for shipping.

Once you have added an account, all orders will be shipped using this method until you go to Oberlin > Settings > Shipping and select another method.

If you want to use a different postage option for specific items, you can do that too; simply go to your item, navigate to Oberlin > Shipping and select from the drop-down menu.

If you want more information on how this works or if there are any other issues with shipping and accounting in Oberlin let us know!

  1. Legal considerations for new entrepreneurs

When you are just starting online business as an owner, it can be tempting to skip some of the legal formalities in favor of getting your product or service up and running. However, this can lead to problems when you find yourself facing a lawsuit over copyright infringement or being bullied by larger corporations who have bigger legal teams.

start a business Online, We know first-hand how stressful and scary it can be to face a lawsuit, especially if you have limited resources. That’s why we compiled this short list of things you should do right away to protect yourself from lawsuits or other legal issues;

  1. Register your business with the right government agencies – When starting up in your own country, chances are that there are government agencies you need to register with and pay certain fees in order to operate legally, such as local tax offices or business permit offices. Regardless of where you are from, there is a likely chance that you have some sort of registration agency which could be coming after you if your company isn’t registered. If this is the case for your country, make sure you register ASAP.
  2. Get a business email address – Once you have your company registered and ready to run, get an email address with the domain name for your business (i.e.: [YOURFIRMSHORTNAME].com). Check out Gmail or Yahoo Mail’s custom domains if you are looking for a free solution. Having your own company email address not only gives you a professional appearance, but also helps separate your personal emails from business ones. This will make life easier when responding to serious questions or requests that need the approval of others.
  3. Get an office – Whether it’s just a corner in someone’s house, or something slightly more formal, an office will provide you with a dedicated space to work from. Such as the television, phone calls from friends and family, and people stopping in for visits or food. Having your own office is also a clear sign that you’re in this for serious business.

List your Equipment

  1. Keep a notebook – You need to keep good records of all contacts, both past and present. A simple notepad is likely to work best for you in the beginning. Everything from customer details, to phone numbers, emails, and job information should be recorded here.
  2. List your equipment needs – If you have anything specific that will help in your beauty business. start a business Online, Do not hesitate to purchase it. Some of the more common equipment items needed in a small salon or spa are pedicure chairs. Manicure tables and stations, sinks, mirrors, and other miscellaneous items that you’ll need to complete everyday tasks.
  3. Find a place – Finding an office for rent is likely the most difficult part of starting a small beauty business. Unlike a restaurant, which opens its doors and is ready for customers in the same day. You might spend weeks looking for an office space. You’ll need to find an area that will be safe enough for your employees to work. As well as convenient for incoming clients.
  4. Obtain licenses – You’ll need to have a business license in most states, and will likely be required to get a cosmetology license or other certification. The requirements for each state can vary widely. So if you want to start your own small beauty salon or spa. It’s best to start the process of acquiring them up front.
  5. Tips on finding the right products to sell online

There are plenty of specialized online markets that cater to small businesses or people. That want to start an online business.

Always be sure to check the products you buy. As they should be tested by the manufacturer and certified for use in beauty salons. Some products you can test on your own without having to worry about certifications. Such as hairdryers, straighteners, and other small beauty products.

Another tip is to make sure that the selling price is something you can live with. When you are trying to sell online – this is a way of making some money on the side after all. But at the same time be reasonable. If you have created your own shampoo and people are happy with the product. Then by all means, you can set a higher price for it.

If you’re going to sell online, be sure to check out other ideas on this blog. We also have some great articles about SEO and website development that are not related to selling digital products.

Some people like having a physical presence when they are selling something. That’s why you may want to open an online shop. If this is what feels natural for you then go with it. But if selling online helps you stay in touch with your customers and makes things easier on you then do that instead.

Another thing to think about regarding choosing the right niche is the fact that there are less keywords to target when you have a niche specific site.

  1. The importance of customer service in e-commerce

This is not something that you should take lightly. You need to deal with your customers in a timely manner and give them the best experience possible.

In fact, start a business Online having fast customer service can easily boost your sales by 15% or more. so this is one of the most important things to focus on. For example, when I was selling my course “Insider SEO Secrets “on my other site. I was getting a lot of customer support emails. This is what I used to do every time:

5 minutes after they sent the email I would reply them from my smartphone.

10 minutes later if I didn’t got the response I would double check that they have received my answer.

15 minutes later I would call the customer and see if they got my answer. Really important thing here – always try to end the conversation by offering them your help in the future. Do a free consultation about their business or give them some good advice. Don’t just say goodbye and hang up. This is a good way to make sure they didn’t miss your email.

10% of people would contact me back in the next month and tell me that they could not get answer from anyone else. For them I usually did a free consultation or some quick task and made myself more money. Another 10% twice contacted me later, giving me at least 2 hours more work and some more money. So 10% of people who read my original email were sending me at least 2 hours of work.

11% of people would respond to me in the next month saying that I am an idiot, or a scammer, and they would ignore me. This is especially good because it shows that your message is on point and it worked on most people.


If you’re looking for a way to start your own business in 2021, why not consider drop shipping? It’s easy to get started and it really only takes an hour or two of work per week. To learn more about this opportunity from the experts themselves. Check out our blog post on how to start a drop shipping business. You can also contact us anytime with any questions! Happy New Year!


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