How to take Admission in M.Tech for Working Professionals Courses

M Tech for working professionals is a two-year postgraduate degree program in which candidates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering can pursue a master’s degree with a specific specialization. M Tech for working professionals is a good option for students who want to study but don’t want to leave their current job. It enables such candidates to complete the course while working full-time. 

There are numerous universities that provide M Tech for working professionals degrees to aspirants. And the admissions procedure is simple to follow. So, in this blog, we will tell you the entire admission procedure for the distance M Tech program.

The Admission Procedure of M.Tech for Working Professionals

M Tech is a degree program that has a significant impact on the labor market. Because this is a specialized program leading to a master’s degree, it is offered by a number of colleges. The majority of admissions to such technical courses are determined by a few entrance tests administered by the higher education authority, but some institutions have their own admission requirements based on their own entrance review, merit list, or other criteria:-  

The most standard and basic procedure of universities to provide admissions to candidates in M.Tech for working professionals is the “Direct Admission.” Here are the steps to follow this procedure:- 

  • Visit the official site of the university and click on the option of new registration. 
  • Fill in your details regarding contact details, the program that you want to pursue, prior qualifications, and so forth. 
  • Upload all your scanned documents on the website for verification purposes and then submit the form. 
  • Download a copy of the application form for future purposes. 
  • Also, submit your fees online via any digital payment method available on the website. 
  • Working executives are also required to submit their work experience letter or an employer consent form to proceed with the application process. 

The above-mentioned admission process is followed by the universities like BITS Pilani for M.Tech programs that are specially designed for working professionals. 

Besides, there are universities that offer admissions based on the score of entrances like GATE. As there is no distance degree in M.Tech because distance M.Tech is not a valid course. Hence, students need to go through the rigorous procedure of entrance to take admission in courses like part-time M.Tech or M.Tech for working professionals. 

GATE is the Mtech exam which is significant to take admission in any entrance course. The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the largest examination administered by the education authority; it is used to determine admission to technical master’s programs or master’s programs in engineering.

Apart from GATE, other online exams include the IPU CET, the PGCET, the UPSEE, the TANCET, the BHU PET, the Karnataka PGCET, the CUCET, the BITS HD, the AJEE, the KIITEE, and the ITM NEST. These are the various entrance exams for part-time Mtech programs. 

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Basic Requirement for M.Tech for Working Professionals

Applicants must meet the minimum qualifying requirements, which include a bachelor’s degree, to be admitted to a Mtech for working professionals program. To be admitted to a distance M Tech program, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a grade point average of 45 to 50.

Now, you might be wondering about all the courses/specializations of M tech for working professionals available to you. So, here is the list of major M.Tech for working professionals courses:

  • M.Tech in Software Systems
  • M.Tech in Software Engineering
  • M.Tech Programmes in Embedded System Design and Information Systems Security
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Microelectronics & VLSI Design
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Software Technology
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with Networking & Telecommunication
  • M.Tech in Nanoelectronic
  • M.Tech in Nanotechnology
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Intelligent Systems & Robotics
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Satellite Communication & Space Systems
  • M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Automotive Engineering & E- Manufacturing


So far you got a fair idea about the admission procedure, selection criteria, and specializations of M.Tech for Working Professionals. Now, you can make your decision without being perplexed about too much information. Here is the sorted information regarding the M.Tech for working professionals course. 


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