MacBook Water Damaged

Water damage in your MacBook can cause havoc to your favorite device. A little spill can cause serious problems and you should be careful in handling that needs special equipment and skill. Repairing damage to your MacBook from liquid, juice, coffee, tea or other liquids can be done yourself. As a beginner you are suggested to read this whole article to make sure you don’t take the wrong action.

We can assume that if you are here, you or someone you know has suffered damage to your MacBook due to connecting to liquids , contact with water, coffee, tea, or juice spills. Now you’re in the right place. 

Try To Learn About The Type Of Damage First

Although this may seem illogical, more than this different fluids are different handling and the first action you need to take. Water, tea and coffee are less acidic and lead to simpler renovation and recovery quickly. Other liquids such as juice or wine may pose a new set of difficulties because of their higher acidity.

Now that we realize what goes on in your MacBook when a water damage happens, we can then start to research what is required and what actions to take to properly troubleshoot the MacBook.

You might require the tools below: dissipates

  • Screwdriver Set – The Screwdriver Set is the only screwdriver you require to handle electronics repair difficulties and to open your MacBook Pro Air, iMac, Apple Mac Mini set.
  • Distilled Water (pure water – not tap water!) – Applied to remove water-soluble sugar deposits adhering to logic boards or other MacBook parts and to neutralize acids
  • 90% alcohol – Applied to precise visible damage on your parts. It’s an obvious must-have for cleaning damaged parts efficiently. As a moderator, it dissipates rapidly and is safe for plastics. When it dries, it gives off a very mild odor, which does not interfere with your breathing even if the ventilation is poor. we recommend you to wear a mask to limit overexposure.
  • Magnifier – This tool is very helpful if you need to check all the solder points to make sure that you have accomplished any shorts on the logic board.
  • Blower (Soldering Steam) – If you are in a situation where you require to repair or replace individual components on the logic board, a quality hot steam soldering iron will be required.
  • Soldering – This tool is also absolutely necessary to perform micro soldering chores on SMD (Surface Mounting Devices) components or parts that you will collide.
  • Replacement spare parts – Here you may have to face several dilemmas. You must purchase authentic Apple parts. Or look for KW or OEM spare parts to reduce your expenses.

Thorough Check

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Retina, MacBook Unibody or any model that may have been connected to water, coffee, tea, or juice requires a thorough observation. Even the slightest corrosion if not handled properly, can lead to system failure in the future.

Disassemble the MacBook first

You should disassemble your MacBook fully to make sure there are complete diagnostics.

Check the keyboard and touchpad

Check the keyboard and touchpad for rust or sticky residue — if found, we recommend replacing the keyboard or touchpad.

The Logic Board for liquid exposure

Check the logic board for any signs of exposure to liquids. This should be done carefully if necessary using a magnifying glass to inspect any SMD components for signs of damage.

Replace damaged SMD parts

If damage is found, the logic board should be cleaned with alcohol or distilled water (depending on the type of liquid spill) the MacBook parts must be replaced .

Check the screen connection and flexible

All screen and cable connections should be thoroughly inspected and if there are any signs of liquid exposure or corrosion. A replacement screen or flex cable is suggested.

Examine The Battey

Batteries are the worst victim and are difficult to repair.

Examine data

Data should be examined and rechecked. In most of the fields, the safety data is ensured. If there is damage on the SSD or HD, renewal is suggested. Now that you’ve accomplished your diagnosis of what was damaged by the liquid spill, it’s crucial to consider before you act. There are many MacBook service centers near you in your city that can help deal with damage caused by spills of water, coffee, tea, juice or other liquids. Make sure your MacBook is handled by a professional and experienced technician.

Make sure you have a good understanding of what’s in front of you. Also confident that you can recover your MacBook after a spill of water, coffee, tea, juice or liquid. 

How can a liquid spill damage your MacBook?

Once water, coffee, tea, juice or other liquid spills onto your MacBook then the liquid enter the logic board. The minerals and salts present in the liquid immediately begin to eat away at the metal, silicon, and fiberglass parts.


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