How to take legal action against fraud packers and movers

Relocation is a hard procedure, especially if you don’t have the assistance of a mover; it would be very demanding for you. The top of the line packers and movers in Hyderabad take complete accountability for your relocation from beginning to end, ensuring that your belongings are transported without delay.

When hiring a packer-mover, make sure you do your homework about the company. There are always some phony packers and movers in Secunderabad who will trick you into moving scams by adding extra fees, destroying or stealing your belongings, failing to provide promised services, and more. There’s no point getting into another misleading situation when people are already busy with their regular issues. You can avoid such concerns by working with experienced packers.

What are the reasons to file a complaint against movers?

When it comes to relocation, it is not just the furniture or bike transport in hyderabad. There can be antiques, precious paintings, sentimental items and more which need proper caution. So, when you have already got into a contract with the movers and packers, you should also be aware of the loopholes where you can file complaints against them. Let’s have a look –

Badly damaged goods –

Avoiding any sorts of damage to the belongings is the first thing movers need to check. Although some wear and tear may occur, you have every right to make an official complaint against the moving service business if your belongings are completely damaged.

Lost or stolen items –

There’s a danger that things can go lost or stolen during the move; it’s the movers’ obligation to look after your belongings. Make a careful inventory of your belongings before the packers arrive so you can keep records of them and quickly detect if anything is missing.

Goods held hostage –

Moving firms will sometimes refuse to transfer your belongings until you pay them the sum they seek, even if it is more than the contract’s agreed-upon price. If this has occurred, you should report the moving scam as soon as possible.

Overcharging –

To find out about any hidden cost, make sure to read all of the terms of service carefully before the deal is signed. However, if you sense foul charges, submit a complaint with the company.

Delayed delivery –

As they have charged a certain fee, the movers must adhere to their promised timeline. Excess traffic or weather conditions can be overlooked; but, if they are consistently late, you can make a formal complaint.

How to take legal actions?

Peaceful Resolution

First, try to find a peaceful solution to the problem. Examine your contract with the movers and make sure you understand all of the terms and circumstances. Contact the packers and movers to make a complaint, depending on the situation. For any item lost or destroyed, there is a recompense from the management staffs. You can also take the matter online by writing a review about the firm, as a poor review might have a negative impact on the relocation company in today’s digital age.

Legal Action

If your peaceful option fails, file a lawsuit against the packaging company. Gather all of your documents, including bills, cost estimates, insurance, contracts, and inventory. Have legitimate proof to back up your claim, such as photos of your goods before and after delivery.
Fill out the CONSUMER COMPLAINT form to file a claim for your losses under the Consumer Protection Act of 1986, Section 12. (CPA).
Under the Consumer Protection Act, packers and movers are considered to be part of the service, and customers can file a claim with the consumer court for reimbursement for their losses.
Filling out a Consumer Protection Act form will save you time and money in the long run, and you won’t have to employ an attorney to represent you.
You can present your own case to the consumer court with ease.
Customers can opt for a separate civil complaint in a court to cater to their dissatisfaction through an FIR under Section 421 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) under the charge of FRAUD.
You can engage an attorney and submit the corporation a legal notice before an attorney takes over.
You can instantly file a claim with the insurance providers if you have obtained insurance coverage for your goods. Because claiming insurance is not an impediment to filing a FIR, you can file one for insured products as well.
There is no reason why you can’t register a consumer complaint and a FIR at the same time.


Check their website, examine their company profile, validate necessary documentation and contact details, before making any selection.
Shortlist 3-5 movers in your area and contact them to discuss your relocation needs and obtain price quotes. To get a precise price estimate, arrange a pre-move survey.
Find out is there’s any hidden cost.
Choose a company charging a normal price instead of a company offering low-priced quotes because they may be a phony organisation that will not give you with the promised services.

Examine prior customer reviews to learn about their expertise with the movers and whether or not they had any problems.
Before hiring, consider all of the criteria, such as the company’s profile, services offered, fees, ratings, and reviews.

Before finalizing the deal with the movers, read the terms and conditions carefully and clarify any questions you have. Also, keep the original copy of the papers.
It’s best not to pay the full cost until the packers have completed the entire job; instead, pay a little sum in advance.

You should always undertake a comprehensive background check on the packers. This helps to avoid any scam movers and packers.


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