Use these 8 troubleshooting methods to fix QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error:

QuickBooks, being one of the world’s leading accounting software, offers a whole lot of benefits to it’s users. However, there are a handful of errors and bugs that keep popping-up from time to time and bother the users. The errors in the software can be caused due to a variety of factors, such as network issues and damaged files. Among these errors, one of the most common ones that a lot of users encounter is the QuickBooks Unrecoverable error. This article is going to talk about the error, its symptoms and ways to troubleshoot it.

What is QuickBooks Unrecoverable error?

When a user tries to open a QuickBooks file and the software cannot reach to the asked file, it displays an error message which reads, “QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close”. Apart from the message, the error pops up carries anyone of the 50 unique numeric error codes which are 10 digits long in a “5 digits space 5-digits” sequence. The QuickBooks unrecoverable error indicates that the accounting software has experienced the critical application fault. These error codes can be seen when you open the company file or while clicking on save, print, or ship icon, at the top of the transaction. When unrecoverable error occurs, you may see ‘critical application fault‘ message or following error message on your screen:

QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error Message-xxxxx-xxxxx - Screenshot

Note: XXXXX denotes one of the unrecoverable error code.

List of Common Unrecoverable Errors in QuickBooks

These are a few of the relevant factors that might lead to the QuickBooks unrecoverable errors and also the codes that might be seen along with it. As a consequence of the random nature of the errors, the error codes or the number might differ from the actual ones. The list attached below is not inclusive, rather you might stumble upon some other errors as well, which might differ from the aforementioned scenarios.

In which condition unrecoverable error generally occurs

Following are the circumstances when the unrecoverable error occurs:-

  • Unrecoverable error when opening a QuickBooks Desktop file on a workstation
  • While printing, emailing or saving as PDF out of QuickBooks Desktop
  • While Saving a transaction or a record
  • When Chaining target or running Rebuild utility unrecoverable error may occur
  • When writing checks with QuickBooks Online Bill Pay or while importing accountant’s changes
  • If there is a data damage on your company file
  • While creating a company file or a backup
  • when performing a bank reconciliation or viewing previous reconciliation reports
  • While trying to closing any open window in a company file
  • At the time of opening any window in QuickBooks (Home Page, Company Snapshot, Reports, Transaction)
  • At the time of using the Open Previous Company feature

What causes Unrecoverable errors in QuickBooks Desktop?

Following are the reasons that cause QuickBooks Unrecoverable error on your computer system:

  • The error occurs in case a QuickBooks component is damaged or corrupted.
  • You computer might have issues.
  • Power outages can also be a decent cause as it damages the files which are being worked upon.
  • It can occur if a network blip occurs while a user is logged in to QB Company file.
  • Unrecoverable error can also be caused due to a network issue.
  • If there are missing Windows or QuickBooks updates.
  • Issues with data Integrity with QB Company file can also cause this error.
  • There is a damage to your data or your program code needs a repairing.

What are the symptoms related to QuickBooks Unrecoverable error?

It is important that a user understands all the symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Unrecoverable error. This will help them to identify quickly as well as come to a decent solution in time before the further loss in productivity happens. So, here are the symptoms that are related to QB Unrecoverable error:

  • QB desktop window gets crashed.
  • QuickBooks Desktop crashes as soon as opening it.
  • Update progress freezes up randomly or does not complete in hours.
  • QuickBooks Desktop freezes and thus, a user is unable to work.
  • User will be unable to save the transactions in the company file.
  • QuickBooks desktop will not get an update on the software.
  • The software will crash while doing some specific task.
  • User will be unable to find a saved transaction on the company file.

Expert Methods to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Unrecoverable Error

There are a handful of solutions that you can go through in order to resolve QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error swiftly. You will have to go through each of the processes in order to completely get rid of from the root of this error. So, make sure that you follow these methods in an orderly manner:

Solution 1: Stop QuickBooks Desktop from opening all Windows at the startup

  • For this, start by press the Alt key and double click on the QuickBooks icon.
  • After that, once the system shows up a dialogue box, release the alt key and type the password of the account which is logged in.
  • Now press OK button and once the application is launched tap on the ALT key again.
  • Lastly, leave the ALT key to complete the process.

Note: When the QuickBooks application launches, you need to close all the background apps, windows by simply click on close all Windows option from within the application.

Solution 2: Identify the number of users affected

You need to recognize the number of users that are influenced by using different login credentials, in order to open the similar company file. In case the error occurs in a specific user, that the credentials are damaged, in such a case, make sure to recreate the user. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Condition 1: Regular individual is damaged

  • You need to start with selecting the set up users and passwords tab.
  • Followed by, selecting set up users tab.
  • The next step is for the Enterprise users: In the company menu, then select the users option.
  • And then, hit a click on set up customers and roles icon.
  • After that, hit Add user icon, and then enter the user name along with password. Hit next icon.
  • Also, make sure to avoid using the damaged user name.
  • The next step is to customize the customer as required, followed by clicking on finish icon.
  • And then, in the file menu, select the close company/logoff option.
  • The last step is to sign-in the QuickBooks company file using the new log-in credentials.

Condition 2: Admin user damaged

  • In this case, you need to download the QuickBooks tools hub.

Note: The tool hub is a set of multiple tools of QuickBooks. It can help a user to resolve all the common errors. Ensure that your QuickBooks is closed before using the tool.

  • From the tool hub, download the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
QuickBooks file doctor from tool hub - Screenshot Image
  • File doctor tool will auto detect the issue and resolve it on its own.

Solution 3: Copy the company file to your Desktop

  • In this, start with opening the folder in which you have stored the company file.
  • Use the locate option to find the file with .qbw extension.
  • Copy this file and then move to the desktop where you will have to paste the file.
  • Now press the CTRL key and start the application, it will show the following message ‘No Company Open’.
No company file open windows - Screenshot image
  • Finally hit a click on Open, and browse the file where you have pasted the company file.

Solution 4: Suppress the QuickBooks desktop

Step 1: To start with, suppress the desktop while starting QuickBooks

  • First of all you need to Press and hold the Ctrl key.
  • And then double tap the QuickBooks application icon.
  • After that, again press the Ctrl key, till the No company open window appears on the screen.
No company open window - Screenshot

Step 2: Suppress the desktop while opening up a company file

  • Choose the desired company file from the No company open window.
  • Once done with that, press and hold the Alt key, and also select the open icon.
  • Move ahead, release the Alt key, if you are redirected to the login details, and then type in the login credentials.
  • The point to be noted here is that, if you are not directed to the login page, then make sure to continue to press the Alt key.
  • And then, press the Alt key, followed by clicking the OK tab. You need to ensure that the Alt key is not released till the time the file opens up completely.

Solution 5: Open a sample company file

According to the experts, when you open a sample company file, it helps in spotting if the issue is related to the company file or with QuickBooks itself. Thus, you can perform the below steps, so as to open a sample company file successfully.

  • It should be noted that if you are able to open the sample company file, then the company file might be damaged or the folder where the company file is saved might be damaged. In that case, we recommend you to try copying the file to some other location.
  • Another steps can be to use a recent backup or ADR to restore the file, if the error continues to trouble you. Moreover, you should carry out basic data damage fixing steps, if the backup or ADR isn’t enough to get back on track.
  • Note that, if you are still facing similar warning message, then head to the steps ahead.

Steps to open a sample file

  • You can open the sample company file, from the no company open window by selecting the open a sample file option.
Open a Sample Company File - Screenshot Image
  • Heading forward, go for any sample file on the list

Steps to copy the company file to a different location

When you copy and open the company file from a different location, then it helps in spotting if the folder that has the company file is damaged or too deep, which means that it exceeds the file system path limitation. If in case you get the same issue even after moving the company file, then this indicates that either the company file or the QuickBooks installation is damaged.

  • In order to open the company file from different location, you are supposed to right click anywhere on the desktop and opt for new and folder options respectively.
  • You also need to name the folder QBTEST
  • Furthermore, right click the file and choose copy option.
  • Along with that paste the company file in the QBTEST folder that was created earlier.
  • Towards the end, open the company file from the QBTEST folder.

Solution 6: Creating a new windows admin

Add New Windows Admin User in Windows 10 - Screenshot

On Windows 10

  • Firstly, hit a click on the Start menu, and then move to the Settings tab. Along wit that, opt for the accounts tab, followed by clicking on the family and other users tab.
  • After that, hit a click on the Add someone else to this computer icon, under the other users icon.
  • The next step in the process is to select the I do not have this person’s sign-in info icon. Also, hit a click on the Add a user without Microsoft Account info.
  • Moving ahead, type-in the name of the new account, followed by selecting the finish icon.
  • The point to be noted here is that, you need to appoint a password to the new account in order to ensure security.
  • The next step is to select the recently produced account, followed by selecting the Account type tab.
  • Once done with that, it is supposed to select the administrator tab and then hit OK icon.

On Windows 8.1

  • For windows 8.1, move to the Run window, and then press Windows + R key.
  • After that, type in control panel and later select the OK option.
  • The next step in the process is to hit the user accounts tab, and then manage another account tab, also hit other accounts tab option, along with the add an account tab.
  • Moving ahead, you need to sign in without a Microsoft account, followed by selecting the local account tab.
  • After that, enter the username, password, & password hint, also select the next button.
  • You will then be redirected to the manage other accounts window, and then you are supposed to choose the freshly built account, and then hit the edit icon.
  • Coming to the end, select the admin tab.
  • And lastly, hit OK icon.

On Windows 8 as well as 7:

  • The first step is to press Windows + R keys, in order to open the Run window.
  • After that, enter the Control Panel, and select OK icon.
  • Followed by selecting the User accounts tab, and after that hit the manage another account tab.
  • The next step is to select the create new account tab, and then enter the name of the new account.
  • Moving ahead, you need to opt for Administrator tab, along with that hit the create account tab.

Windows Servers

Windows Server 2012

The servers are maintained by the license system technician. You should follow the below steps:

  • Initially, you need to open the database server manager.
  • Further, click on the tools tab and select computer management.
  • Later on, one needs to expand local users and groups. Moreover, choose the group’s option.
  • Heading forward, one needs to double click on the admin groups and then open the admin properties windows tab.
  • Moving ahead, you should click on the add option tab.
  • Now in the select item users, computer systems, service accounts and groups window.
  • Lastly, enter the account name which you wish to add into the local admin groups. Also, click on to ok tab.
Windows Small Business Server 2011 and 2008/R2
  • Under this process, you simply need to run the windows SBS 2011/2008) console.
  • Furthermore, opt for Users and Groups.
  • Later on, choose Users tab.
  • Now go for Add a new user account to run the Add a New User Account wizard from the tasks pane.
  • You are now supposed to fill in the details, and go for the role for the new user.
  • Proceed with entering a password for the new user. Also note that you will not be allowed to continue without entering a password. Moreover, the password should meet the complexity demands.
  • Choose Add user
  • Pay heed to the instructions ahead and hit finish tab

Solution 7: Change the way you save the form

  • You can make use of either the save and close tab or the save and new tab at the bottom of the form to save the transaction.
  • Next step is to avoid leaving the cursor on a blank line of the sales form. Or else leave the same on a line that has an item filled in
  • Now click on to be printed before saving the transaction.
  • In order to print, move to the file and print forms.

If you are receiving the unrecoverable error in QuickBooks at the time of printing, make changes/edit the preferences.

  • You will have to firstly click on preferences tab from the edit menu.
Company preferences option - Screenshot Image
  • And then hit a click on clear the save transactions under the company preferences tab, before clicking the printing checkbox.
  • The last step is to tap on OK to save changes.

Solution 8: Run Reboot.bat file

Run ‘reboot.bat’ file - Screenshot
  • Start off with finding the reboot.bat file under C:\Program Files(x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks xxx Ver 00.0 (xxx denotes the version of QuickBooks and 00.0 denotes the current version of QuickBooks)
  • Hit a right click on Reboot.bat file and then run the file as admin.
  • Head forward by opening the program to check if the issue has been resolved and if not, then reboot the system and try again.


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