We’re familiar with the trick to change the shape of your face which contours your face. There are, however, numerous ways to use this optical illusion of makeup in different places. From drawing a bow for your cupid to contouring your lips using this technique, it will to define your lips and create an even more attractive pout. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply lipstick concealer to create the perfect lip contour.

Expert tips to achieve the perfect pout just for you!

Do you want Kylie Jenner or JLo’s lips? We’ll certainly assist you in that regard. If you’ve always wanted more defined lips that look fresh and full, then make concealer your best friend! Yes ladies, kissable pouty lips are possible without the hassle of fillers or injections into your lips. If you’re familiar with the idea that contours your facial features to get an enticing jawline, you should know that the same method is applicable to lips, too. From creating a cupid’s bow to creating an illusion of a pout that is fluffy anything is feasible if you have your favorite concealer at your side. Are you shaken? We certainly wanted to the results. We have put together several tips for you to give your lips a definite appearance.

1. Prepare Your Lips

Lips that are chapped and dry make you feel miserable, no matter if you’re heading to an ordinary day at work or an evening out with your besties. Be sure to save the base of your lips or else your style could end up on the tomb! To ensure your lips are protected from chapped and dry lips use the Lip Service Sugar scrub. It is velvety and creamy in texture This lip scrub is made of small sugar crystals that cleanse and cut off dead cells and protect the lips against cracking and drying. For extra protection Follow up with Tipsy Lips moisturizing Lip Balm to get smooth, soft and moisturized lips.

2. Match Your Concealer Right

The first step to achieving this optical illusion is to choose concealer that is compatible with your foundation. To keep everything looking neat and balanced, pick the color that matches your undertone and shade from the Lakme Waterproof Concealer line. We recommend using matte concealers for an effortless look. These creamy concealers will give the perfect airbrushed appearance with a non-cakey, matte appearance.

3. Master the Art of Lip Contouring

Contouring is nothing more than playing with shadows and light. To make sure you’re lips exactly where they should be to make sure you are enhancing the form of your lips to get more full and poutier appearance. Use a lip brush that is dipped in the lightest shade of concealer and trace the lip shape as you cover the bow of your cupid, as well as your upper lips, and lower lips. To mimic Piggy Chops or the eternal beauty of Angelina Jolie’s plump pout take an opaque shade of concealer that is dark and draw a line around the inside edges of the lips to give them some dimension.

4. Mix It Up Like A Professional

After you’ve completed the above steps, take one step towards your ultimate aim by mixing everything in a perfect way. To achieve a flawless final look, employ a makeup sponge to apply the product, and then place it in the desired position. To achieve expert precision and a flawless finish make sure you have a lip brush with a flat tip in your purse.

5. Lip Liner is A Should

After you have all your concealer put in place by your strong blend, use your lip liner to draw lines to add dimension and depth to the lines. You can adjust your weapon, or, the lip liner to match how your lip naturally looks and then gently drawing it out to offset any impacts. Overlining is a little used to boost the shape of your lips. But, be careful not to go overboard since it can mess up the whole look. If you want to experience a satisfying experience, try gliding on the Lakme Lip Liners, and pick one that matches your mood. They are extremely colored, and include a dual sharpener that helps you create the perfect shape, without getting smudged.

6. Shade Your Lips With Color

It’s our absolute favorite part and we’re betting it’ll become yours as well! After you’ve put in all that effort, let loose the goddess vibes by filling the lips of your favorite lipstick. For an impact that makes you the center of attention at the party We suggest you go with the Lakme Matte Lipstick. The stunning crimson red color will definitely be a conversation starter and will be sure to catch all the attention. To refine your lip’s shape or correct any mistakes in your lip color take a look at the two concealers. Apply the same method of using the lighter color of concealer to your cupid’s bow and the outer thirds of your lips, and the darker shade for the corners of your outer edges and middle of the lower lips. Make use of your pinky to blend the edges, so as not to damage your lipstick, however you should blur the areas where your concealer touches your foundation.


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