How to use vacuum in a right way

Vacuum cleaners are a great way to get rid of dust and dirt from your home. They are portable and affordable and that is why these are a great option for any home.

You may not be aware, but the best vacuum cleaners in the market do not just clean the floor. They make sure that they clean the air in your house.

This is something that is not too well known. A good vacuum cleaner should be able to clean the air in your home or office.

Vacuum cleaners are used to clean up dust, dirt, debris, spills, and allergens from different types of surfaces.

This guide will provide you with tips for using vacuum cleaners in the right way. So, let us discuss how to use vacuum in a right way.

Tips for using vacuum

Move objects and things out

For a thorough and effective vacuum, be sure to move any furniture and objects from floors and carpets so you don’t bump into them.

This will also improve the overall clean as you vacuum, for example never vacuum between the legs or near heavy furnishings.

Make sure that you’re vacuuming items such as the edges of rugs as well as areas around any electrical outlets.

Move objects and things out

Clean efficiently

As you vacuum, slowly move the vacuum cleaner back and forth. You might be tempted to rush this process along, especially when there are so many other chores calling for your attention at home or at the office – but the effectiveness of your cleaning will suffer.

For best results, let it work with time to get into all those carpet fibers and thoroughly clean them.

Empty dust bag

Keep the bag on your vacuum emptied out when it gets over-filled. You don’t want to end up having less suction power that way, along with the time spent vacuuming without an empty bag possibly adding more waste than it takes away.

Instead of letting the bag get stuffed full, make sure you empty it out once it starts sticking out like a sore thumb throughout your floors or carpeting.

Sometimes bags can be tricky to open or detach but make sure you find a way otherwise spending too much time trying to squash through pile after pile just won’t help.

Use attachments

Most vacuums have attachments that work great on hard surfaces. Vacuums with extra-long cords make it easier to vacuum up every nook and cranny in your home.

You should consider going over your floors with a broom before you vacuum them – even better if this is a cordless type – to make sure you get everything out of the way before your vacuum starts doing its job.

That way you can rest assured that the vacuum will be able to go over every surface, however small or large it may be, from one end of your house to another.

Vacuum regularly

If you live in a large home or have a big family, it might be difficult to set a specific time for cleaning.

Yet this is important as it allows you to remember to vacuum your floors on a regular basis.

According to, if you have allergies or asthma then you should vacuum every other day at least to remove hair and dander from furniture and upholstery that can cause reactions to those who are sensitive.

In addition, the CDC recommends that wet methods should be used as often as possible as they can keep mold under control which can reduce many health issues as well.

Thorough cleaning

Before you vacuum a room, dust the windows with a duster so that the dust particles get vacuumed up, reducing allergy triggers floating in the air.

Steps to using a vacuum

Check the vacuum and prepare it for cleaning

Dirt and debris can reduce your vacuum cleaner’s efficiency. The best way to maintain it is to do regular maintenance on your vacuum cleaner after use.

At a minimum, make sure you’ve emptied the dust bin or changed the bag before you begin.

You should do this even if your model uses washable filters since they get dirty over time and their performance will suffer as a result.

Next, check the roller brush or beater bar and ensure that it spins freely while suspended in mid-air.

Also check for any string, hair, or other debris that you might find wrapped up in the brush and remove them before continuing on with your routine maintenance.

Get ready for vacuuming

If you’re planning to clean up a particular area at home, do your tidying before you start vacuuming.

The idea is to clear the area of clutter first and then vacuum up excess garbage.

The easiest way to do this is by first cleaning off high surfaces, like ceiling fans and light fixtures, and then working your way down by cleaning your furniture and baseboards.

Vacuuming will be faster if you don’t have to keep stopping throughout the process because you’ve been robbed of space as a result of having to move items out of the way as yet another thing that needs tidying up.

Use attachments and do vacuuming

Use your machine’s attachments to vacuum in straight lines. Even the best vacuum cleaner head won’t get all the dirt where the floor and walls meet unless it’s in a perfectly straight line.

Vacuum one room at a time, starting with edges of carpets along the wall, vacuuming using small circular motions, until you reach an edge of about three or four feet (one meter).

This will cut off excess dust-like crumbs near the baseboards or grime at the bottom of any furniture which sits on flooring, such as chairs and couches for example.

Once you finish vacuuming those areas around those baseboards and other places then go on vacuuming other rooms until you complete this task as well as then taking care of the last details like cleaning up under beds and desks as you move on to do some larger tasks like vacuuming floors and curtains if there happen to be any.


What is the right way to vacuum?

To start vacuuming, begin on the farthest part of your rug/carpet and push your vacuum forward smoothly in a straight line.

This will pull up the carpet’s nap (or fibers) to expose any dirt or debris hidden below. Gently pull the vacuum backward toward you to collect it all.

Should you open windows when vacuuming?

You need to make sure that during your cleaning processes, you keep the windows open to allow a good flow of air into and out of your home.

This will ensure that not only does the air in your house stay healthy, but it also helps neutralize any harsh odors or smells from your cleaning supplies.


The vacuum comes as a very effective and powerful tool. A vacuum cleaner is one of the most important tools that we find in our homes as they help us keep our homes clean.

That’s why it is also called the most practical helper for people. If you have a pet, it will be difficult to keep the floor clean.

Even if you have no pets at home, it is not an easy task to clean the floor. It is also very helpful but used incorrectly, the vacuum can cause more harm than good.

Here’s we have discussed the steps to use a vacuum cleaner in the right way to get the best results for your cleaning job. I hope after reading this article you will easily understand how to use a vacuum.

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