Before meeting with your customer, it’s a good idea to have your sales pitch polished and ready to go. When you call or meet with a customer, they will hear your opening statement, which serves as your verbal business card.

An effective sales pitch achieves the ideal balance between being interesting and giving potential customers the facts, they need to know to make a purchase.

To prepare for your presentation with the most knowledge and sales confidence possible, it is essential to have a small business CRM.

Let’s examine some of the fundamentals of a very compelling sales presentation and see how CRM software can best demonstrate them. Customer relationship management is necessary for your sales pitch.

What is a Sales Pitch?

A sales pitch is a condensed sales presentation in which a salesperson, describes the nature and advantages of their company. It happens ideally in less than one or two minutes. They are frequently referred to as “elevator pitches” since they should be able to be presented within the time limits of a single elevator ride.

A strong sales presentation pinpoints a challenge or issue the potential customer is facing, admits the problem, and presents the product it is buying as a solution, all while providing evidence to back up the claim. The value of the product should be clear from the pitch.

Utilize your CRM system data to discover your most successful clients so that you can collaborate with them to develop marketing materials that are focused on the future.

Why Sales pitch is important?

The fact that customers are coming in more educated does not minimize the importance of taking the time to educate the clients through the pitch and your responsibilities. In reality, they are important. Since it’s likely to be a prospect’s first in-person encounter with your business, your sales pitch is essential. It’s an excellent chance to educate them more about your business than they may currently know. As a result, your pitch is the ideal chance to establish a face-to-face value exchange with the client.

An effective sales pitch needs to be a two-way track that benefits both sides to succeed in this competitive atmosphere. It presents a chance for sellers to discover more about the needs, wants, and expectations of the client. Prospects also have the chance to obtain the information they were unable to locate through web searches.

7 best practices for a Perfect Sales Pitch

Create a hook

You can’t expect someone to hug you with open arms when you first get in touch with them. There must be some sort of hook or narrative that demonstrates to them that you are not an unfamiliar person. You should conduct in-depth research as a salesperson to learn details about the prospect that will help you grab their attention right away.

Consider your customer relationship management as a crystal ball into the background data. It can assist you in transforming a simple pitch into a real stunner.

Start with a personal narrative.

A pitch should always begin with what you know best: yourself. Your narrative needs to highlight an issue that your solution can address. Make it as good as you want, but don’t forget to be sincere and relate your experience to their industry.

Prioritize the prospects you are pitching.

First, consider whether you are focusing your efforts on the appropriate accounts.

The first thing to do before making a pitch is to thoroughly research your potential customer. Don’t forget to find the fundamental demographic and behavioural and biographical information, such as a person’s name, position, and company details, since you should be clear about whom you’re selling to.

Your CRM system can assist you in two ways here:

  • It enables you to focus on your ideal potential customers so that you may direct your sales pitch to the appropriate audience.
  • CRM tools provide you with a wealth of information that you can use to truly understand the needs of your prospects. The size of their company, as well as their major obstacles and goals, are all important factors in creating the hole-in-one pitch you require.

Bring about the FOMO effect

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is the feeling that you’re not taking full advantage of your current situation compared to others. The FOMO effect can be used in sales as a psychological tactic. It increases your prospect’s desire to make a purchase.


In reality, your potential customers don’t want to hear how great your solution is. They want a resolution; they want to know what they will receive. Offer your value proposition to them. You should be aware of the specific benefits your prospect will receive and clearly describe them, preferably using numbers and statistics.

Try to envision the success your prospect will have once they use your solution.

Call for action

Your sales pitch’s conclusion should provide a suggestion for continued collaboration with the potential client. In this case, I would urge you to ask your prospect a compelling question and make a request of them, like scheduling a sales interview. However, don’t merely schedule a meeting; instead, focus once more on the benefits it will provide for your prospective client.

Be ready to respond to sales objections.

Unfortunately, not every prospect will accept your sales presentation as the solution they have been looking for. Yes, prospects object, and they do so pretty frequently. Just be ready to support yourself with counterpoints.

How Elate CRM can help in making sales pitches

A sales pitch’s effectiveness depends on gathering the right information at the right time and place. An excellent small business CRM solution is the perfect instrument for managing that level of organization.

The best sales CRM software in the UAE is the Elate CRM system. It gives good pipeline visibility and communication a high priority. Penieltech makes creating sales pitches simple and efficient. Do you wish to ascertain the viability of your proposals? Our analytics and integrated sales reporting can help you identify areas of your process that could use improvement.

Your small business needs the best CRM UAE to handle the flood of customers, maintain open communication inside the company, and track sales.


Planning your sales pitch will alter slightly for each component of the formula, but in every case, your CRM software may give you more information you need to close the deal. There is no excuse for not utilizing such a fantastic resource to improve your sales proposals.

With a CRM solution, creating the ideal sales presentation is especially possible. And once you figure out how to create one, you may anticipate increased earnings, business expansion, and customer confidence.


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