How To Write A Resume
How To Write A Resume

A good resume is the first factor that affects success in a job search. A resume is made up of separate blocks, and it is important to know what exactly a young specialist should focus on to make a favorable impression on the recruiter.

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A good resume is the first factor that affects success in a job search. A resume is made up of separate blocks, and it is important to know what exactly a young specialist should focus on to make a favorable impression on the recruiter.

Paragraph “Goal” or “Desired Position”

If you are compiling one general resume for mailing to different companies and are in doubt about how exactly to formulate the title of the position you are applying for, then take the vacancies that suit you as a sample.

Salary expectations

The fate of the entire resume may depend on the amount you enter in this column. This is an indicator of the correspondence of skills to ambitions for HR specialists: both an overestimated and an underestimated bar will look equally bad. 

The most common mistake of young professionals and especially graduates of top universities is setting a high salary in the absence of work experience. If you are just starting to look for a job and are not yet sufficiently oriented, do not write anything – then you will have the opportunity to hear and evaluate different proposals.


The name of the educational institution and your specialty should be indicated here. In those cases when the topic of the thesis resonates with your future work. It makes sense to write about it. Additional education, postgraduate studies, and continuing education courses always add value to the applicant. However, you should not pedantically list all the types of training, seminars, and courses that you have taken – choose what is of practical importance for the work you have chosen.


The “Work Experience” block is the most important part of the resume. For recent graduates and young professionals, it is quite acceptable to indicate places of the internship. You must indicate the name of the organization and the direction of its activities, and your position, briefly list the functional responsibilities and describe in detail your achievements.

If during your studies at the university you periodically worked part-time in different places, then there is no need to list all this. Mention only the experience that will be useful in a new position.

Contact details

If the most convenient method of communication is email. Then be prepared to check the address indicated in the resume at least twice a day to find out about the response from recruiters without delay. 

In cases where the applicant leaves his phone number. It is assumed that most of the time he is ready for an intelligible telephone conversation without additional calls. Most electronic resumes offer a link to a page on a social network. Use it wisely: look at the photos and statuses you share with your friends from the point of view of a potential employer.

When publishing a photo in a resume, we advise you to opt for an informal photo in a work environment.


The only rule in the design of a resume is visibility. The clear division into paragraphs, highlighting important points, and the use of subheadings and lists have a positive effect on the attitude of readers of the summary. 

When using templates from work sites or downloaded from the Internet. Pay attention to the size of the photo, margins, and the transition from one page to another. A resume can be considered ideal if it fits on one sheet of A4 format with standard font. With a field for recruiter notes of at least 2 cm on the right, and weighs no more than 150 KB in MS Word format.

The more straightforward and more solid your application about yourself looks. The more worthy the offer will be made by the employer.

All HRs attach great importance to literacy, so there must be no grammatical errors and typos in the text. Before sending, proofread the text several times, and check the correct punctuation.

One more piece of advice. Each resume writer perceives his experience very subjectively. But people who do not know either you or your life circumstances will read this document. 

Therefore, it is always a good idea to ask an outsider (friend or relative) to read an unbiased prepared self-presentation and listen carefully to their comments or advice. Perhaps, unwittingly, you downplay the importance of your obligations, abuse technical terms, or, conversely, use too general words and expressions.

How to create a resume on the portal

On the portal, no special skills are required to compile a competent resume. After registering on the site, you need to select the “My Resume” tab in the menu on the right. An electronic resume is convenient because it is easy to edit and supplement. You can also easily download it if you need it – the resume will be automatically generated in a competent format.

To get a job in a foreign company, a young specialist may need a resume in English. You can switch to the English-language template by selecting “In English” just below the title.

After that, it is enough to consistently fill out the proposed form, following the recommendations listed above.

In addition, on you can upload a resume from a file stored on your computer.



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