How To Write An Academic Research Proposal

The student writes a research proposal to define what they will explore in their project. The importance of their research work and how they will do it. The research proposal format differs between disciplines and subjects. You can ask for
online assignment help in the UK.  Most proposals should comprise a cover, introduction, literature review (LR), research design, and bibliography. All the elements are different, but the purpose is similar. This blog will give you the basic knowledge of research proposals and describe what you must include in all the sections.


Aim of academic research proposal

Students are often required to create academic proposals or applications to get funds for their research work. Sometimes you need to submit a proposal before working on your thesis and dissertation.

You may also be required to write a research proposal for the specific graduate program. Research proposals are intended to persuade an educational and institutional organization for funding that your work is worth funds.


The research proposal convinces the audience that your research is original, necessary, and interesting. Assignment editing is crucial before submitting anything to the university to improve the quality of the work.


With a research proposal, you can demonstrate that you are acquainted with the specific field. You know the existing research of the subject, and you have better concepts and designs. Hire an assignment helper for your work.

Define Approach 

Show that you gathered carefully and established the methodology, procedures, and tools you need to conduct research.


Check that your research project is possible within the applied constraints of the program.

The length of the proposal

The length of the proposal depends on your requirements. For instance, If it is for a bachelor it will have a specific word count and if it is for research funding or PhD dissertations then it is a long document.

You write a research proposal before thesis and dissertation writing. The length of a proposal is like a short version of the research thesis or dissertation. The proposal does not include the findings and discussion sections.

Title Page

The study proposal also includes a title page, like in the thesis or dissertation.

  • The planned heading of the research project

  • Include your name

  • Include the instructor’s name

  • Department and institute name


You must ask your funding body or department and ask them if there are any precise formatting necessities

Table of Contents/Abstract 

If your research proposal is quite lengthy, you may also require to include the abstract and a (TOC) to help the reader. 

 Introduction Part

The starting part of your research proposal is the preliminary field for your research writing work. You should ensure it clarifies what you want to do through your argument and why it is necessary.

  • Include your title

  • Give background to your work

  • Highlight your research question and problem statement 

Some necessary research questions to support your title and introduction contain:

Who will be interested in your title like, practitioners, scientists, or any particular society member?

  • What is already known about the existing issues?

  • The gap in the existing research

  • How will you contribute to society through your research?

  • Why is your research crucial for the scientific society?

If your research proposal is lengthy, you may ask to include the individual section with more comprehensive info on the context or background, aims and objectives, problem declaration, and research standing.

Literature review in proposal

It is crucial to tell the readers that you understand the necessary research questions on your subject. A good literature review influences the readers that your research work has greater importance in existing research theories. A unique and original literature review shows the readers that you are doing unique research work and not repeating it.

The literature review aims to determine how your research work will pay to the specific discipline.

Compare and contrast

Define the main methods, controversies, theories, and arguments?

Be focus

Describe the strengths and weaknesses of various methods?

Describe how your research work is of importance

Show how you will proceed with the research. If you are unsure where to start, read and take guidance from our blog.


If you have any confusion about where to start, take guidance from us on how to write a literature review

Methods and research design

The best idea to paraphrase your primary objectives is to follow the literature review. Methodology and research design must define the overall practical tactics and stages.

Ensure that you do not just simply write the methods list. Always aim to make the research argument why your research work is a more suitable, reliable, and valid method to responding to particular research queries.

Consequences and influence on data

To complete the research work and proposal effectively, you must survey the possible implications of the case study and research for practice or theory and highlight what you want to contribute to current research and knowledge on the specific subject. Like your findings might have consequences for:

  • Enlightening methods in a specific field or location

  • Notifying strategy, purposes, or aims

  • Firming up a model or theory

  • Stimulating scientific or known assumptions

  • Create the basics for more research

Bibliography or Reference list

Your thesis, dissertation, or PhD research work, and proposal should contain suitable citations for different sources you have used in your research work.  It must include all details and be included in the bibliography. To generate citations easily and rapidly, you can use the references generator.

There are cases where you may require a reference list or appendix. A bibliography is an extensive sources list you checked in writing the thesis, dissertation, or PhD proposal. The objective is to display the diversified variety of literature to sustain your research work and argument.

Requirement of Research schedule


You might also require a design timeline of your research work. It must describe what will be included in each stage and the required timeline. Review all the necessities of your academic program or funding body to check if this is mandatory.


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