How To Write An Essay Introduction

As a high-school student, you must know essay writing is an indispensable part of attaining a degree. Writing essays enhances the concentration level of students. They need to pay utmost focus and attention to researching, keeping in mind the submission dates and hence structuring the time accordingly. Practising essay writing is counted as an important set of skills. Different essay writing service UK companies hire those essay writers who have strong analytical, practising and understanding skills other than writing skills. In this article, you can learn how to write an essay introduction.

A well-written essay has typically three parts, including an introduction, main body, and conclusion. But in this blog, the emphasis is on the tips and techniques to write the introduction of an essay. The introduction is usually one paragraph or not more than a half-page. The purpose of writing an essay’s introduction is to tell readers your essay’s clear statement/idea. Additionally, it is a summary of the points/ arguments you intend to make. Students are encouraged to mention what they will discuss in an essay without undue repetition.

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Why do introductions need to be catchy?


Without a shadow of any doubt, a well-written introduction is imperative to grab the attention of professors while they read an academic essay. The primary goals of the introduction are to provide a background of the topic and present the central view of your essay.


An introduction is generally responsible for doing three things. The first part usually includes a general comment that shows the reader why your assignment topic is important, gets their interest, and leads them to focus on the topic. The next important part of the introductory paragraph is the thesis statement. This is your direct response to the question. In the end, the introduction tells the readers what can be expected in the body essay, and this is where you outline the arguments briefly.


Introductory paragraphs usually follow a similar set of structures; however, the content within them might differ. The differences in context are generally defined by the type of essay you work on.


– Keep in mind the overall purpose of your essay topic to ensure your introduction is in line with it.

– Always use the relevant and appropriate hook that grabs users’ attention from the very first line.

– Be clear by letting your readers know the overall stance well.

– If necessary, explain the terms in detail that are related to the topic.

– Show that you comprehend the subject, and you want readers to comprehend it too.

– Provide readers with a metaphorical roadmap that helps them understand what needs to be covered in the essay.

– Be concise, and make a clear yet powerful thesis statement.

– Ensure that your introduction is smooth yet logical.


A step-by-step guide On How To Write An Essay Introduction:


While writing an informative introduction, students give their essay a base level. It provides an overview of the topic to the reader.


Step 1 – Hook your reader: 


The first sentence of your essay sets the overall tone for the entire essay. So, students are highly recommended to spend an adequate amount of time when it comes to writing a hook. Avoid long and h-hum sentences. Instead of confusing readers with fancy words and phrases, start with something clear and catchy that drives readers’ attention toward your essay.


The hook should always be the leader of your essay, giving sensible logic to the essay topic you are talking about, making it more interesting than all other topics. Instead of stating the information that readers already know, you need to tell them about the essay’s primary interpretation, which implies that the information on this topic is different from others.


Step 2 – Give the entire background information: 


Let your readers know the overall context of your essay, so they clearly understand your topic and argument. Depending on the subject of your topic, the background information could include the outline of the topic you’re addressing, historical or social context, summary of theories about the topic, and definition of terms that are not familiar to many. The information in this part should be elaborated and highly relevant to your argument. However, there is no need to give all the details. Just mention the points that will be discussed later in the essay. The space that’s needed for mentioning the information depends on the scope of your essay’s topic.


Step 3– Presentation of thesis statement in an effective manner: 


Now the focus of your topic needs to be narrowed, and you need to show what you want to mention about the topic. Well, this would be the thesis statement of your essay. This is the most crucial part of your introduction. A well-written thesis statement isn’t just a statement of fact but a claim that further requires evidence and explanation. A thesis statement’s primary objective is to convey your topic’s position clearly so that readers can view the central point about the topic.


Step 4 – Map the structure of your essay: 


Essays that are too long and have a lot of word count need to be structured properly. It is always helpful to end the introductory paragraph by signposting what will be covered in every other part of the essay. Always keep it as much concise as possible and give your readers a clear sense of direction that your argument will high likely take. The way your essay is structured is crucial for presenting your argument coherently. A well-structured essay always helps readers to follow the logic of ideas and comprehend your overall point of view.


Step 5 – Check and revise: 


As you research and write your essay, there is a likely high possibility that your argument might change its direction. For this reason, it’s a great idea to go through the overall writing process before writing the introduction paragraph. It can also be written at last. When you are done writing the body and conclusion of the essay, you should return to the introduction and check whether it matches the other parts of the essay or not. It’s pivotal to ensure that your thesis statement accurately represents the overall information of the essay. If your argument goes in a different direction than how it was planned, tweak your thesis again to confirm your saying.  


Wrap Up


In a nutshell, the introductory paragraph of an essay is the first and foremost paragraph of the paper. Hence, it is also the first thing readers tend to see in your essay. Either it persuades them to read it more or takes their interest away.


A good introduction is always responsible for performing two functions. Firstly, it tells readers what you will be talking about in a paper, and secondly, it gives insights into the main points of the topic. It evokes and develops users’ interest and motivates them to read the rest of your paper. So if you are paying someone to write my essay for me, ensure that the introduction is attention-grabbing.


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