Electrical safety audit services

Electricity has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we realize just how crucial it is when we experience a prolonged power outage. The number of accidents has increased dramatically in recent decades as a result of the fast expansion of industries and commercial space. Faulty electric circuits are responsible for more than 20% of global fires and 40% of fires in India. Electricity hazards such as shocks, burns, injuries, fire, and blasts continue to endanger people and property.

Not only do mistakes cost money, but they also cost lives, brand exposure, business continuity, and staff morale. Now that electricity has become a necessary part of our lives, electrical risks must be adequately addressed

An electrical safety audit services the safety and security of electrical equipment in any industrial facility or organization. An electrical safety audit, which involves questions, inspections, testing, and verification, is performed on any entity that uses electrical equipment and appliances.

A systematic way to identify possible hazards and advise development strategies is an electrical safety audit. ESA is a crucial technique for detecting deterioration of principles, areas of risk or weakness, risks, and potential mishaps in a workplace, facility, or factory, as well as determining necessary activity to reduce or eliminate dangers and ensure that the overall security effort is viable and significant.

Importance of Electrical safety audit services

An electrical safety audit checks the current system and assists in the detection of problems. The existing facility’s system may have issues, or it may be outdated or redundant in light of current standards and laws. As a result, identifying these flaws in existing electrical systems might help the sector prevent losses in the future

If an electrical safety audit is completed completely, the results will be beneficial to a company in the long term. It will ensure not only the safety of the equipment but also the lives of those who work there. The trust and morale of the workers and employees in the industry and its procedures improve as well. These electrical safety audits are the best solutions for identifying electric safety management and Disaster Response Plans for the safe operation of the property and people from electrical dangers and catastrophes.

Review processes on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good functioning order. Businesses that understand the evaluation process well can follow safety procedures.

Electrical safety audits examine the entire electrical grid in the context of a building’s safety, proposing and advising activities to decrease or eliminate the risk of electrical dangers.

  • Electrical risk identification and risk assessment are discussed.
  • Assessment of the plant’s earthing and lightning protection systems to ensure the safety of the equipment and people.
  • Examine electrical installations and equipment for hotspots using a thermal imager. Examine the resistance of earth pits and sockets on a case-by-case basis.
  • Assess emergency systems including such diesel generators, UPS, and batteries, among others, for availability and dependability. All power distribution panels, transformers, and switchgear are physically inspected for warning signage and labeling.

Procedures And Techniques Included In Electrical Safety Audit Services:

The most efficient way to conduct a complete audit of an industrial area or department is to use a checklist. Depending on the audit’s complexity, there are a range of audit check forms available, ranging from a few to many products. Each one has a particular function.

A review of required documents, an on-site examination, and information gathering, evaluation, and analysis are all part of the Electrical Safety Audit. Data and information will need to be cross-checked and confirmed, including quality standards and peer data.

Best Electrical safety audit services in India

Sas Powertech Pvt Ltd is one of India’s leading electrical safety audit companies. SAS Powertech provides a full range of electrical auditing services based on the most up-to-date global standards and recommendations.

Electrical Safety Audit Solutions and Services are the most expensive at our firm, but they’ve helped clients meet their goals.

SAS Powertech’s Electrical Safety Audit Services ensure that proposed procedures follow safe electrical installation procedures, use operating procedures for electrically intensive machinery, and adhere to Electrical Safety Standards, and as a genuine auditing firm, SAS Powertech provides Value Auditing Services in Safety Auditing by ensuring and suggesting Safety Measures. SAS Powertech Audit Service is designed to meet international standards and ensure that energy-saving efforts are implemented safely. To achieve this goal, trained professional auditors were entrusted with discovering “Potentials and Action for Changes” in Electrical Safety Audits. 

A safety assessment aims to maintain a safe workplace through hazard identification and removal, to ensure employees are following the most effective safety procedures, and to ensure the facility, equipment, and operations meet the required local, state, and federal, health, and safety requirements, as well as best industry business Furthermore, safety audits, ensure that the necessary administrative records supporting the required health, safety, and medical activities are kept.


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