Important Precautions To Take While Driving On Winter Roads

Winter comes with many challenges such as lots of snow, ice, and darkness. But, if you are from the UK, you must not have experienced much snow in recent past years. But, rain is more common and unpredictable in the UK and the winter tyres are just the best choice for wet roads as well. And, the weather is too unpredictable in recent years. So, you can get a snow day any day during the winter even in the UK.

Such road conditions or seasonal conditions bring in many challenges for the drivers to drive on. And many drivers still try to be more economical by not buying winter tyres. They often underestimate the usage of winter tyres or maybe overestimate the features of their summer or all-season tyres.

But as a driver, this is your responsibility to get enough safety measures on road to protect your passengers and other drivers on the road in slippery road conditions.

So, let’s know a bit more about what to expect while driving in the winter season or slippery road conditions and how can winter tyres help you in this. This blog also informs you on the precautions to take in each stage of driving in winter and where to get the best Winter Tyres Southampton.

Tips to Follow Before Moving Out Your Car in Winter

You should pay attention to the amount of snow, ice or rainwater in your driveway, before heading out. Use a shovel or some other kind of clearing item to clear all the snow, ice or water before heading out. You should also clear the roof and the hood of the car before going out. Snow or excess rainwater might be there on your car roof. Having snow on the roof can be dangerous to you while braking and for the traffic behind as the snow would fly off backwards, blocking their sight.

Remember to remove any ice or slush from the tyre wheel housing to enable proper steering action while driving. You wouldn’t want any steering issues mid-road.

Also, don’t forget to knock off any snow from your shoes. Having snow inside the car would mist up the windows and the front glass and you wouldn’t want your site to be foggy.

Tips to Follow While Driving Your Car in Winter

Make sure to free your vehicle from any amount of snow or ice before moving out. But, the major problems are now on the way. You can’t carelessly steer, brake or accelerate on icy or wet roads.

Drive evenly, smoothly, and gently

Summer, dry roads and winter, wet and icy roads have completely different reactions to vehicles driving on them. You can’t be careless while driving on slippery roads. Every move, steering control, braking efficiency and speed must be smooth and gentle to avoid skidding on the road. Your braking distance and time increase in the winter and on wet roads. And, if you are driving on summer tyres in the winter, you are risking your safety here. Winter tyres, however, have the tread pattern crucial for slippery roads to increase the gripping and avoid skidding.

Pay Attention to Steering

Even the steering action is different in winters than in summer. Your car might smoothly and fastly swerve on a curve. If this happens, free the clutch of your car and do it immediately. Keep on counter-steering alongside. And if your car doesn’t respond to that, use the emergency stop button as the last option. Having a winter tyre can minimize the chances of such mishaps to a great extent. It has the design specifically for these purposes only.

Winter tyres come with a purpose and you shouldn’t underestimate their functionality. They can be of great help and safety during snowy and wet roads. So, we experts would always advise drivers to regularly change the tyres depending on the season that approaches.

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