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Is the glass half-full or half-empty? This question has almost certainly come to you at some point in your life, and your reaction can reveal a lot about you and your mindset. Mentor Podcast has steadily grown in popularity as a result of its podcast, which offers advice on how to boost your mindset and overall confidence in life.

There are far more benefits to maintaining a good mindset than you may realize. Indeed, studies have shown that adopting a positive attitude can help to reduce stress and improve mental and physical health. A positive mindset also has many external benefits, such as enhanced confidence in yourself and your decisions. When you adopt a more optimistic mental attitude, you can start noticing and enjoying the little things in life.

Mentor Nation is a podcast for everyone who is looking for love and encouragement in their lives. John Abbas, the show’s host, is able to connect with his audience and build a sense of relatability with each issue he discusses. John Abbas’ aims for his audience to achieve clarity and insight into their life’s purpose and vision. His goal has slowly but surely been accomplished, as his show is currently rated as the number one motivational podcast among viewers.

Yes, changing your mindset can sound daunting but Mentor Nation helps listeners slowly build the groundwork for a positive mindset. In his podcast, John begins a number of important conversations about being more comfortable with yourself and the life you have been given. One of his episodes entitled “How to Reinvent Yourself in 6 Steps with John Abbas” gives listeners insight on how to handle certain challenges in life with a fresh perspective. 

One will have to face real suffering and heartbreak at some point (or many times) in their life. Yes, knowing the benefit of suffering is just as crucial as going through the ways to overcome it. “What is this torment trying to teach me?” John Abbas encourages his listeners to ask. Yes, the universe works in a strange way, and we frequently have to go through adversity to figure out what we really want from life.

Of course, perspective is a key element in having a positive mindset. Your attitude towards the world will affect your reality throughout the day.  If you spend your day with a bad outlook on your life and situation, you are bound to deal with this concept of attracting negative energies and thoughts and changing your reality. So, yes, the Mentor Nation podcast with John Abbas covers the idea of changing your reality.

Indeed, we all live in different realities, and some realities are more difficult to accept than others. Of course, it’s difficult to see a bad situation as a long-term learning opportunity. This episode is many’s favorite as Jon Abbas starts the conversation about not only changing your perspective but also believing that everyone sees the world differently, which is fine.

John Abbas always encourages its listeners to enjoy the day and take advantage of all of life’s opportunities, as any regular listener of the Mentor Nation Podcast knows. One day, we will all die and face the precarious question of whether we have made the most of the time given to us. John Abbas tackles this pressing question in “The Time is NOW,” and offers suggestions on how to take charge of your life. Because we only have one life, timing will never be perfect, so make your own version of “perfect timing.” We must act now on our dreams, or we will spend the rest of our lives waiting for the perfect opportunity.

In reality, we live in a society where the majority of people choose not to be uncomfortable. However, when we put ourselves in situations that take us out of our comfort zones, we can grow as people. Some people enjoy being in unpleasant situations, but the challenge is to rewire your brain to feel comfortable in them. Putting yourself in new and unexpected situations triggers the release of dopamine from a specific area of ​​the brain. John advises, “Destroy your comfort zone.” Yes, he always encourages everyone to step out of their “comfort zone” to lead a better life.

What Is Best Mentor Podcast and Where Can You Find it?

In essence, Best Mentor Podcasts are similar to on-demand radio shows. They are short audio episodes about a certain topic that you can listen to on your phone, iPad, or computer. These radio programs are produced in a series, with each episode consisting of several episodes. Today, there are tens of thousands of active podcasts with millions of episodes covering a wide range of topics. Their duration ranges from 5 to 50 minutes with an average of 45 minutes; and you can listen to them on Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and other streaming platforms. Besides that, many podcasters also have websites and social media accounts where they host their episodes.

Yes, think of podcasts as a hands-free, eyes-free audio medium that can educate, entertain or energize you!

Do you know why female entrepreneurs love Podcasts so much?

Many podcasts address issues relevant to entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs, such as business, marketing, growth, success, wellness, mentality, parenting, and work-life balance. Furthermore, they are convenient – many people find that they can squeeze in listening time while travelling to work or taking public transportation, washing dishes, cleaning & doing housework, or waiting in lines to pick up their children.

When you realize the benefits of a podcast, amazing things happen.

Yes, podcasts can help you in many ways. An excellent podcast improves your listening skills and acts as a motivator. At the very least, you may have to jot down what you’re doing and write down any new ideas that come to mind. You can easily choose the ones that best suit your lifestyle and preferences.

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Wrapping Up

No matter what phase you are going through in life, there is bound to be a podcast for this. There’s a mentor podcast out there to keep you inspired whether you’re going through a major job change, attempting to live a healthier lifestyle, quitting alcohol, taking a new step in your relationship, or simply looking for spiritual inspiration. If you think motivational podcasts are all about bro-y dudes with large egos bragging about how successful they are, think again.

Some of these podcasts feature people talking about how they are coping with difficult situations like job loss, grief, and mental health challenges. Others discuss career goals and success as well as steps you can take to get there. But don’t worry if this sounds like a lot – many of these podcasts are actually entertaining. If you need a little motivation boost, there are podcasts designed to help you do simple tasks like tidying up your house or going for a jog.

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