In 2020, the food delivery industry witnessed a surge due to the outburst of the Covid-19 crisis, amid this situation, people started to prefer the on-demand food delivery apps as they conveniently place their orders with just a few taps, furthermore, the contactless delivery service aspires them to continue using apps for food delivery.  Postmates, one of the leading food delivery service providers, stays unique because of its business model, which allows customers to order even from non-partnered merchants. Its popularity has led to the establishment of other food ordering & delivery services in the market, If you intend to develop a similar app, then choose the Postmates Clone Script, a ready-to-go solution. It allows you to establish your food delivery business in no time. 

Postmates – An overview of its popularity with stats & facts

Postmates is an America-based food delivery service provider, operating in more than 2900 U.S cities. In 2017, it expanded its service in Mexico, which is outside the United States. It ceased operations in Mexico in 2019. The revenue generation in 2019 was $500 million and increased to $880 million in 2020. It has over 10 million monthly active users and 600,000 partnered restaurants. Noticeably, it accepted 5 million orders per month in 2020.    Unexpectedly, the Covid-19 pandemic paved the way for its growth with the increasing number of orders, it announced the No-contact delivery service so that people feel more comfortable buying food and getting it delivered without physical contact. Other prominent features like the temperature check of the delivery person have helped retain the existing customers and grab the attention of new customers. It prioritized the customers’ safety, which is the success mantra of Postmates.  

Postmates Clone Script – A perfect solution for your food delivery business

Postmates Clone Script, a ready-made solution, pre-built with salient features and functionality of food delivery apps. It is a carbon copy of Postmates with the same business model. At a forthright glance, developing a food delivery app from the ground requires more time and needs considerable investment. On the flip side, choosing the Postmates Clone Script for development is time-conserving and pocket-friendly. Thus, it would be great to opt for the ready-made food delivery app clone as you can reap various benefits, including quick launch, apart from this, it is a customizable app solution and so it can be tweaked depending on the individual holistic needs, therefore, you can consider incorporating unique features that will make your app stand out from your competitors’ apps. Some salient features are given below. 

  • Multiple delivery
  • Pop-up notification
  • Live order tracking
  • Payment options
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Order scheduling

A business model of the Postmates Clone app

Postmates Clone app works on a partnership business model. This app combines partnered restaurants/merchants, customers, and delivery executives. Let’s have a look at this business model briefly. Customers are the end-users who use the food delivery app for placing their orders, which will be delivered by the delivery executives.   Merchants/restaurants that are registered with your platform get more exposure to the customers. They will update the food items to be listed in the app and the availability time to accept the orders from the customers.  The delivery executives are the intermediate between the merchants and customers. They will collect the orders from merchants, reach the customers’ locations, and deliver the orders. 

The seamless functionality of the Postmates Clone app

The Postmates Clone app offers both pickup and delivery services as customers can opt for any one of them at their convenience.

Customers should have their accounts to place food orders, they can see the merchants listed in the app and choose any one of them to proceed further, they can even browse the restaurants they like, after making the restaurant selection, they can choose the food items which will be saved in the cart. 

Once done, they have to make a payment that comprises service fee and delivery fee if they opt for food delivery to their homes. Contrary, the pickup service does not carry an extra fee, after the payment, a particular restaurant accepts the order request and processes the order as soon as possible. Meanwhile, customers will get real-time updates regarding the order status via in-app push notifications. 

When the customers choose the delivery service, the delivery executives reach the customers’ location for on-time food delivery. On the flip side, customers opting for a pickup service have to reach the restaurant and get their orders. To a maximum extent, the food delivery will be done within an hour of ordering. Right after getting the order in the customers’ hands, they can put ratings and reviews.  

Various sources of revenue from the Postmates Clone app

If you aim to establish a food delivery business, you should be aware of the possible ways to earn from the on-demand food delivery app. In this section, let us see various revenue streams that you ought to consider while developing an app like Postmates.

  • Delivery fee

This revenue stream will let you charge a delivery fee from the customers who opt for delivery service instead of pickup service. For instance, Postmates will charge a delivery fee of $3.99 from the customers when they place orders from the partnered merchants. The delivery fee will be in the range of between $5.99 and $9.99 in case of ordering from non-partnered restaurants. All together, postmates will take 20% of the whole delivery fee. 

  • Service fee

Besides the delivery fee, you can charge a service fee from the customers. It is a small percentage of the order subtotal. For instance, Postmates charges service fees of between 9% and 19%. Notably, it varies in every order.

  • Commission fee

It is the simplest yet effective revenue stream to generate revenue from food delivery apps. You can fix a particular percentage of the commission fee from the partnered restaurants. Conventionally, Postmates charges nearly 15% – 30%. 

  • Surge pricing fee

It is quite common in on-demand apps. In this revenue model, you can surge the price whenever the demand increases, i.e., shortage of delivery executives to fulfill the customers’ demands. 

  • Smart cart fee

You can collect a smart cart fee when the order value is less. That is, Postmates will charge $1.99 when the customers place their order which is under $12. 

  • Subscription fee

The subscription package will benefit the customers in many ways. It includes no delivery fee when the order value is more than $20, no surge pricing fee, and no service fee when ordering from partnered merchants. Collect a certain percentage amount from the customers regularly, be it on a monthly or yearly basis. Through this monetization strategy, you may end up increasing your loyal customers. 


The online food delivery segment is gradually witnessing growth over the last few years. Significantly, the Covid-19 pandemic has uplifted this segment’s growth & popularity. Are you the one who is looking for ways to gain profits? Get into the lucrative segment with a Postmates Clone app.   


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