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Flowers make everything beautiful and vibrant around them. To make your room brighten all you need is fresh flowers in your room. Now you would be wondering how to keep those flowers fresh for a longer time. Then!! Don’t worry, here we come with some of the exceptional tips that make your vase flowers last longer. These are also helpful for florist offer online flower delivery services

Best Ideas to Keep Your Flowers Fresh and Last Longer

Let’s get started!!

Always Remove the Foliage

To keep flowers fresh it is the utmost demand of any flower lover. For that it is very crucial to remove the foliage at the bottom. Extra leaves never add beauty to the flower and to keep up with foliage you need to do the extra care which is not adding any elegance in your vase. The umbrage at the bottom adds the bacteria which can damage the stems of the flowers. So it’s pretty good to remove the foliage to give a long life to your flowers.

Trim Stems

To prevent your flowers from any sort of bacteria or any damage it is important to always cut the stems of your flowers so that they can easily fit in your vase. For that all you need to do is fill your sink with water and cut the stems at 45 degree angle underwater. It will reduce the bacteria contamination and it will keep the flowers hydrated and control the bacteria from growth. This will make your flowers look exquisite.

Provide Support to Fragile Flowers and Stems

While working with flimsy flowers you have to do everything very carefully. There are some flowers like tulips, roses, marigolds that can hang downwards very quickly. For those flowers you need some additional support from top to bottom to keep them right for a longer time. To not let them droop you can add the clear straw on the stem, it will hold the floppy of the flower.

Keep Your Flowers at a Cool Place

Make sure you keep your flowers at a cool place. You have to protect the bouquets from direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight will make your flowers wilt very quickly. To keep your veggies, plants, flowers, fruits fresh you need to protect them from sunlight. You might have seen that the refrigerator keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh. It’s all because of the cool place, the same way indoor flowers need to be placed at shady places. To give a longer lifespan to your flowers you need to prevent your floral from excessive sunlight.

Add the Flower Preservatives

Preservatives always provide a sense of security to anything because they add life in a particular thing. But to keep the flowers vibrant you don’t need any artificial preservatives. To keep indoor plants you can use the natural preservatives to get the desired results. Use the natural preservatives to double the life span of the flowers. It will also eradicate the bacteria and add life to your plants. It will make your flowers look fresh and beautiful.

Adding White Sugar

Flowers always need extra pampering and some extra care. To give extra love to your flowers you need little sugar which will boost the life of your floral. Add one tablespoon of white sugar and pour it into the water. This is something extra that you can do to your plants; it will keep your flowers look fresh.

Use a Clean and Dirt Free Vase

Clear, clean and dirt free vase keeps the flowers fresh and lasts longer. Use a sparkling clean vase that is completely washed, soaped and rinsed. It will remove all the bacteria or remove microorganisms. Because micro-organisms can give a threat to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Clean your vase properly so that you don’t meet unwanted bacteria.

Change the water timely. Make sure you change the water three times a day and don’t make the water cloudy. Cloudy water indicates the bacteria is building up. To extend the life of the flowers add clean water in a clear vase.

Use a Fresh Packet

Always use a fresh packet of flowers and add the fresh water in the pot so that flowers look vibrant. 

Watching cut flowers wilt might be the saddest part of floral decor, but if you make sure to purchase them at the right time and cut the stems regularly you can protect your floral investment for up to a week longer.

Pick the Flowers Quickly

If you really want your cut flowers to last a long time, your first bet is picking them correctly. A trick for these is adding ice cubes or very cold water, as warm water will hasten their life span. 

Lilies, tulips, marigolds, and branches typically last longer than other floral types but also they droop very easily.

It’s also good to stick to just one or two types of cut flowers in a single bouquet, like hardy roses, tulips. Make sure the flowers you handle carefully and understand their sophistication. Because every flower needs different care.

Cut the Wilting Blooms

Whenever you buy flowers you have to consider the minor facts. To keep flowers fresh for longer time it is important that you understand that all flowers are not in same length there are some blooming flowers in the bouquet. After few days blooming flower start dying and they start releasing one odorless smell which is not good for other flowers and can be harmful for living.

So for the fresh flowers you have to pluck out the new blooms so that they don’t impact the other flowers. Always make sure you pick the flowers wisely to keep their longevity. 

Wrapping Up

To conclude here we have discussed some of the amazing tips to keep your flowers fresh and give a longer life. So add the beauty in your surroundings and keep your favorite flowers without any worry. For that all you need to do is to take care and follow some of the best techniques to keep flowers fresh and long lasting.

Thank you for reading!!


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