We all know how unique Indian makeup looks are. From south to north and from east to west, we can see several different kinds of makeup looks. Many times, applying makeup could be a tricky task. That is why we have created a list of some amazing makeup hacks that will make your life easy. Let us have a look at some awesome beauty products 

This one is for people with hooded eyes or if you are worried about their eye size, this hack is made for you. Usual eyeliner might look too much on your eyes because of that unique shape. Try to line the waterline of your eyelids just near the eyelashes with black gel eyeliner or a kajal. This will make the eyes look fuller and bigger. You can now enhance your eyes and stand out in the whole room with the prettiest eye makeup. 

  • Use lipstick as a color corrector.

We Indians tend to have the most massive dark circles ever. Many people do not bother to use a color corrector. This is where they are wrong because color correctors can make a very evident difference. But you do not need to spend extra money for that because the lipstick is there at your rescue. 

  •  Use concealer as a substitute for foundation.

We have seen many women who do not prefer to use a foundation because of its weightage. Even if the foundation is light, they just do not like the feel of it. Well, you can use your concealer as a foundation as well. It provides almost the same coverage and makes the skin even tone just like that. You can now save your money by using one product for various purposes. 

  • Beat the color theory.

Want that bright color on the lips but the color theory is just making it difficult? Now this one would sound a bit weird but when you implement it, your lip texture would feel smoother and the color would pop out more. Add a thin layer of concealer on the lips and then apply your favorite bright matte lipstick. We know how crazy it sounds but has trust and give it a shot. 

  • Add a dash of kajal.

When it comes to Indian makeup, one can never go wrong with kajal. Indian looks are all about being dramatic. Adding a kohl liner can make a huge difference in the whole look. It can give life to it. It does not matter whether you are going for a minimal or a bold look. A kohl liner can do it all. Just add a dash of it and see how your eye look goes from one to a hundred.

  • Use a shiny eye shadow as a highlighter.

Highlighter is one of those small things that can make a huge difference. It enhances the features and gives an extremely beautiful sculpted look. But many people do not prefer to spend extra money on it. For them, this would be a very advantageous hack. Just take a pinch of shiny eye shadow and apply it to the areas you would like to highlight. Those who love to experiment with colors and create makeup arts can use this hack to have a variety of different highlighters.

  • Lipstick to the rescue again.

Lipsticks are probably the most versatile makeup product ever. You can put it anywhere on your face and it would not disappoint. Powders blushes vanish very quickly on our Indian skin tones. So use lipstick as a blush. This will stay for a lot longer and also gives a very smooth finish to the cheeks. 

Now is your chance to enhance your beautiful Indian skin tone by using these awesome makeup hacks. If you are confused about selecting the ideal beauty products for your makeup look, we have got you covered. You can shop from a variety of makeup products online here. We have got the best collection of every makeup item. You name it and we have it. All the beauty products are made up of superior ingredients. They go well with our stunning Indian beauties. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our latest and most exclusive collection of makeup products online.


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