The search for perfect-fitting jeans can feel daunting at times. Sometimes we nail it. Other times, we’re left wondering who these jeans were actually made for. And we take this stuff seriously because it affects how we feel about our looks. Jeans are a wardrobe staple year-round, so it’s important to love your jeans, whether you’re seeking out jeans for tall women or are on the more petite side.

Different factors go into choosing your best pairs. One thing to consider is the inseam of the jeans. Tall women, for example, need to know their jeans are going to be long enough and still fit them in all the right ways. Let’s take a look at different jean styles and what you should know about jean inseams.

Have You Found Your Goldilocks of Jeans?

Jeans that are too short look like you’re waiting for a flood, but jeans that are too long brush the floor even with shoes on. Getting it “just right” depends largely on the inseam and how you like your jeans to fit. Do you want your jeans to be ankle length—or shorter or longer? Every inseam is different, and much of your decision depends on the style of jeans and how you plan to wear them.

The Inseam Basics

Your inseam, sometimes called the inside leg measurement, is the distance from the bottom of your zipper (or the crotch) to the leg opening. If you are tall and want your jegging jeans to hit at the ankle, for example, you may need a pair with 32-, 34-, or 36-inch inseams. Your best bet is going with a women’s brand that makes high-quality jeans for tall women. Here are some common types of jeans and recommendations on how they should fit.

Straight Leg Jeans

Whether you are a plus or petite size, straight leg jeans are universally flattering. If you are about 5’8” and taller, you should make sure the inseam is approximately 32-34 inches long. If you love wearing this style with boots, you’ll want to make sure the inseam is long enough to cover the top of the boot. If you are 5’3” or shorter, your inseam will be approximately 29 inches, which takes heels into consideration. You can always get shorter inseams too. Classic straight leg jeans have a timeless feel to them and can be easily styled with any of your tops. The best pairs boost your confidence and fit like a dream.

Slim Straight Jeans

The slimmer cousin of the straight leg is the slim straight leg. Slim straight jeans—both a slim fit and straight leg—are also versatile regardless of your shape or size. They are a super cute and modern silhouette that’s great for showing some ankle if you want to cuff them. You could also leave them uncuffed if you prefer.

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can also be worn a few ways. If you want your skinny jeans to hit right above the ankle bone, the inseam will vary. If you like them longer, you’ll obviously want a longer inseam. Skinny jeans will forever look great with ankle booties. Look for super-soft stretch denim in your skinny jeans, so you don’t feel constricted in any way. Even skinny jeans shouldn’t feel tight and uncomfortable.

Jegging Jeans

Jegging jeans are similar to how you expect leggings to fit. They embrace your curves. A figure-flattering pair of denim jeggings are a must-have. The best inclusive denim brands offer jegging jeans that fit plus, petite, tall, and missy sizes. Each pair will be constructed with your inseam in mind. If you have long legs and therefore a long inseam, such as 32-34 inches, your jeggings should fit like a glove.

Girlfriend Jean

Effortlessly casual girlfriend jeans are relaxed through the leg and look the best cuffed. You can easily wear them with sneakers or dress them up a bit with booties. The lived-in look of a girlfriend jean is a welcome addition to your collection of jeans. They should still offer an exceptional fit, just like your other pairs.

Cropped Jeans

Slim cropped and ankle skimmers usually offer a figure-hugging fit and can be worn cuffed or uncuffed, giving you flexibility. They also show a little more ankle than, say, an ankle-length jean. They look especially great with heeled sandals and platform sneakers. You can also find cropped styles with a wider leg opening for a more casual and relaxed fit.

Boot Cut Jeans

Flare and boot cut jeans have a wider leg opening than all of the styles mentioned above. This requires a good inseam measurement on your part, so they don’t sit awkwardly above your ankle. Boot cut styles are flattering and look beautiful on women of all shapes and sizes. Look for a fun pair with embroidery on the back pockets. It’s often the artisanal details of your jeans that make them stand out. But the exceptional fit is equally important.


These are jeans that you pull on. They should be both comfortable and flattering. The best pairs are also designed to mold and hold your shape with tummy-slimming mesh panels in the front and a “no-gap” inner elastic waistband. Just because you pull them on doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect high-quality construction.

About Democracy Clothing

Democracy Clothing is dedicated to designing and constructing jeans that enhance women’s curves. From jegging jeans to straight leg jeans and many other styles, Democracy is an inclusive denim lifestyle brand for women of all shapes and sizes. Finding your flattering fit is easy with Democracy’s “Ab”solution fit technology. Bottoms feature a “no-gap” inner elastic waistband, tummy-smoothing mesh panels in the front, and a curved yoke above the strategically-placed back pockets for a “booty lift” effect. Democracy Clothing uses premium stretch denim in a variety of washes and sizes, including plus, petite, tall, and missy sizes. You can also choose from a selection of curated tops to go with your favorite pairs of jeans and pants from Democracy Clothing.

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