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Intellectual property rights are the rights which are given to a person who creates something. It is an exclusive right to the person who creates something. Also, these rights are not given for an infinite period. Rather, they are given for a certain period.

Understanding intellectual right is very important, especially if you are studying economics, business etc. Usually, professor may give you an assignment on the intellectual or property assignment, and you may need property law assignment help to ease your burden.

If you are one of them who wants to understand about intellectual property rights, then you are at the right place. This article will discuss certain things about intellectual property rights with examples.

Types of intellectual rights with examples

There are four types of intellectual property rights Patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks.

Usually, people with intellectual property rights use more than one type of intellectual property law to protect the same product or asset. For example, trademark law protects the product name or sign, and copyrights cover its banner or tagline.


Different countries have different patent laws to protect the inventor from processes to machines. These law protect the invention from the use of any 3rd party and give exclusive rights over its use to the inventor. Some common examples of this category are:

  • Design Patents: This inventor protects the shape of its product, its emojis, fonts, or any other visual traits. For example, you can take the example of a coca – cola bottle.
  • Plant patents: These help in safeguarding the new varieties of plants. Common examples are pest-free versions of any tree-like fruit. But in this case, the investor can also apply for the design patent if the tree has some unique visual property.
  • Utility patent: It is for those products that serve a practical purpose and their use. Like safety systems, software and products of pharmaceutical companies. It was the first and still one of the largest areas of patent law. For more information, you can seek property law assignment help.

Trade secrets:

They are the company’s intellectual property rights, not in the public domain. It carries important information which has some economic value.

They can be formulas, recipes, or other information used to gain some competitive advantage. For example, company had protected formula for making coca – cola drink for more than 100 years. Seek law assignments help to know more about this.

Trade secrets contain information like:

  • Business
  • Financial
  • Technical and economic information
  • Scientific and Engineering etc.


They are the special rights which protect the original creator of something from the intellectual property rights. It must be tangible. For example, copyrights are not for the idea. You can get a copyright for the song, poem, speech or something but not for the idea. A common example of copyrights is:

  • Software type product
  • Graphic arts of any person.
  • Architectural design.
  • Blog articles written by some individual or company.
  • Books written by someone.
  • Database etc.

To get information in detail, seek property law assignment help. They will tell you more unique points about this intellectual property category.


Logos, sounds, words, and even symbols come in this category. Companies use it to distinguish their services and products. For example, Twitter has its logo; no one can copy its logo. Also, McDonald’s golden arches and font are used by Dunkin.

The special thing about trademarks is that they can cover various products. Even company symbols, taglines, and brand colours come in this category. For more information, seek law assignment help.

Nowadays, when everyone has information source through the internet, it is very common to steal trade secrets or patents. Many times these trade secrets have been sold on the dark web. Governments do many things to protect it, and there is an International organisation by the name world trade organisation also involved in it.

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