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What is IRP?

IRP is an acronym as the International Registration Plan for trucking. It is a contract which permits registration across the countries as well as US States where commercial motor vehicles, including 18-wheeler truck, operate. It means that when a truck is operating in several jurisdictions the owner of the trucking company has to be able to report the mileage traveled in each state.

The business owner also has to pay the appropriate amount of taxes for each country. This must be done annually.

Who is Required to Register an IRP?

You must register in the International Registration Plan if any of the following apply to you.

  • Your car’s GVW (gross weight of the vehicle) is greater than 26,000 pounds.
  • Your car has at least three axles, no matter the GVM or
  • If your vehicle is an electric motor or trailer with a GVM of more than 26,000 lbs.,


  • The vehicle you own is part a registered fleet that is located in Florida, the United States of Florida or, at a minimum, one other state.

    Are any vehicles exempt from having an IRP registered?

    There are a few vehicle owners who do not have to apply for an IRP even when they meet one of the criteria above. This applies to owners of:

    • Vehicles owned by the government
    • Only vehicles operating on intrastate highways
    • Buses for chartering celebrations

    To assist you in keeping an eye on the IRP costs It is recommended to give trucking management software a shot.

    The International Registration Plan, also called IRP, is a reciprocity arrangement between states of the United States, the District of Columbia and a few provinces in Canada that allows for an application for registrations of motor vehicle commercials recognized in various jurisdictions. It permits payment to be made on the amount of miles driven in the respective jurisdictions.

    IRP and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) accounts are required for cars that travel interstate and that weigh more than the weight of 26,000 pounds (gross vehicle weight) or having three or more axles.

What exactly is an International Registration Plan (IRP) and what are its requirements?

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is a reciprocal arrangement that permits the proportional registration between states (states) that regulate commercial motor vehicles as well as truckers. In other words, if a vehicle is used in more than one jurisdiction owners must annually report the mileage traveled in each state , and the taxes are paid in proportions based on the amount of mileage traveled. The good news is the owner may pay those taxes in one jurisdiction–referred to as the base jurisdiction or base state. Motor vehicle owners must be registered in accordance with the International Registration Plan if:

  • their vehicle weighs more than 26,000 pounds in gross weight of the vehicle (GVW); or
  • is equipped with three or more axles regardless of weight or
  • It is a power unit as well as a trailer, whose combined GVW is more than 26,000 pounds and
  • Your truck is part of an official fleet that is operating within Florida as well as at least another IRP area of jurisdiction.

What types of vehicles can be exempted from IRP Registration?

  • Government Owned Vehicles
  • Buses Used for Chartered Parties
  • Recreational vehicles (a vehicle that is used to travel or for pleasure)
  • Vehicles Operating Intrastate Miles Only

Do I sign up under IRP?

Fill out an IRP request for the state in which you reside in and mail the application to their address. If you require more assistance in registering Contact Trinity3logistics. at +1 404-513-0612.

To complete the IRP, will I need to prove that I am paying Heavy Vehicle Utilization Tax (HVUT)?

Yes. To allow a vehicle to be operated within your state the owner of the vehicle must present proof of the payment of the tax. This tax has to be paid by who owns the truck or owner of the truck who is the registrant. HVUT is tax that is paid by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for motor vehicles that are highway-oriented that have a GVW of more than 55,000 pounds or a combined at least 55,000 pounds. The driver must pay the tax by filing an Federal Form 2290, Schedule 1 in the IRS. The IRS will require the original receipt that you paid for (Form 2290, which includes a an official payment stamp from the IRS for the current tax year) or a copy from the Schedule 1 on Form 2290 (with or without a certified payment stamp) together with a copy of the back and front of the check that was cancelled that indicates the that the payment is current for HVUT.

Note: Carriers who have greater than 25 cars during the tax year must file Formula 2290 in electronic format. For more information on filing electronically for carriers who have greater than 25 cars is provided by Trinity3logistics Truckers Accounting and Permitting Service, Inc. by calling +1 404-513-0612.

Which is the date of expiration and the renewal time in the case of IRP license plates?

Many States have an accelerated IRP renewal process. That means your IRP plates expire at midnight of the final date of each month, as indicated by the number on your plate. The enforcement period begins around 12:01 a.m. the day on which you begin the following month. No grace periods are available in the system of staggered renewal. The month you choose for you to renew will be decided and determined through Bureau of Motor Carrier Services.

What’s the consequence of failing to renew IRP credentials before the deadline for expiration?

A penalty is imposed of failing to renewing the IRP credentials will be determined at the eleventh day of the date of expiration.

Additionally, operating vehicles that do not have a current license plate, a valid taxi card, valid travel permit or temporary operating permit could expose the driver to fines and penalties across all states and jurisdictions.

Do Different States issue refunds for IRP license plates?

It depends on where you’re from. A lot of States do not permit refunds unless there are very rigorous conditions.


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