Introducing the Football API: the ultimate resource for football data

Are you looking to create a website that displays all statistics related to football? If you are then that would be a great business venture. Normally, these websites attract lots of traffic who are looking for the statistics of their favorite club or players and placing monetizing advertisements along with the statistics will help you generate easy online money. Besides, these types of websites can also be used for creating online betting by placing different betting odds along with the live score and statistics. In any case, you can have a profitable venture if you run a live score website in a properly planned way. Also, World Cup 2022 is nearing and this will be a perfect time to open a live score site as lots of people may not be able watch the matches live and may knock a live score website to get match updates.

Creating a Live Score Website:

To create a live score website, the first thing you will need is a catchy domain name and a reliable hosting service. Once they are done, you may choose a switch to the design of the site and it is important to have a clean, responsive and slick design to attract lots of traffic. Once the designing part is done, it is time to add live statistics on the website. 

The live statistics is normally added to a website by using a Football API. So, if you want to run a website that displays all the football statistics up to date, you would need a reliable Football API to provide timely updates and statistics to your visitors. Otherwise, you are bound to lose a large chunk of visitors as they might walk away from your website if they got what they are looking for on a timely basis. 

What is a Football API?

Football API is a dedicated Application Programming Interface (API) developed for fetching the data of football matches and displaying them to the audiences. The data can be anything such as live scores, line up, results, minute by minute game update and many more.

How to choose a reliable Football API?

Choosing a fully reliable service can be a difficult task as you would have to look for different features that an API should provide to their user. Here are some of them below:

Timely Stats Updates:

This is a must have feature for a reliable API as your audience would want an up to date stats of different football matches. Failing to give them what they want may turn away the audience who never return back to your website.

Ability to Display All Important Stats:

It depends on what type of stats your audience would look at on your website. They may look for the starting line up of their favorite teams, total goal scored by their favorite player, assists or even highlights of the matches. So, if a Football API is to become reliable, it must have the ability to display these important statistics according to the needs of audiences.

Enable/Disable Different Stats Display:

As mentioned above, a reliable API must have an ability to display all the important statistics that an audience may want to look for. However, if you are running a website for a certain purpose, displaying all the statistics may not be required. So, the API may need to have an option to enable/disable different stats.

Reliable Customer Support

A reliable customer support is another thing you would need to become a reliable API. It is because the users may have different questions, or help to run the API in their website. So, if you are looking to choose an API make sure that it has fast and reliable custom support.


Football API – Live Score API

Now that we have talked about the silent features required to become a good API, we represent an API – Football API of Live Score API. It comprises all the features mentioned above along with some additional features that the website would need to display the statistics in a smooth way.


Football API of Live Score API is just the type of API you need to run a live score website. It contains all the features to display the stats that a fully functional website needs to please random visitors and convert them into a regular one. This API covers 400+ competitions. That means, the users of this API will be able to display all the statistics of more than 400 competitions around the world. The statistics includes:

  • Live-scores 
  • Fixtures 
  • Match Events 
  • Standings 
  • 92 Years Historical Data 
  • Countries 
  • Competitions 
  • Federations 
  • Teams 
  • Languages 
  • Country Flags 
  • Match Statistics 
  • Team Lineups 
  • Head2Head 
  • Top Goalscorers 
  • Betting Odds 
  • YouTube Videos 
  • Pre Match Facts 
  • Teams Translations 
  • Players Translations 
  • Live Match Commentary 

Football API – Live Score API Pricing:

Football API of Live Score API has different pricing plans i.e. Standard Package, Advanced Package, World Cup Premium and World Cup Commentary. All these packages are billed monthly starting from €9. The final 2 packages are a dedicated world cup API.


Besides, the API also has a trial version for the users that will allow the users to enjoy all the features available in the API for free for 14 days. 

Football API – Live Score API Documentation and Support:

Football API of Live Score API consists of extensive documentation and video tutorials to guide their user to use their product. Besides, there is also a FAQ page to clear your thoughts about the API and if you still do not get your answer, you can contact the highly experienced support team via contact page. 


So, we discuss the brief steps to create a live score website, and the features that you might need for a reliable Football API as it is the important element to run a live score website. Then, we discuss one of the most reliable Football API along with its features, pricing, documentation and support.


Hope this article is helpful for you to know about the reliable API that you need for creating a live score website. So, if you are looking to create a live score site then, you can use the mentioned API to display all the statistics of different football teams, players or matches in a smooth way. Also, if you are looking to create football website or blog, you can go through the article: how to start a football website or blog


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