Destination for Production Houses

The United Arab Emirates capital, Abu Dhabi, is the premium destination for television and Production Houses.

With 200+ nationalities calling it home, it is one of the safest cities of the world. It has a lot of incredible locations for shooting, for instance, deserts, water bodies, high-rise buildings, cultural aesthetics, and various manifestations of eco-tourism.

Abu Dhabi is a very scenic area and it has world-class production services and any aspiring producer would be glad to know that it is backed by generous financial incentives.

Let us look at some reasons why Abu Dhabi is home to several production houses!

Why Abu Dhabi is preferred by so many production houses?

i. Provision of a generous refund

Firstly, a highly generous refund is offered by the capital’s film commission. This is a very lucrative incentive scheme and the most captivating factor for filmmakers who want to launch themselves into the mainstream media through an international production. Those individuals who want to utilize the film production services are offered this refund.

There is another production expenditure type that can be used by those individuals who avail the post-production services while they are in Abu Dhabi.

There is a vast range of productions that can easily qualify for this refund. Producing internationally, financial maintenance can be a huge problem for television and film professionals. In this regard, the wide range of productions qualifying for the refund is a very good factor.

Which productions are eligible for the refund?

  1. Documentaries
  2. Services for digital content
  3. Television dramas
  4. Adverts or commercials
  5. Feature films

Which productions are not eligible for the refund?

However, the following productions do not qualify for the refund:

  1. Personal projects
  2. Fundraising projects
  3. Music videos

Secondly, whatever an individual producer or a team needs for a top-notch production, Abu Dhabi has it all. All year-round, the climate factor offers blue skies and conducive weather. Highly impressive visual productions can be easily created. These factors assist the producers and professionals and they are never short of choices.

Positive factors of Abu Dhabi

Here are some positive factors of Abu Dhabi regarding scenic beauty:

i. Immaculate Beaches

The otherwise busy and large metropolitan city is balanced by extremely perfect sands of the beaches and blue water bodies. The warm Arabian Gulf also keeps the weather appropriate.

ii. Al Ain Oasis

Al-Ain Oasis is a 1200-hectare site and it is the largest oasis in all of the Emirates. Over 150000 date palms are on this site and all year round, it is brimming with cinematic and aesthetic potential.

 iii. High-rise Skyscrapers

The city avowals many revolutionary skyscrapers that hover on the brink of impossibility.

Thirdly, the production houses in Abu Dhabi have brought the city to the forefront of development in arts and culture. The production houses focus on a lot of archaeological sites and spectacular museums in the city, which adds to the value of whatever is being produced. Therefore, the aesthetic content is quickly thriving.

In production houses, every member of the production team is prepped and prepared. All the technical aspects of creating a new project are taken care of and expertise is provided up to the last stage. Some production houses also raise funds for the production and most of the times, this task is accomplished through a private investor or a parent company.

Features offered by the production houses

Here are some features that the production houses offer:

  1. Top tier studios
  2. Locations
  3. Highly experienced crew
  4. Approvals for scripts
  5. Development of the productions right from start to finish
  6. Permits for shooting in various locations
  7. Facilities after the production process is completed

If you belong to a company or a leading brand and you are looking to shoot any promotional content in the United Arab Emirates, then Abu Dhabi can serve as the best solution!

Having direct experience in setting up elaborate systems and shoots in a number of countries, production houses in Dubai efficiently deliver answers to all your questions and are ready to serve you in any manner. As mentioned before, the authentic locations pertaining to culture and an infrastructure that can amaze teams and inspire them, there is an extremely talented community in the city that brings their hard-earned knowledge and extensive experience for clients.

Additionally, all the pre-production elements are also taken care of.

Sometimes, clients think that production is really easy!

Well, that is just a child’s dream.

It would really be a quick activity if you could just point the camera at any dynamic scene and press the record button. But, a lot of elements are involved in the production process!

Fortunately, all these elements are considered extremely important by the production teams. Production houses in Abu Dhabi provide all sorts of professional support, so that it is ensured that the upcoming project is definitely a success.

Pre-production elements that are monitored 24/7

Here are some significant elements in the pre-production process which are carefully monitored:

  1. Searching for the right crew – people who know can do wonders
  2. Props – the right ones for the right scene can make a lot of difference
  • Special effects – We all know how essential these are!
  1. Finalization of the budget – isn’t everything about funds?? Yes, it is!
  2. Selection of the filming equipment
  3. Attainment of all permits and permissions
  • Making detailed schedules of all the sequences of production
  • Set construction
  1. Finalization of the final script for the first sequence- followed by the others

The production houses also make sure that another thing is certified. Every other project is intrinsically unique and there is nothing about one production that can be applied to another in the same manner.

Similarly, there are some post-production services that hold equal importance and are provided by the production companies. After the content is shot, the work is not over. There are still a lot of things that need work so that creativity is increased.

Post-production services offered by production houses

Here are some services accounting to post-production, which are offered by some top-leading production units in the city:

  1. Color grading
  2. Offline editing
  • Cgi
  1. Animation- both 2d and 3d
  2. Motion Graphics
  3. Compositing

In a lot of contexts, post-production services are fundamental for the success of any content, as these outline and touch up almost every frame of the project.

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Get started with your new production!

Keeping all this in mind, choose a production house that hails from a creative community and has all the necessary infrastructure to bring your ideas to life!


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