There is always some construction work to be done. Tinkering around your household never stops, and you can always start or continue the projects which you have in mind. A completely normal phenomenon as your creative spirit does not rest. With so much work to be done, it can seem never ending, but with your trusty toolbelt at your side, all is possible. A professional is only as good as his equipment. This being said people tend to get carried away when it comes to this topic. Any construction project is already putting a strain on your budget, and you are weighing each item. Price, quality and what each tool brings to the table are all factors, so let’s get started with solving this dilemma.

1. Single usage

All tools look cool when you first start your special home renovation project. Sure, they have their usage, but you should ask yourself if you are getting the mileage. Justifying the purchase of a tool should always come with the number of usages after your project is done. Will you be doing more? Will you consider renting it out to others? Is the tool multi-practical or has a specialised, niche usage? These are all valid and good questions to ask before you load up on something that you will use one time and forget that you ever have it.

2. Tools dictate the project, not the other way around

Staying within or at the margins of the project’s budget is possible when you consider the available resources. First, do an inventory overview of what tools you currently have at your disposal. Once you know that, you have laid the foundations for your project planning. Even then some situations can occur where you simple oversight what’s needed. At that point, it becomes a simple game of math. If you are within your budget, you should purchase the tool that’s needed (and be mindful of the first topic we discussed). If not, then you should, by all means, rent.

3. Pros to the rescue

Why re-invent the wheel with all the tools that are required when someone has already done that job for you? Breaking new ground requires specialised machines, equipment, manpower, time, energy, experience and the list goes forever on. When you put all of the requirements on paper, it more than makes sense to reach out for a helping hand. From any seemingly simple task to professional and reliable forklift rental, there is no shortage of experienced handymen and services available. Outsourcing your project to someone does not make it any less yours. You will get to see your vision come to life in the best way possible while you sit back and relax. While you let the pros handle this, you can start planning your next project.

4. Tool maintenance

Any handyman worth his salt can tell you that it’s worse to leave a tool unused than to use it all the time. When you buy any piece of equipment, the worst thing you can do is leave it one time and hang it for decoration. Tool maintenance is a very important item on the menu if you wish for your equipment to last. Such is the rule for all things in life. This added cost should not be neglected if you wish to get any mileage from your tools.  Adding together the cost of maintenance to the cost of the tool makes for a more realistic argument for renting VS buying tools. When you rent, you leave the maintenance to someone else. Out of sight, out of mind.


5. Experimenting

The ways of the creative process work in mysterious manners. More often than not, you will start a project in that you have a rough, general idea of what you want to do. Your vision gets crystallised and better as you dive right in, but then it also becomes clear that you weren’t calculating for all possibilities. When push comes to shove, and you must have that one piece of equipment to move the project along, that’s the moment when you start to weigh your options. 

Such situations don’t need to be stressful and experimenting should always be encouraged. These advantages go in favour of renting tools and equipment as they are available at a moment’s notice and there’s no end to what you may get. Think of renting as your joker card when it comes to planning your next home renovation.


Embarking on any new endeavour always seems daunting before you even start. Because of all the unknown factors that come into play, many people get discouraged before they even hit their first nail. That’s precisely why you should make the leap of faith and get started! Bit by bit, nail by nail and your project will come to life before your very eyes. In this, we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.


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