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Many people catch Spring fever around this time of year. Finally, the weather is nice, and all are out and about much more than in winter. For one reason, once the weather warms up, it starts with fervor to clean, renew, and decorate. You may also have this bug caught and want your house to be restored. You can look for modern straight bathtub styles when the bathroom is marked for make-up. Even if you change the element of your home, the look and feel of your bathroom can be very different.

Concerns of the customers

A prospective west London customer recently asked, “Do you help us avoid the fact that we have to walk in a new straight bathtub in this old bathroom?” His wife shook fast “And I don’t want anything ugly institutional to look either, just because we’re older! Is there a way in this small room to make a glass block shower?” Until recently, a block shower in a standard bathroom in an older home with a later design would have been difficult to integrate. The foundations for this project are now 100% waterproof. The following are the top 7 questions that people are asking for a glass block shower in their bathroom plan.


  • Question 1 – Is there room in this small space for a walk in the shower? Yes. A new base will require before the walls of the shower can install. Two elegant options are an acrylic pre-formed base and a Wedi funda closed polystyrene cell base; which is also 100 percent waterproof (Wedi is the manufacturer of this product). Unless you have a 60-inch wide and 34″ deep bathroom area, you will have the opportunity to achieve this project. The sixty-inch width is the most common in UK straight bathtub.
  • Question 2 — What is the best type of foundation? Can I put tile on the bottom of the shower? Acrylic bases can be slightly cheaper and are available in colors of white and biscuit. The shower floor can accommodate every type of floor you want – with a Wedi cell closed polystyrene base, you have a broad range of finished looks.straight bathtub
  • Question 3 – Will the glass block shower walls need to support further by the floor? – Not normally. Unless the floor framing problem exists, your existing floor joists will adequately support the block walls.
  • Question 4 – How big should I make the walls of the shower? What materials should I put back and finish on the wall and back of the plumbing? The most common height for a shower head is 84″ from the finished floor of the bathroom and when you add the height of the shower curb (4 to 5″) the finished height will match the height of the walls of your shower head. The closed-cell polystyrene board from Wedi is an excellent underlaying material that can use on the plumbing and rear walls (which may directly apply to your studs).
    The board can cut with a utility knife. The seals can tape to prepare the walls for the finishing material. This seal can apply with a joint damper. For a more economical ending, consider using acrylic walls over the Wedi table, and the walls can finish with a choice of tile to give a more luxurious look.
  • Question 5 – What are the glass block pattern and color options for me? How is the wall going to look? – The round (or radius) block wall with a complete bull-nose block ends in the shower design with the acrylic base. The Decora and Icescapes patterns made by Pittsburgh Corning are available in many different colors. The wall designs can configure with a straight or round finished look for the Wedi polystyrene base.
  • Question 6 – How have walls constructed? Where can these walls construct? The block walls can either be constructed block by block on the workplace or are premade and shipped to your home or company. The premade block sections (usually two courses 16″ high) have made small enough to be set and anchored by one person comfortably.straight bathtub
  • Question 7 – Can I do this project? – The project can complete if you have the skills to plumb, frame, masonry, and finished tile or acrylic wall installation. If not, it is generally best to find a manufacturer of glass block panels that produces and ships the walls – or rather find a specialist contractor that can coordinate all the building stages of this project.


Add bath lift chair

The traumatic and embarrassing experiences must not experience by elderly people. Senior citizens can live independently in the straight bathtub lift chairs. The specially designed seats securely raise and reduce a person to a bathroom. Using a rechargeable battery, lifting chairs reduces the user’s height. These chairs will not lower the seat intelligently except if sufficient power has exerted to lift it again. The units have strong suction cups secured to the bathroom floor, and no drills are needed on the floor.

For the elderly to clean the bathroom can be very difficult. You must walk on the glittering floors of the bathroom and then find a way into the high-edge bath, then descend on the floor of the bathroom. For the elderly, it can easily become a very stressful experience, so they have a shower rather than a warm and relaxing ritual. However, taking a shower requires a long time for them to stand and become susceptible to accidents such as slip or drop. Family members recruit people to help the elderly bath to avoid that fatigue.

straight bathtubStraight bathtub at the Royal Bathrooms

In the debate of walk-in shower and straight bath tubs , the end happens on the available space and budget. A circular and rectangular bath in the washrooms can take the form of a square or a quarter round bath. The type of bathtub depends on the design. They are mostly located in the room adjacent to two walls. The bathroom design has other sanitation such as laundry facilities, water cupboards, and shower cabinets. Only a shower can be in the bedroom in most areas when a bathtub is rearranged.

Likewise, the walk-in shower can install in any of the edges and spaces. However, the budget and maintenance cost can be high. Check your affordability and order what suits you. Google now!


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