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People and businesses have been pushed to convert to digital labor as a result of the coronavirus epidemic, and this trend is predicted to continue in the future.

Globally, massive company digitization trends have raised the demand for qualified developers. Quality tech specialists are needed to help firms grow and go online, but they face a significant obstacle. There is a severe scarcity of good developers. According to an estimate, more than 85 million jobs could go vacant by 2030 due to a lack of qualified candidates.

The employment trends are changing as a result of this predicament and the trend of recruiting remote personnel. So, how do you locate and recruit IT talent in 2022, what should you search for, and what should you consider? We’ll show you the latest trends and solutions to help you choose the best software developers for your needs in this article.

Market situation of IT in 2022

As businesses have become increasingly reliant on internet-based operations, the demand for software developers has increased.

According to Statista, eCommerce is predicted to grow at a rapid pace, with a 22 percent increase by 2023. According to the IBV poll, traditional value chains are being replaced by new digital solutions by 66 percent of global banking executives. In 2020, global digital transformation spending in logistics was predicted to be $45.6 billion, with a revised projection of $75.5 billion by 2026.

Outsourcing software development is one of the best options for any company looking to digitise and hire tech expertise, especially in this era of remote work. Companies are no longer limited to in-house staff and are looking for qualified people across the globe.

The outsourcing business is predicted to rise by $6.8 million in the next two years, according to Deloitte. However, IT firms are currently short on required developers, and the IT talent pool is severely depleted. In 2020, the ratio of jobs to applicants increased dramatically, making it harder for outsourcing firms to acquire top labour to suit their demands.

Continue reading to learn about the most in-demand tech talents and how to locate developers with the necessary tech stack.

Which IT roles are becoming increasingly popular?

IT trends

According to a survey, software engineers are needed at all stages of development: front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers. However, an increasing number of businesses prefer to recruit senior software developers to begin working on their projects right once. Recruiters look for a computer science degree, prior experience in a relevant business field, and a combination of technical and soft abilities.

According to the same survey, machine learning engineers are currently on the rise among many technologies. React.js, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services continue to be in high demand among software developers. Also, in the next few years, AI engineers are likely to be the most in-demand, followed by security professionals.

How long does it take to fill a new tech role?

Despite the increase in tech recruiters, it takes 61 days to fill a tech position, compared to 41 days for non-tech positions. Because of the great demand for developers, it takes longer to identify applicants willing to talk about the position. Also, software developers frequently have multiple options available at the same time, and they may take some time to decide which is the greatest fit for them.

The procedure of remote candidate evaluation is also a major source of frustration for recruiting managers. Candidates must pass many interview stages, and scheduling all required appointments online takes time. There is also a coding test stage to assess technical abilities.

Because not all recruiters have accustomed to conducting all hiring procedures online, the process takes about two months to complete.

Hiring trends in IT during 2022

Technology and new methods of locating applicants and conducting interviews can aid in speeding up the talent acquisition process and achieving better results. The following is a list of tech hiring trends.

Digitalization of the HR and Recruitment Processes

Artificial Intelligence chatbots that assist in the screening of applications are now commonly employed in hiring operations. Algorithm-based scanners scan resumes for keywords as the initial round of screening, saving time for recruiters. It speeds up the process significantly over manually reviewing resumes.

Mobile-friendly job advertising and application forms are now available, making the process easier for job seekers and streamlining the process. Candidates from Generation Z value the digitalization and automation of recruiting processes, and they prefer to maintain contact with such organisations and recruiters.

HR managers can reach out to a wide range of possible candidates through recruitment marketing automation, which simply helps you reach out to applications using targeted adverts. A DSP platform may assist you in creating carefully targeted job adverts and putting your brand in front of the relevant group of people.

How can Manpower Outsourcing Companies help in IT hiring?

Manpower outsourcing companies know the trends in the market and have a great expertise in hiring the best employees for your IT company. Whether it is a remote hiring or part time manpower outsourcing services in India knows how to search for the best candidate for your business. 

Discuss what type of hiring you need whether it is in terms of a skilled employee or a fresher candidate. You can also take help in terms of offering the perks and benefits to the employees for your company with the manpower suppliers for your IT company. They will help you find a better candidate as per your needs and requirements in a better time with enhanced productivity.

Parting Thoughts

The epidemic has resulted in a tremendous global digitization. Despite the instability in the recruiting field, the labour market, and the talent pool deficit, there are still some effective methods for locating and hire IT professionals. Rethinking the recruitment process and focusing on what you already have and what you need from a new worker are among the IT hiring trends for 2022.

When the major questions have been answered, use workforce outsourcing businesses and digitalization to identify tech specialists, and make swift decisions when you come across a good applicant.

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