Do a barrel roll
Do a barrel roll

Flash for interactive charts

Gmail, Reader, and the other members part of Google Apps range aren’t all the Google products that recently received a major overhaul. Google Can Do a Barrel Roll, but it Can’t Do Without Flash . Just two days ago, the account I use for Google Analytics account was upgraded to the new design, and upon loading it on my first attempt, I was a bit shocked to discover it was still using Flash.

Google Analytics still uses Flash for interactive charts as well as other widgets. Really, Google? Perhaps Adobe has dropped Flash at the very least for mobile versions The desktop version isn’t too far from the same defenestration.

Flash for  Analytics and Finance apps

The reason Google continues to make usage in its use of Flash for their Analytics and Finance apps more heart-warming is that Google has proven they have the internal ability to create amazing things using HTML5 and JavaScript. Google is able to make the web go on an entire barrel roll.


Ability to create stunning, interactive logo doodles

It has the ability to create stunning, interactive logo doodles which include sound and lights , animals and even instruments that can be played. But it’s not able to use the talents it puts into these fun but ineffective trinkets into creating a simple interactive pageview or stock chart that isn’t dependent on Flash.

I’m not sure of the reason why Google isn’t able to remove Flash from its own products, but my suspicion is that it has to do with have to do with the company’s infamously uncentralized and engineering-driven culture of product development. With the newly-appointed the CEO Larry Page taking a firmer control of the company we’re hoping Page will adopt a corporate-wide anti-Flash policy a as part of his whip-snatching house-cleaning, overhaul of product removal.

It’s not a fact that I’m not a major lover of Google and how they are with launching and evolving their products. There are certain bad products (which are extremely uncommon) however, the most of them are high-quality products that make positive changes in how we live our lives on the internet.


Google Search is obviously the most prominent example. It is the reason that is the reason “searching on the web” is increasingly described as “Googling” or “Google it”. The quality of the search that they provide is miles and miles superior to any other search engine or will likely ever exist. The reason I’m saying “ever” is, I have not yet seen any other company continuously putting effort to create a better search engine.

Additionally, Google is not content with being the largest and most effective search engine. They are pushing the limits and constantly making adjustments to their algorithms, to ensure that the users get better service.

In addition to making their products better and better and adding a “fun quotient” to search. Google Doodle is an example that is not only makes you laugh it also brings back important people,  and events.


Do a barrel roll

Today, internet users seem to have found a new “fun” element to Google Search If you’d like to give it a go, Try the Google search on the term “do a barrel roll” and you’ll see the whole screen of the search page turn before your eyes. It seems that the Social Media sites have been buzzing with this meme since yesterday!


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