There are a lot of plugins available on the market and it is hard to keep track of them. JetPlugins plugin pack by Crocoblock have an easy-to-understand interface, a unique set of features, and are offered at a very fair price. JetPlugins are a set of plugins that can be used to enhance your WordPress website. They include shortcodes, widgets and more for all sorts of purposes.

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JetPlugins By Crocoblock

If you’re looking for a way to boost your sales, then look no further than JetPlugins by crocoblock. The plugins are very powerful, and easy to setup and use.


JetBlocks is a plugin that allows you to add a wide variety of blocks to your site. With this plugin, you can insert all sorts of content into your site—from ads and social media icons to contact forms and full-width sliders.

JetBlocks has over 50 different block types with more being added all the time. Some of my favorites include:

  • Full Width Banner – A 250 x 250 pixel banner at the top of your page (or below for mobile)
  • Image Slider – A slider with three images that shows up on every page once it’s been added once (You may have noticed one in the footer area)
  • Social Media Icons – Adds some social media icons above or below the post title on posts


JetTabs is a plugin that allows you to create tabs in your WordPress website. It allows you to create unlimited tabs and each tab can have a unique page. This is great for creating a landing page for your website, which is very useful when trying to convert more visitors into customers on your site.

From the settings page of JetTabs, you can customize the look and feel of each tab, as well as add custom CSS code if needed or change any other settings related to this plugin such as:

  • The name of each tab
  • Add an image or logo for each tab
  • Change the background color of each individual tab (this will also affect how dark or light text color appears).


JetTricks is a powerful plugin that helps you to create beautiful and functional call-to-action buttons and links. With this plugin, you can easily add CTAs to your website that stand out from the rest!

JetTricks comes with a lot of features, including:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Import feature (import any existing menu item or link)
  • Add multiple CTA options on one page/post/category etc..


JetSearch is a powerful search plugin for WordPress that allows you to search and replace content, and to search for specific content. The plugin comes with a built in indexer which will scan your entire website to find all instances of the word or phrase that you are looking for.

JetSearch also has a built in replacement engine that allows you to easily update those instances with new content, which is great for updating outdated links or references in your site’s articles and posts.


JetThemeCore is the base plugin for all Jet themes. It comes with a lot of features that you can use to build your own theme.

JetThemeCore supports all Jet themes, so you can start from here and then customize it however you like. You can change the colors, fonts, menu items and more using the options menu in WordPress Dashboard.

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Reviews are a great way to increase engagement on your site. They also help you build trust with your users by providing them with honest feedback about your products and services.

JetReviews is a powerful plugin that allows you to add reviews to your WordPress site.


JetWooBuilder is a plugin for the JetWooBuilder theme. It allows you to add your own custom content fields and design them using the visual interface. This can be done by selecting “Add New Field” in the WordPress dashboard, or using shortcodes.


JetElements is a plugin that can be used to create a variety of elements on your website. It has over 300 different elements, some of which include contact forms, countdown timers, sliders, call-to-action buttons and more.

In addition to the types of content it offers, JetElements also gives you options for styling that content via easy-to-use templates and customization controls. These options allow you to choose from prebuilt templates or create your own customized template using CSS or HTML code.


JetMenu is a powerful menu plugin for WordPress.

It’s responsive, retina ready and has multiple menu layouts.

JetMenu is a responsive and retina ready menu plugin for WordPress. It comes with 3 different styles: vertical drop down, horizontal drop down and multi-level dropdown menus! It features support for HTML content as well as custom jQuery animations on hover.


JetPopup is a premium plugin for creating popup windows, which allows you to display various content on your website. The plugin has a lot of features and provides lots of customization options. It allows you to create multiple popups on the same page, change the size of the popup window and its position, etc.

JetPopup works with a variety of third party services like MailChimp, Wistia and Stripe so that you can easily integrate these services into your popup windows.

You can also add buttons or links in your pop-up windows which will redirect users to different pages or websites once clicked or tapped by them so that they don’t have to close down their current tabs just because they want more information about something else offered through these pop ups


JetSmartFilters is a plugin that helps you to create a smart filter for your website. This plugin allows the users of their websites to add custom filters to the list of existing filters, so that they can easily see the products matching their preferences.

The setup process for this plugin is quite simple and it doesn’t require any coding knowledge or any other technical support from outside agencies as well, which makes it one of the most user-friendly plugins available in this category.


JetEngine is a plugin for JetBlocks, JetTricks and JetSearch. It allows you to include custom content as part of the block template. The plugin also supports customizing how each block looks and behaves by providing options in the backend of your site.


JetBlogs is a plugin that helps you create a blog with ease. It’s easy to install, very affordable and comes with many features that will make your blogging experience smooth and productive.

The JetBlog plugin has great support from the team behind it, which means you can get an answer to any of your questions within 24 hours or less. You also get lifetime access upon purchasing this product so there’s no need for renewal payments every year like some other premium WordPress plugins have!


To sum up, the plugins we reviewed have some great features, but they’re not really worth the price. They might be good for a small business that doesn’t want to spend too much on a CRM or marketing automation tool and just wants something simple they can use right away. But if you need something more powerful, then there are plenty of other options out there that offer more features than these ones do.


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