Key Features for eCommerce Websites
Key Features for eCommerce Websites

We live in an era where people search the internet for even the most petite arrangements. There is no better opportunity to bring your regular business into eCommerce websites development in NYC and affect the web. Whether you’re selling tennis shoes, food, appliances, or more or less, it’s best to dive into the e-commerce website.


However, with the help of an e-commerce website, you have the opportunity to build your brand, connect with myriad capable customers in that direction, and sell more items. Software Assemblies is a web development company in New York that provides you with productive eCommerce websites.


The achievement of many websites depends on both the products offered, the marketing of the website, features provided by the website, the customer, and the owner of the website. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it’s essential to have the gadgets to handle your web development and adapt your management capabilities to your business proceedings.


Here are some of the features provided by our company to do eCommerce websites development in NYC:


  1. Easy-to-Use


If users can’t rapidly find what is necessary for an e-commerce site, they won’t stay long and are even less likely to buy. Convenient and user-friendly navigation is one of the essential features of an e-commerce website. However, a good e-commerce UX design requires a straightforward menu to browse several product divisions. Make sure these menus are in an easy-to-find location, generally at the top of each page.


You can also sanction users to filter and sort products by cost, designs, size, manufacturer, and other attributes. However, the features you include will rely on the products you provide and the significant features for your customers.


  1. Mobile Friendly


More than 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, and 61% of consumers are likely to shop on mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, it means that optimizing your e-commerce site for mobile can increase both traffic and conversions. So, you should use responsive web design to make your website mobile-friendly-this is an e-commerce web design best practice.


Flexible websites adapt to the screens you view, so they look great and work well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.


  1. Strong resolution Photos & Videos


Even e-commerce patterns have evolved. Customers like to see products from different locations and in different conditions. At this point, you cannot transfer images at some logical location and sticker price. You need to magnify the image of the item to make sure you know what you’re getting and trust it. Don’t overlook special considerations for good images and videos, as this is one of the essential highlights based on web development.


Consider displaying many images for each item and make sure they are good while expanding the page to stack better. It takes too long to think about stack or don’t stack; therefore, Keep away from those images. If you add Instagram photos and professional photos, you can check out up to 24% after checking the details.


E-commerce websites need to display multiple photos for each product. The photo should be high resolution and optimized for page loading.


  1. Security Features


Online transactions are an essential part of our lives. Therefore, e-commerce websites can be a favorite target for cybercriminals. Therefore, online sellers need to protect customer information and ensure privacy. You can do this by securing an e-commerce platform.


It’s no surprise that the combination of ultra-modern security features Magento and WordPress with Woo Commerce is listed in the top two platforms for online sellers. One must consider some of the security features for their ecommerce websites:


  • SSL Certificate
  • Two-factor Authentication
  • Use a firewall
  • Privacy Policy
  1. User-Generated reviews


Buyers read reviews; in fact, about 95% of them. And 57% of consumers only use a business with four or more stars. Negative reviews may seem like they are not good, but the opposite is true. Therefore, having a negative review can often be positive. Products without negative reviews are considered censored, and shoppers have been shown to assume that positive reviews are fake.


Depending on the capabilities of your site, your e-commerce site can use plugins from the most popular review platforms such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Facebook. Advanced e-commerce sites like the Paiwen Paddle Boards use reviews as user-created content to gain social proof and build enthusiastic fans.


  1. Social Proof


Brands and online sellers who connect with buyers emotionally build trust and support for the brand. Social connections are undeniable, and connecting with the audience has never been easier. Linking social profiles and user-generated content to e-commerce sites is an essential feature that brings branding to online sellers.


Shoppers are full of the constant flow of “buy now” and “get this”. The brands that interact with the customer socially create the customer for a long time. They help others and offer products that people care about.


  1. Advanced Payment Option


Apple Pay and PayPal are the payment options; e-commerce sites require advanced payment options. Think about the ease of use that comes with Amazon’s one-click shopping. Buyers with registered accounts can shop at the push of a button.


There are many accepted online payment options. Therefore, it’s essential to understand who the buyer is, and execution is the most productive solution. However, if your site has finite payment options, ensure you’ll provide an authentic explanation.


  1. Detailed shipping 


Surprisingly, abrupt shipping is the number one reason to abandon your cart. For e-commerce sites, it is necessary to include shipping information, such as a zip code calculator, that indicates the cost early in the checkout process.


It is amicable to show delivery times and options for quick delivery. The website should list countries outside the normal shipping zone. Ironically, shoppers spend 30% more on each order if free shipping is included. If applicable, please display the free shipping code on all site pages via header navigation.


  • Return policy


Return policies are a significant feature of e-commerce websites. The return policy must be prominent, well-written, or demonstrated. Moreover, this is another assured characteristic for online sales. It provides buyers trust that the brand is there for them if they are unhappy or need a different size.

Software Assemblies is the leading web development company in New York, providing all these features to eCommerce websites. Therefore, if you want the best eCommerce websites, we’ll provide you with the fully-featured one.


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