Everything has its own importance in astrology. Similarly, numerology also has a different importance. World famous Astrologer tells about the fate of people with the help of numbers. So today we will tell you according to your radix whether you will have love marriage or arranged marriage..

What Are Radix

In astrology, the radix is ​​considered as an important point, for example, if a person is born on the 26th of a month, then his radix is ​​2 + 6 = 8. Let us know about your love or arranged marriage according to numerology.

Issue 1

Where this radix is ​​considered a symbol of the sun. At the same time, people with this radix are very shy. And never initiate your love. That is why it is difficult for the people of Radix 1 to have a love marriage. But for these people, the partners with radix numbers 2, 4 and 6 are very good.

Fig. 2

People with this radix love love very thoughtfully. Therefore, they also try their best to take that relationship to marriage. Let us tell you that the number 2 is considered a symbol of the moon. That is why the people of Radix 2 are more likely to get married. Because these people like to work according to their mood.

Radix 3

Radix 3 is the symbol of Jupiter. Therefore people with this number are successful in getting married. According to numerology, this person loves his partner very much and also supports him at every step. Let us tell you that people born on 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th in any month have 3 radix numbers.

Radix 4

Number 4 is said to be the symbol of Rahu. The people of this number make more than one love affair. That is why they are not able to be serious about their love affairs. At the same time, people with this radix marry according to their own choice. But even after marriage, relations with others remain attached to it. Apart from this, people born on 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st have 4 radix numbers.

Radix 5

Number 5 is considered a symbol of Mercury. That is why people with this radix believe in maintaining traditional relationships. That is why these people marry only with the consent of their family. Even if they like someone, they prefer to marry only with the consent of their family. Apart from this, those who were born on 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month have a radix number 5. Most importantly, these people respect their family a lot.

Radix 6

These people are often successful in doing love marriages. But they lose the right person because of their more than one love affair. Those who are born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month, their radix number is 6. Most importantly, these people are also very attractive. That’s why they quickly attract other people towards themselves. Also, the natives of this radix can marry a person of any radix.

Radix 7

People with radix number 7 are very shy. That is why even after being interested in love marriage, they are not able to do love marriage. Number 7 is a symbol of Ketu. Love your partner truly whether the marriage is done with love or with the consent of the family. According to numerology, people born on 7th, 16th or 25th have a radix number 7. These people truly love their partner and for them radix 2 is the best in the park.

Radix 8

This number is considered a symbol of Saturn. People with this number rarely fall in love affairs. But if you want to do love marriage, then definitely do this love marriage. Where people born on 8th, 17th or 26th have a radix number 8. At the same time, 8 points partner is very good for this. These people are very loyal in their relationship.

Radix 9

The people with number 9 hold back from doing love marriage because of controversial in love marriage. At the same time, these people like to do arranged marriages. Radix 9 is said to be the symbol of Mars. Where the number of people born on 9th, 18th, 27th is 9. At the same time, the people of 2 and 6 points are very good for them. Most important, this person is associated with some other relationship even after marriage.

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Love Marriage Prediction by Date of Birth

To know about your marriage by date of birth, first of all, know your numerology number or destiny number based on your date of birth and you know what your partner thinks about you when it comes to love and marriage.

Prediction of Love and Marriage Based On Numerology Numbers

Marriage Prediction for Number 1

These people are born leaders. They lead the affairs and make decisions about relationships. These people tend to dominate their peers and do nothing unless they are prepared to do so. According to the laws of numerology, these people do not compromise and have unique characteristics. They have a clear choice for everything. They don’t stop short and this allows them to choose a partner who is unique and extraordinary. Usually, they marry their childhood sweethearts and remain loyal to them, no matter what. If their birth chart or birth chart matches with a person, they can enjoy a long married life.

Marriage Prediction for Number 2

People born with numerology number 2 are very sensual, moody and emotional. These people are very sensitive and very temperamental. They get upset easily and always try not to hurt their partner. Number 2 people think from their heart and use their mind less while taking any kind of important decision. They are extremely creative and imaginative. They are extremely passionate in love and romance. For them, love is everything and it is important to have an emotional compatibility with the partner rather than a physical relationship. However, a lot depends on their birth chart and zodiac sign which gives a look to their post-marriage life.

Marriage Prediction for Number 3

Number 3 people are practical and realistic. They think with their mind and are not very emotional. These self-motivated people have their own rules and want their partner to act according to them. They are not very romantic, so they spend less time with their partner. They are very dominant in relationships and this can be seen in their sex life as well. However, these fearless personalities are very loyal in marital life and are never afraid to do anything for their partner. These individuals put their career first, and relationships and their partners always come second. However, their married life can be blissful if they marry a friendly partner who matches their horoscope.

Marriage Prediction for Number 4

Individuals born with number 4 tend to have unconventional thinking and unique personalities. As per their astrological qualities, these people are not romantic but have an inclination towards romantic pleasures. They find it difficult to stay attached to a partner and sometimes look for love outside the marital life. However, exceptions are everywhere and many number 4 individuals show exceptional loyalty and commitment in their marriage. Also, these people should check their astrological compatibility before marriage as they may get divorced or get separated from their partner due to their angry nature.

Marriage Prediction for Number 5

Number 5 people love to experiment. They are very extroverted by nature and try new ways to surprise and love their partner in relationships. And they are very quick in making decisions. They are very fickle-minded and impulsive. It is difficult for them to be constantly with someone as they get bored easily and often look for new adventures in their love life. They look for someone who can bring stability and surprise to their lives. When it comes to commitment and marriage, they take time because they never want to be with someone who is less worthy of them.

Marriage Prediction for Number 6

Number 6 people have a very dynamic personality. They are beautiful, seductive and very attractive. They are driven by emotions and prefer emotional compatibility over physical compatibility in marriage. Such people are very romantic and have an amazing ability to charm anyone with their charm and intelligence. They are good at romance and are very passionate about love. People born under the influence of number 6 can sometimes be very manipulative. To complete their work

They may use you to get their work done and have a tendency to go out of their way to satisfy their desires, especially romantic and sentimental ones. You must understand your birth chart to match the compatibility and see how blissful your married life will be with the number 6 people.

Marriage Prediction for Number 7

People born under number 7 are extremely ambitious and thoughtful. They are ruled by the planet Ketu and have a different yet powerful personality. These people are very dreamers by nature. They are less talkative and spend most of their time thinking about it. These people are very loyal to their partners and understand the nature of their partners. Number 7 people tend to get over things that often turn small arguments into big conflicts. There are often misunderstandings in marital relations with such partners. Such people should have more conversations with their partners to establish healthy and happy relationships.

Marriage Prediction for Number 8

Loyalty is one of the most prominent qualities of individuals with number 8. These are the most reliable and compatible companions of all numerology numbers. However, often these people are misunderstood by their partner. These types of people are very emotional and take a long time to fall in love. However, once they fall in love, they love their partner passionately and will do anything for her. Such people use their heart in matters of love and marriage. According to the rules of numerology, a person with number 8 is easily attracted to people with numbers 4 and 8 but often experiences various difficulties if they marry them. Also, marriages may face difficulties for women born under numerology number 8. Hence, it is advisable to do kundali matching and know the compatibility for marriage with your partner.

Marriage Prediction for Number 9

Ruled by Mars, people with number 9 are very aggressive and energetic. They are very demandable in love and give a lot of importance to physical compatibility. They primarily desire love and romance in their married life. These people are very emotional when they fall in love. They are closely attached to their partners and their families. They are of some irritable nature which often creates rift in marriage.

Men with Numerology number 9 can have relationships outside marriage to fulfill their physical desires. In order to lead a blissful and peaceful married life with number 8 persons, it would be advisable to check their love compatibility before marriage using Kundli matching.

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