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People living in different parts of the world speak different languages.  Even in each country, people speak distinct dialects of a single language. This is because when people from different regions mingle with each other, they come up with different values that impact their language. For example, if you observe German speakers around the world, you will find them with different dialects. People living in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany speak the German language with different dialects. It becomes very difficult for foreigners to understand different dialects but it is not a complex issue in this era of globalization because you can take the assistance of German translation services. Similarly, if you analyze Spanish speakers around the world then you will be amazed to know that Spanish speakers speak two main dialects which are Mexican Spanish vs. Castilian Spanish. You can understand each dialect with the help of Spanish translation services.

At present many people are thinking of migrating to Canada. Do you know that the second most spoken language in Canada is French? This includes not only the inhabitants of Quebec but many other French-speaking communities that speak French in Canada.  

Different Dialects of French Spoken in Quebec and France

French is spoken in 25 countries of the world and it has impact many cultures of the world.  French was once a lingua Franca before English but then English overtook it and become the international language. Although French people are spread all over the world. The one place where French speakers have a stronghold in Canada is Quebec. The Quebecois are a well-known French community in the world.

French people came to reside there in the 16th and 17th centuries. At that time French people maintained their identity as the Quebecois. 80% of the Quebecois speak the French language. Quebec French is mutually intelligible with Canadian French with few variations. To understand this variation, you must go for Canadian French Translation Services.


All languages evolved because of social and cultural influence. The French language is no exemption. The pronunciation of the French language has also evolved. Quebecois speak French with complex pronunciation because they did not finish the vowel sounds that indigenous people have eradicated. The French language has only 13 vowels whereas Quebecois has 15 vowel sounds. For instance, European French people pronounce it moi. On the contrary, the Quebecois pronounce it as more. When you hear the Quebecois pronunciation, you will find it more nasal than French itself which varies in intonation.  If you want to migrate to Canada then you must know these differences. These differences cannot identify by the layman therefore you must hire a professional translation agency. They can provide you with impeccable French translation services.

Is the German language useful in Canada?

You will amaze to know that German is not an important language to consider. Additionally, when you are applying for Canadian immigration, the German language is not give any point.

German is the language of the European Union. Moreover, it is the official language of six countries. Although this language is not give importance in Canada. But to get career growth in different countries, you must have the know-how in the German language. If you are not interested in learning then no worries, you can take the assistance of professional German translation services

The Spanish Language Spoken in Canada

Spanish citizens that hold Canadian nationality mostly reside in Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. Apart from these regions, Spanish-speaking people are spread all over Montreal and on the outskirts of Greenfield Park, Brossard, Laval, and Dollard-des-Ormeaux.  The Spanish-speaking community is known as Hispanic. According to one of the surveys approximately, 1.8M Canadians speak Spanish. It is 61% more than the previous decade. It is not surprising data because approximately 572 million people around the world speak the Spanish language. If you don’t know the Spanish language in Canada then you can face communication barriers. Thus, to mitigate the communication barriers, you can go for Professional Canadian French Translation Services.

The English Language Spoken in Canada

English is also an official language of Canada. One of the Canadian censuses reported that English is native to 19.5 million people which is 57% of the total population. Moreover, it is the official language of 26 million people which is 75% of the Canadian population.

English is spoken in almost every province of Canada except Quebec and Nunavut. Quebec people speak more French whereas people of Inuktitut speak Inuinnaqtun.

In Quebec, the number of anglophones has declined from 19 century. The ever-increasing population of anglophones migrated to other provinces of Canada to seek better employment opportunities. In 1970, a great reduction of English speakers was observe due to laws that were make for promoting the French language by mitigating the role of English. Due to these laws, francophones asked to separate Quebec from Canada. In addition to it, many English speakers also opposed these laws. Despite all this, English is still the popular language in Canada.

Wrapping Up

Let’s not confuse different languages with different dialects spoken in Canada. Technological advancement has made it possible to get a translation of any language pair from reliable translation agencies in a fast turnaround time. Therefore, you can migrate to any country without any communication barrier.


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