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The Turkish television industry has created a number of new series and films each year, so you’re bound to find something new to watch. From historical dramas to political thrillers, there’s a new Turkish TV series every year to keep you entertained. Check out the latest releases and find the best series to watch in 2022!

‘Room 309’

The love story of Lale and Onur is explored in the latest Turkish series ‘Room 309’. Lale and Onur, who meet after a drunken one-night stand, get married despite their misgivings and discover that they are expecting a baby. A blind date set up by their mothers brings them together, and they get drunk and end up in bed together. The two decide to ignore the fact that they are supposed to be married and continue their relationship.

‘Kara Sevda’

If you are planning to catch up on your Turkish television shows this year, there are some new ones you can try. The newest one is called ‘Kara Sevda,’ and it focuses on the Ottoman Empire’s sultanate, Suleiman the Magnificent. The series has been filmed in numerous languages and has garnered a lot of international popularity. The series has earned a 6.6 rating on IMDb and has reached 400 million viewers across 72 countries.


TRT’s latest series ‘Barbaroslar’ tells the story of the legendary Turk corsair Barbaros Hayreddin, who sailed the Mediterranean during the 16th century. It is a visually stunning show and is not available on Netflix, but you can binge-watch it on YouTube. Just make sure to watch the Turkish version as there is no English dub yet.

‘Barbaros Dizisi’

‘Barbaros Dizisi,’ the new Turkish drama series from Netflix, is one of the most interesting series to watch in 2022. Set in 1919, the series follows Esra, a young woman who accidentally discovers a door to another time. She then sets off on a magical journey back in time, and finds herself in the middle of a political plot against Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

‘Sen Cal Kapimi’

The Turkish series “Sen Cal Kapimi” follows two people – Eda and Serkan – as they find love and fall in love. Eda has a good education, her scholarship is withdrawn for no apparent reason. This makes it impossible for her to finish her university education. Her dream was to be a landscape artist, but life had other plans for her. Despite her failure to complete her university degree, she has hopes for a better future.

‘The Gift’

The Gift is one of the latest best Turkish TV series to air on Netflix, and is the most intriguing yet. The series follows a young woman named Atiye, who lives in Istanbul, Turkey, and who falls in love with a mysterious ancient symbol. When she discovers that this mystical symbol holds a supernatural link to her family’s past, Atiye begins a personal journey to uncover the secret behind the mystical symbol. The series’ engrossing plotline and compelling cast of characters will keep you hooked until the end.

‘Kurulus Osman’

In ‘Kurulus Osman,’ a young Ottoman struggled to find the Ottoman Empire. His challenges included conquering the Byzantine Empire, Mongol Empire, and even his own internal enemies. As he battled to establish the Ottoman Empire, he faced internal and external enemies that had conspired to overthrow him. Here, Osman Gazi outlines his journey and struggles in establishing his Empire.

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