It’s been more than fifteen years since IBM ended production of ThinkPad notebooks, however they’re still available in industrial areas in both real and virtual. This is due to Lenovo. The company, which was previously known as Legend Computers of Beijing, China manufactures the well-known laptop line , which includes the renowned AccuType keyboard.

In fact, a large part of the long-lasting nature for the ThinkPad is because of its durable and distinctive keyboards. Yet, Lenovo models today go well beyond the standard Black ThinkPad slabs. (For one thing there is a possibility to purchase models with silver finishes. )

Every year, however, Lenovo innovates with new and unique designs. For instance, there’s the rotating touchscreen Yoga family. It has influenced other PC makers such as Dell, HP, and Acer to adopt its design to develop their own two-in-one convertible laptops.

The high-concept Lenovo models are the first laptop to feature folding screens as well as the ThinkPad. Lenovo’s classic Windows laptops are called ThinkPads and ThinkBooks as well as IdeaPads. (Gaming devices and hybrids that are 2-in-1 are distinct which will be covered in the near future. )

The Classics: The ThinkPads (and Now the ThinkBooks)

ThinkPads are Lenovo’s classic-looking laptops designed specifically for business use. They have a range of options for customization: touchscreens mobile connectivity, touch screens, and docking for biometric logins. This is the best laptop for real estate agents 2021.

The most commonly used characteristic? They’re typically with the classic black color of Lenovo. They may offer more technologically-friendly tools to manage and monitor as well as corporate-oriented wired and wireless connectivity. To make it easier to place specific models within the laptop market Lenovo divides its ThinkPads into different sub-classes that are identified with an alphabet.

This comprises Ultraportable ThinkPad X and top-of-the-line X1 models along with which is the basic ThinkPad L family and the ThinkPad P mobile workstations.

The 14.2-inch Carbon X1 represents the brand’s most powerful executive model, and it’s set to be followed by 2021’s release of the 13.2-inch The X1 Nano, the thinnest ThinkPad with an estimated capacity that is 1.99 grams. This is the best laptop for software developers.

The ThinkPads are bread-and-butter models. They are however part of the T series, which are widely used laptops for business , that offer an outstanding balance of durability and price. They also offer features, along with the famous ThinkPad keyboard.

Models from the T series include 14 – and 15.6-inch notebooks, and a few with an “s” suffix following their model numbers, indicating an upgraded and slimmer design.

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There are models that sport small “g” on the bottom (indicating the distinctive Nvidia graphics processor) or the “p” to indicate “professional,” an upper-echelon model with higher specifications. Beyond the L, P T and X Lenovo has also announced another, more recent linecalled E.

The E series is more of a mix as the other lines but it’s still budget-friendly and has CPUs from Intel as well as AMD and models in 14 – and 15.6-inch size.

Furthermore Lenovo ThinkBooks are a distinct which is different from ThinkPads. They are geared towards small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients and they are targeted towards the budget-friendly range. The ThinkBook range will be expanded to 2021 and is available in 13(or fourteen) as well as 15 inch models, in standard and slim-thickness variants.

It is necessary to understand ThinkPad Model numbers whose logic is constantly changing according to Lenovo’s Marketing team. Up until recently, the company had three-digit numbers which the initial digit represented the screen size.

Models that begin by “3” are 13.3-inch, “4” have 14-inch displays”4″ have 14-inch displays, as well as “5” are 15.6-inch displays. Model numbers ending by “5” are built on AMD processors “0” after “5” of the number signifies Intel. The same system is used for older models being manufactured.

The most recent versions, however have an alphabetic numbering system that includes the letters E, T and X or with two numbers that show the screen’s size. Thus the ThinkPad E15 is a budget-minded model that has the 15.6-inch screen. The ThinkPad T14 is the classic model for business fleets with 14-inch screens.

The most popular ThinkPad X1 models don’t indicate the screen size in their model names and ThinkBooks make use of 2 numbers within their names to signify the screen’s size as well as the”s” in the “s” in the middle of its thin model.

The IdeaPad Line: The Consumer Clamshells

It is crucial to remember that the screen’s size as well as the 5-for-AMDand 0-for-Intel numbering scheme for the ThinkPads aren’t affecting the ThinkPads. The series is divided into 100 300 500, 700, and the 900 series. There are more numbers for the premium models with more sophisticated features (and more expensive prices).

The majority of current models only have one number, like, IdeaPad 5 or Slim 7. The screen size isn’t specified however, for example you’ll see IdeaPad 5 models with both 14 and 15.6-inch display sizes.

Lenovo also offers a range of IdeaPad Chromebooks that are popular with customers with limited budgets. Chrome OS is Google’s version of the internet, and Chrome OS is simple to navigate and manage as it is built on the Chrome Web browser and related applications.

Lenovo’s Chromebook collection includes budget IdeaPad Consumer models in addition to more robust ThinkPad-branded Chromebooks for businesses and schools.

Yoga and Flex: Lenovo’s Hybrids

Under the larger ThinkPad and IdeaPad umbrellas is the bulk of Lenovo’s vast collection of hybrid touch-screen devices which can function as laptops or tablets They include the Yoga and Flex laptops.

In 2012 it was only the second time that Yoga introduced the concept of the convertible 2-in-1 laptop. The 360-degree display of Yoga laptops’ hinges permit you to fold and change the device to four different modes, including an old-fashioned laptop mode that can be used in an upright mode to display an A-frame or tent mode to watch videos, or using touch apps placed on a tray table for flights and tablet mode for reading or drawing and sketch with a pencil.

However, Flex models, in contrast, are mostly similar but they’re generally cheaper than Yogas. In the past, the Flexes was owned and operated by their respective firm but at the time of writing they’re now offered by their own IdeaPad brand.

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The latest Yogas and Flexes utilize the same name scheme with a single digit similar to the IdeaPads with just 9 and 7, however, there’s also a yoga 6 model that adds an interesting twist to this works…just to be different.

The past was when Lenovo had the ThinkPad X1 Tablet that was an enterprise-grade device with one of the most detachable keyboards that are available. It’s now back in model of ThinkPad The X12, a removable keyboard.

Legion: Meet the Gaming Brigade

To remain ahead of the rising demands in PC games, Lenovo introduced a brand new laptop series, dubbed the Legion series back in 2017. (Even at present, Legion laptops have a logo that is similar to the letter Y on their cover.)

The Legion band consists of gaming laptops and desktops. In 2020,, Lenovo did reintroduce some IdeaPad Gaming models for tight-budget gamers.

They can be the letters “5” or”7″ for the top players or an “7” for the mainstream and flagship gamers, respectively.

With regard to the specifications and capabilities the Legion series’ price is appealing. It is possible to find Legion laptops that do not only the standard 15.6 or 17.3-inch screen sizes as well as sixteen inches (in cases like the Legion 5 Pro) as well as several distinct models, each featuring a host of features specifically designed for gamers. IdeaPad Gaming models ever had.


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