December holidays

Holidays are the most memorable time that people like to spend with their families doing fun activities, visiting different places, and many more. December holidays are especially the time when everyone wants to visit a refreshing place in order to take a break from their daily routines. Muslim people love to visit destinations that are halal and gives them a feel of their home. There are many Muslim countries that only promote halal activities but now many non-Muslim countries are also adapting Halal culture to make the environment friendly for Muslims. The addition of halal restaurants, resorts, or many other places can promote halal tourism which will be extremely beneficial for these economies. Halal tourism is an emerging phenomenon that is recognized as one of the world’s fastest tourism sectors.

Many people are drawn to it, and choose to travel in a halal manner. Muslims whether they are deliberately religious or not, seek to go on halal family vacations. They would like a pleasing atmosphere to spend their time with family, from food to exploring different locations. Destinations that are morally consistent with the norms of a Muslim community are considered halal ones. In December most people have holidays due to Christmas and winter vacations as well, they prefer spending their valuable time with the ones they love. That’s why they go on best Muslim-friendly places where they can enjoy their most precious time making hundreds of memories. Listed below are some of the top halal destinations that Muslims can visit during December Holidays:

Japan has emerged as being one of the world’s leading halal-friendly tourist destinations. Furthermore, Japan is establishing a nation that will aim to attract a growing number of Muslim tourists. The food choices are indeed a big draw as it contains a wide array of halal restaurants. Cafés in Tokyo and Kyoto offer the finest halal ramen, bento, and yakiniko. In addition, Tokyo Camii in Tokyo is the largest mosque throughout the country. Tourists of all religions enjoy visiting this site. Furthermore, Muslim travelers are enthusiastic about donning the traditional kimono. You can even take wagara hijabs for a more conventional look.

  • Spain

This is yet another growing country in the world of halal travel. The airport in Madrid contains two major mosques, and the mezzanine offers a selection of halal food. Many of its other air terminals comprise multi-confident rooms where you can do your everyday prayers. With an increasing percentage of halal-certified hotels and cafés, Spain retains as one of Europe’s finest halal-friendly vacation destinations. Moreover, Spain has a total of 250 mosques. Some of Spain’s notable landmarks have Muslim origins. Muslims love visiting Spain and get inspired and mesmerized by their facilities, culture, and the way they are adapting halal-friendly atmosphere.

  • Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the destination that every Muslim desire to visit because of the Holy lands on Makkah and Madina. It is surrounded by magnificent mosques and interesting old and modern buildings. Saudi Arabia is unquestionably a sanctuary for Muslim visitors. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia is regarded as one of the world’s most halal-friendly holiday destinations. Most Muslims plan to embark on the journey of Umrah during the December holidays. It’s the most preferable time because you can easily get cheap December Umrah packages and the environment is also quite acceptable than the heat of summer. Muslims visit to perform Umrah with their families and spend their valuable religious time there. There are a lot of shopping malls, restaurants, and other places that you might also visit with your family.

  • Thailand

According to data from the Halal Science Center, Thailand has over 3,500 halal-friendly eateries. Thailand has some of the world’s finest food. Thailand is a developing country with a focus to become a halal destination. Inns and lodgings such as Bangkok’s Nouvo City Hotel are recognized for their halal-friendly and alcohol-free rooms. A number of Malay Muslim people live in this country. You can comfortably visit Thailand during your December holidays.

  • Indonesia

Indonesia has striking sunsets, incredible seashores, and unforgettable attractions. The destination has a little bit of almost everything. In addition, Indonesia is among the world’s largest archipelagos, drawing a significant number of honeymooners. Furthermore, among Muslim explorers, Indonesia is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Indonesia is a heaven for visitors as it offers a lot of magnificent things. Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya are among the most visited tourist spots.

  • Turkey

Turkey is another most famous halal-friendly holiday destination with a number of Islamic cultural representations. People enjoy the holidays here because of the lively atmosphere, as well as the combination of delectable cuisine, world heritage sites, and Turkish customs. Furthermore, there are sites in Turkey such as Topkapi Palace, the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Cappadocia, and Anatolia that will make you fall in love with it in a moment. Istanbul, Antalya, Ani, Oludeniz, Izmir, and Konya are by far the frequently visited cities in Turkey that will steal your breath away. It’s a perfect place to visit in your December holidays.


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