Taking care of your dental health is essential if you want to live an overall healthy life. If you are not aware, let me remind you that the health of your well-being is interlinked with each factor like mental, physical, and even dental. Having unhygienic dental health could be an entry of many diseases and health conditions. If you are here to obtain optimum wellness, it is mandatory to take care of your mouth.

And it can not be achieved by only brushing your teeth twice a day; there is more to it than that. Visiting your Dentist in Ludhiana is the first step you could take to ensure that you would have a better lifestyle.

Most often than not, people do not visit a dentist for regular checkups; they neglect it until it is vital. This is the biggest mistake they can partake in. it is essential to visit the dentist and know which kind of dentist you must go to according to your condition or type.

Different Type Of Dentist

To be precise, there are about seven different types of dentists, including

  1. General dentist
  2. Orthodontist
  3. Pediatric Dentist or Pedodontist
  4. Periodontist
  5. Prosthodontist
  6. Endodontist
  7. Oral Surgeon or Oral Pathologist

 What Kind Of Treatment Do They Provide?

Given below is the type of treatment the dentist could give you during a regular checkup.

  1. General dentists are known for providing regular teeth checkups, cleaning, and scheduling dental exams. If you require any special services and procedures to be done which are a little complicated or are not in their field, they might recommend you to the specialist of the said complication. They are the most common type of dentist available.


  1. Pediatric Dentists or Pedodontists: they have specialized in treating the dental health of children and the younger population. They work similarly to any dentist, except they treat only the younger ones.


  1. Orthodontists: they are the dentists who have skilled their mastery in treating teeth and jaw alignment. They have also spaicelised in using wires, retainers, braces, and other devices in a Dental Clinic in Bangalore.


  1. Periodontists: They specialize in treating and repairing the conditions and diseases of the gums. Unlike the general dentist, who only supports the prevention of gum diseases, the periodontists instead deliver the treatment for damages of tissues caused by the continuing gum condition.


  1. Endodontists are here to cope mainly with the problem that troubles the tooth’s nerves. They also have the qualification to perform the procedure of root canals which are vital in cases of decaying around the nerve of the tooth.


  1. Oral surgeons or Oral pathologists: as the name suggests, they are surgeons who have specialized in curing diseases related to the oral, including the jaw and the teeth. They are skilled in performing the surgeon of the mouth, and they might also work very carefully with the ear, nose, and throat specialists (ENTs).


  1. Prosthodontists: provide cosmetic surgery to the teeth and the jaw.


Final Comments

At Smile Zone, you can treat your oral condition and diseases under the guidance of the best dentist. You can also book an appointment with us for a regular checkup.


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