List of the best Egyptian and Arabic series TV This month’s picks include a cat-and-mouse chase for a dollar bill and a Syrian series that explores the trauma of losing family members to extremism.

Zeina, the secretary to the bank’s CEO, is suspicious and initially tries to figure out what Tariq intends to do before he stumbles on his plan to find the winning banknote and keep it for himself.

Instead of exposing the scheme, the two band together to track down the memo.

who seems intent on evading them and luring them into a series of comedic adventures, which nonetheless brings the characters together romantically.

The comedy offering is directed by Samer Barqawi, known for a number of award-winning shows including al-Hayba, which featured in our November picks.

The series and crew of the series wst-elbld

The work also includes a large selection of artists and actors, who are from the Academy of Arts, who are experiencing acting for the first time with the major stars of the Egyptian and Arab screen, and they are as follows:

Jamal Abdulnasser.
Farah (Phaedra).
Samah Al-Saeed.
Nasir Seif.
Samira Abdulaziz.
Ahmed Kishk.
Mohammad Radwan.
Ilham Safi El-Din.
Mazen Jamal.
Nada Adel.
Farah Hatem.
Abdullah Ashraf.

The staff of the promise of waad eblis

The work also includes a brilliant group of the brightest stars in the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as international celebrities from America.

Those who join the work with great love and harmony, and each of them is very happy to participate in the new and distinctive dramatic work, and among the most prominent of these stars are the following:
Amr Youssef.
Jacob Farhan.
Paula Patton.
Aisha bin Ahmed.
Fathi Abdel Wahab.
Nelly Karim.
and Ahmed Magdy.
Maryam Elkhosht.
Khaled Kamal.
Muhammad Yosry.
Amr Gamal.
Also, some stars have not been announced yet.

The cast of the series “Eight”

The work also includes a brilliant elite of the brightest stars in Egypt and the Arab world.

Aser Yassin
Ghada Adel
Khaled El-Sawy
Reem Mustafa
Jamaica / Mahmoud Jamaica
Mahmoud Al-Bazzawi
Munther Rayhana
Mohammed ‘alaa
Amr Mahdi

The crew of the series “Wash Wa Dahr” مسلسل وش وضهر

A group of actors and new faces, who participate in the success of the work, and the most prominent of these stars are the following:
Iyad Nassar.
Reham Abdel Ghafour.
Mohsen Mansour.
Tharaa Byblos.
Islam Ibrahim.
Mahmoud Kabil
Mohamed Farid
Fadwa Abed
Sherif Desouky
Mahmoud Mabrouk
Mimi Jamal
With a large group of actors and young faces that have not been announced.

Beirut 303 series crew مسلسل بيروت 303

The work also includes a brilliant group of senior artists and stars, as follows:
Abed Fahad.
Sulafa Architect.
Moatasem An-Nahar.
Nadine El Rassi.
Jerry Gazelle.
Gianna Eid.
Amanah Wali.
Magdy Machmouchi.
In addition to a huge group of actors that have not been announced yet.

Nile crocodiles movie crew

Many stars of art, and a group of brilliant art youth also participated in this cinematic artwork.

Bayoumi Fouad.
Mustafa Khater.
Hamdi Al-Mirghani.
Mohammed Tharwat.
Here we are.
Solomon Eid.
Dina Mohsen Famous Wizzo.
Badria Tolba.
Mohamed Gomaa.
Khaled El-Sawy.
Suzan Najmuddin.
Why did you moan.
Karim Afifi.
Samia Trabelsi.

The film crew of the title holder

The comedic cinematic work also includes a large group of Egyptian and Arab comedy stars, and among these stars are as follows:

Hisham Majed Bodour Yahya is a football player.
Dina El-Sherbiny as Misk and a doctor.
Mohamed Salam is a football coach and Yahya’s business manager.
Laila Ezz Al-Arab as Musk’s mother.
Ahmed Fathy plays the role of Nabarawy.
Donia Maher plays the role of (Samir’s wife).
Muhammad Tharwat as (Dr.).
Muhammad Al-Kilani plays the role of (Dr. Omar).
Emad Rashad plays the role of (Misk’s father).
Ibrahim Fayek performs as (guest of honor).
Mahmoud Abu Laila plays the role of (Hussein Shehata).

Cast of the series (Project Revenge)

The work also includes a brilliant group of the brightest stars in the State of Kuwait, who join the work with great love and harmony, and each of them is very happy to participate in the new and distinctive dramatic work, and the most prominent of these stars are the following:

Abdullah Bushehri.
Mahmoud Bushehri.
Areej Attar.
Osama Al-Muzayel.
Noor Mahmoud.
Faisal Al-Mazal.
Salma Salem.
Ahmed Salman.
Also with another distinguished group of actors who have not been announced yet.

The crew of the series Al-Wasm 2 مسلسل الوسم 2

A large number of Arab artists from Lebanon, Syria and Egypt participate in the work, and these stars are as follows:

Qusai Kholi.
Ismail pass.
Juan Khedr.
Wicker struggle.
Jaber Jokhdar.
Merva Judge.
Maysoon Abu Assad.
Jalal Shamout.
Wael Zeidan.
Abdul Rahman Qwaider.
Rasha Bilal.
Adam Serge.
Muhammad Mahran.
Mohsen Sabri.
Mohamed Desouky.
Fatima Mohammad.
Muhannad Qutaish.
Also the artist Lubna Wanes.

Cast of the series (Dangerous Turn)

The series also includes a large number of senior Egyptian and Arab drama stars, with a bright bouquet of young actors and talents, who share the success of working together, and among these stars are the following:

Basil Al-Khayyat.
Reham Abdel Ghafour.
In the name of Samra.
Mohammed ‘alaa.
Samar Morsi.
Adam Sharkawy.
Salma Abu Deif.
Ahmed Siam.
With a large selection of young and radiant faces.

The crew of the series El Nazwa مسلسل النزوة

The work also shares a large and wonderful group of the brightest stars in Egypt and the Arab world.

The star Khaled Al-Nabawi.
Aisha bin Ahmed.
Omar El-Shennawy.
Salwa Muhammad Ali.
Noor Mahmoud.
Sally Shaheen.
Ramzy Shaheen.
In addition to a group of young and new faces that have not yet been announced.

The crew of the series Mama Amina

The crew also includes a huge group of actors, and it is classified as a family drama, directed by Mohamed El Helmy, and written by Heya Ahmed, and the work includes these stars.

Samah as Mama Amina.
Mohammed Al-Hamli.
Osama Al-Muzayel.
Ahmed Al-Halil.
Abdullah Al-Khidr.
Nora Al-Amiri.
Bader Al-Rashdan.
Fahad Al Bannai (Guest of Honor).
Abdulaziz Al-Nassar (Guest of Honor).
Shaima Suleiman (guest of honor).
Ali Al-Husseini (Guest of Honor).
Also Hussein Al-Muhanna (guest of honor).

The Platform

Premiering on Netflix in 2020, this Syrian-fronted Emirati production quickly became popular for its slick editing style and subversive take on a subject that is rarely out of public debate in the region: terrorism.

Moreover Syrian actor Maxim Khalil is the protagonist Karam, who as a child is tasked with keeping.

his family together after his father is arrested and imprisoned on terrorism charges.

The adult Karam is left with trust issues and consequently embarks on a project to expose.

organisations he considers extremist on a web portal he calls “the platform” from his home in Los Angeles.

A tragedy brings Karam out from the relative safety of the US to Syria where he is forced to confront his family’s history head-on.

The plotline aside, the series comes amid the context of the war in Syria and the UAE’s own campaign against groups it considers extremist.

Seen through that lens, The Platform has an ideological utility for Abu Dhabi.

The country’s campaign against terrorism has been criticised for cracking down on groups, such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

which see themselves as political opposition groups that have been labeled “terrorist” by Emirati authorities.


This female-centric, eight-part psychological thriller is perfect for those who prefer shorter shows that don’t require long-term investments in attention but are nevertheless compelling to watch.

Netflix’s first-ever Saudi Arabian series, Whispers has a lot to live up to but it has succeeded in breaking down a number of stereotypes.

associated with women living in the kingdom and the wider region.

The show centers around the death of the head of the family (Hassan) in a car accident prior to the launch of his company’s new mobile app.

Each episode approaches the aftermath of the accident and the events that led to it from the perspective of a different family member or friend.

Each novel reveals a new truth about Hassan’s mysterious past, and with it raises doubts about the true cause of his death.


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