These days, the business doesn’t need huge funds and machinery to thrive. You can start your business simply by using a phone and laptop with a decent internet connection. Work from home jobs is the new trend around the world. These jobs make you feel like you are your own boss and you can control your working hours.

This trend of work from home has been nurturing home-based sales opportunities. Many well-settled businesses identified the future of marketing & selling, and that’s why these businesses have created the opportunity to sell from home & get paid.

Additionally, those who are not interested in working for other companies can start their online business with minimum resources. Here, we have compiled the work from home jobs that do not require any previous experience and resources.

List of Work from Home Jobs that hardly require any prior Experience:

1.  Selling Products

Many clothing brands, beauty brands & educational consultancies need sales executives to sell their products. The biggest advantage is that you are not hired, but you will be paid only if you sell. No one is going to set deadlines and working hours for you. So, your job is to convince the consumer to buy products and you will get a good percentage for selling their products.

Companies that offer an opportunity to sell their products:

  1. Meesho
  2. Amazon
  3. Shopify
  4. Flipkart
  5. Mayberry fashion

2.    Promoting Courses

Nowadays, learning online is a trend. Leading educational sites have created paid courses for students or professionals. You can be a medium between the creator of course and the consumer of course. You have to promote these courses to target the correct audience. These companies offer up to 25 % percent margin per sale. Just go to their official websites of the following companies and start earning.

Sites that offer money for promoting their courses:

  1. Internshala
  2. Unschool
  3. Skillshare
  4. Udemy
  5. LearnWorlds

3.  Online Tutoring

The teaching & learning process is not happening the traditional way. The student does not need to wait for the next lecture to solve their query, and this is possible due to online tutoring and doubt solving. Online tutoring jobs are on the rise. Following are the top sites, where you can choose the subject and solve the queries of the students. You can earn as per your performance and the number of queries you solve.

Sites that pay for solving student questions:





4.    Content Creation

Content creation includes everything that you consume online every day. It can be quotes, memes, articles, blogs, vlogs, posts, reviews, and many more things.

You can try to explore any or all of the following skills to create content:

Video editing

Graphic Designing

Content Writing

Meme Making



Ghost Writing

Data Entry

5.   Social Media Marketing

Online presence is the need of this era, and social media marketing is a powerful tool for that. The purpose of social media marketing is to build online communities of a particular business. The day-to-day task of a social media marketer includes posting on social media and attracting customers to visit your site and convince them of the value the company is adding to their life.

6. Web-Designing and Developing

Web designing is one of the trending work from home jobs. Web designing includes making a website for the client as per their demand. You can create the site from scratch or take the help of tools like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, and others, depending on the demand of the client.

7. Online Influencer

It is one of the most trending work from home occupations. Just identify what you can do the best, and you can reach millions of people with the help of your skill. You can upload videos on Youtube, create reels on Instagram, create posts for Instagram or Facebook, write a blog. Anything is possible. You could be the next sensation.

You can teach online through Youtube, solve technical glitches, create special cooking recipes, share fitness information. Do anything that can add value to their life, and you can be an online influencer.

8.  Art Work

If creativity is your passion, then it is the best work from home for you. You can sell art pieces like paintings, homemade showpieces, wallpapers, or any artistic product. Give some professional touch to your art pieces and sell them on online platforms like Etsy & by promoting them through social media.

9.  Financial Advisor

Most people around us are always worried about losing their money, the reason is not less money but lack of knowledge about investing the money. If you are good at handling money and know about investing, handling money, and tax details you can make it a full-time work-from-home business.

Everyone wants to keep their cash flowing. So, if you have quality and exact knowledge, no one can stop you. Earnings are quite good, but sometimes it is risky as the entire market keeps on fluctuating every second.

10. Translator

Globalization has brought every country under the same roof. The world has become a global village. Yet, the issue of interaction is still existent. To solve this issue translators came into the picture. The translator helps two people or two companies to understand each other’s language.

Language becomes a barrier while cracking some deals out of state or country. If you know any language & would like to translate, then you earn good money. French, Japanese, English, Russian, German, Chinese are a few languages where translators are in high demand. It’s great to start working as a translator even as a beginner.

11. Nutritionist

Though the world is excelling intellectually and technically, we are conveniently ignoring health. Yet, some people are still aware and if you are among them, it is the best time to share your knowledge. If you have proper knowledge of nutrition and nutritional elements then this is the most demanding work from home opportunity.

Help people to eat the right food. A wide variety of brands are marketing their products claiming they provide the best nutrition. Amidst all these numerous brands, help people to select the best for their health, which provides nutritional elements. Earnings are quite good for a nutritionist in comparison to other work-from-home jobs.

Things You Should Remember

Though it seems easy and convenient to work from home, the real picture is quite different. It includes spam and frauds regarding money and the amount of work to be done by you. It is not the case that everyone is a fraud. Many people are highly professional and talented. You will get to learn a lot from them. The only prerequisite you need is alertness and awareness before working for anyone.



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