Accept it. You’re reading this because you’re concerned that your logo colors are as drab, dry, and dreary as dishwater. So, before we get started, can we all agree that a trendy color palette isn’t always a good one?

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Color combinations of various types

Finding complementary hues is really very straightforward. A color scheme is just a mix of complimentary colors. Fortunately, selecting the perfect color combination is as easy as drawing lines on the color wheel, and there are only four options:


This color scheme makes use of two or more distinct colours. Monochrome is difficult to beat when it comes to effective color choices for logo design.
It always looks excellent and is easy to create. Remember that selecting three distinct hues of green is simpler than designing a logo color scheme from start.
Best of all, you won’t have to employ a designer to assist you.


Complementary colors are high-contrast colors that complement one other because they are on opposing sides of the color wheel. Consider the bright hues that go well with blue and yellow.


Analogous hues have a more mild palette when they blend between two and five colors. One hue dominates in this color scheme, while other comparable tones provide subtle depth and a natural feel.


For firms who seek dynamic color schemes for their logo, triadic colors are the perfect color combination. To select a logo color combination that will make your symbol designs stand out, draw a triangle on the wheel.

Colors, branding, and your logo

Color palette is critical in brand design. That is self-evident. But did you know that there is a whole field of color theory?

Why does every bank and financial firm appear to use blue? Why do we feel so differently when we view hot pink vs blush pink?

The answer is in the mood. Anyone working in advertising or design will tell you that there is no such thing as a perfect symbol color; there are just emotions and how they effect branding.We know what to anticipate when we go into a store where the logo design style is all earth tones, just as we know immediately which colors go with green and which colors go with blue. A good logo design may use its color palette for more than simply blue and yellow. So, with that in mind, let’s get started on the color schemes that will make your brand stand out.

 Keep it natural with blue and green.

Ecosia employs a blue-green color scheme with earth tones as accent colors to ensure that their brand inspiration is clear.This is an environmentally aware corporation in an industry that has historically been unconcerned about the environment. Look no farther than the Ecosia logo design for logo ideas that express brand identity.

Ideal for

Environmental businesses


Produce grown organically

Navy blue denotes financial power.

American Express Symbol

Navy blue color schemes aren’t merely popular among banks. Contrary to popular belief, blue logos convey money much more effectively than green ones.Visa, American Express, Chase, Citi, Barclays, and Bank of America are all options. There are, however, Facebook, IBM, Ford, Intel, and Dell.

Why? Blue chip was formerly synonymous with technical innovation and financial success.Surprisingly, the term is derived from high-value poker chips. Nonetheless, there seems to be no gambling here.The navy blue logo color scheme is already an industry standard, and small company owners may profit from the long-standing associations of this color combination.

Ideal for

Services in finance

Services in technology


 Yellow and orange are both playful and luxurious.

Reese’s Cup

Anyone for Reese’s Pieces? The yellow-orange logo color combination is difficult to achieve well, but in the appropriate industry, comparable color schemes like this may be ideal. Colors in logos may conflict as well as compliment, and when it comes to products like sweets, it helps if the logo is eye-catching. Logos like this were far more common in the 1950s, when this color palette was prominent. Use it to create a retro appearance.

Ideal for


Designs from the past


 A touch of sophistication in silver and gold

Chevrolet Symbol

There are several hues that complement gold, but the most apparent is silver.It is an age-old color combination, and these two hues suggest the opulence of the precious metals for which they are called. Brands using silver and gold palettes advertise luxury.

Ideal for


Fashionable attire

Brands of luxury

Neon green and pink design

MSHTV Camp Icon

Lime green and startling pink were popular colors in the 1980s. Neon style graphics, which were formerly seen outside sleazy pubs, have been revived and are becoming more popular as internet logo ideas. Check out MSHTV Camp basketball academy’s vintage style. As far as color palettes go, it’s a way to give a little zing to a brand that wants to seem friendly and accessible.

Ideal for

Studio of creative design

Web designers

Designs from the past

Yellow and green: vibrant and abundant

Yes, color theory has a long history. The yellow-green logo color scheme is intended to evoke images of the sun, grass, and other natural elements. It is a vibrant metaphor of photosynthesis and development, as well as an excellent color palette for a long-lasting brand. The fact that BP used these brand colors in a floral pattern for their logo design demonstrates the power of color in establishing favorable brand impressions.

Ideal for

Environmental organizations

Agricultural businesses

Produce grown organically

Blue and yellow: eye-catching and straightforward.

The blue-yellow color scheme may be seen in a variety of logos, including Ikea, Walmart, and even Pokémon. Consumers easily know basic colors, and a blue-yellow color logo is always simple to see owing to its stark contrast. When brands want to inspire confidence and trust, they often use blue and yellow. The difference between these fundamental hues is one of the first things that many individuals learn.

Ideal for

Transparency, scalability, and trust.

Major retailers


 Personal mystique in blue and purple

Deep purple and dark blue are viewed as extremely intimate hues that often carry feminine business overtones. While this relationship is purely random, it has become one of the standard logo color choices for companies directed towards women.Because they are on the same color wheel, a little modification may let these two powerful hues compliment one other in surprisingly gentle ways.

Ideal for

Personal care items

Special events


  Clean and clear in black and white

First and foremost, ensure that everyone understands your logo.The original logo color combination is black and white. Originally, this was the sole option for a logo. Printing or painting in color was costly and laborious before contemporary technologies. The black and white logo is still popular because it expresses a brand’s heritage, trust, and quality.

Ideal for

Professional logo design

Legal symbol

Logo for technology

Orange and blue: A striking contrast

Fanta Image

On the color wheel, orange and blue are the archetypes of complimentary colours. These traditional logo color combinations are often chosen by sports teams looking to differentiate themselves from competition and advertise a strong brand design to their supporters.

Orange and blue are used in more than only the sports business. It is a popular complimentary color design for arts and crafts firms, as well as confectionery company logos. Colors like orange are often employed in brand design in the confectionery business because they signify fun and vitality. Still, the most apparent reason why orange is utilized in candy is because it is naturally sweet-tasting and the color is brilliant and eye-catching.

Ideal for

Sporting logo

Logo for the arts

Logo for a confectionery

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