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The summer wedding season is back in the air and all our focus is focused on choosing wedding gowns in harmony with every ceremony, custom and special event. Every wedding party is full of energy , with plenty of dancing, wedding food photos, wedding food, or family reunions. The bride always is at the focal point on her wedding day, executing the look, but her bridesmaids have a significant role in the wedding.

Each bride who attends an Indian wedding will do everything to look gorgeous at her friend’s or her sister’s wedding. The summer season is in full phase and it is difficult we work to look good, the humid weather usually ruins our makeup appearance. Weddings in summer are full of fun and color but they also bring humidity. To achieve that perfect summer make-up look, try these easy steps and appear like the bride.

Tips to create a gorgeous makeup Look for your Summer Wedding

Hydrate and Prep Your Skin

The importance of preparing the skin prior to going on with your makeup is evident. Cleaning the face prior to applying any cosmetics will create the perfect surface for flawless, long-lasting makeup. Cleansing, makeup using primer will ensure that makeup lasts throughout the day. Make your skin hydrated by using Lakme Face Primer that is enhanced with universal fluid and vegetable glycerin, which makes skin feel soft, fresh and smooth.

Use Foundation that is oil-free

In the summer it is advisable to be gentle with your makeup base. Select an Oil-Free Foundation that gives an uniform tone to the face instead of looking as cakey. Always apply the foundation using the damp blender to make sure that the foundation doesn’t absorb and blends smoothly. Make sure you finish the flawless foundation by applying a little the Face Powder on the T-zone to set the makeup throughout the day.

The focus is on eye makeup.

If you are attending an evening wedding or a daytime reception, make sure you set the eye makeup game to ensure that it doesn’t slide off with oil or sweat. You can opt for classic winged eyeliner , which gives a an elegant look, as well as smokey eyes which won’t wrinkle when you dance or move between and around. It is possible to eliminate the eyeliner altogether and add the color of your choice with an Eyeshadow Palette.

Choose Waterproof Mascara that is Waterproof

In terms of makeup for eyes No look is complete without the striking touch of Water-proof Mascara which is able to withstand all summer occasions, such as weddings and outdoor events with friends. Mascara that gives instantly volume, instant pumps and is not easily budgeable works best during this summer heat.

Keep hydrated


The summer months bring dehydration and can smudge the glow of your skin. To prevent this you should drink plenty of water since the body becomes dehydrated more frequently in the summer months.

Don’t Forget to Use the Sunscreen

As we enjoy weddings outdoors in a hot climate, it’s important to be aware of the importance of sun protection! Multi-purpose cosmetics are the necessity of the moment that offers sun protection. Look for products that contain SPF that are light and sweat-proof. Additionally, they provide sufficient sun protection.

Make use of these tips for makeup as you prepare for the wedding and you will be able to create your own unique style for each occasion.

Your wedding in summer is right nearing the end of the line and you’re still taking photos of the most stunning makeup looks you saw on Instagram or celebrities’ recent brides. In fact, you’ve probably forgotten to create your own look of makeup which will fit you most according to the climate you’re planning to marry in, your dress and accessories, but fret not, we have your back. We understand how fascinating being inspired by your photos (we often do it often) However, what’s crucial in addition to saturating your photo gallery is staying up-to-date of the latest trends in the bridal makeup industry.


Summer Fresh and Clean Base

While it is important to know the skin’s needs and what type of base it requires It’s also important to keep yourself up-to-date to know what type of base is in fashion in the market and what you can do to improve your appearance, but without an overwhelming impact.

“Summer makeup is about sweat-proof and water-resistant and sweat-proof, so the best option would be to apply a light foundation that’s well-diffused to your skin , allowing it to appear like the SECOND SKIN rather than an overcoat of makeup. I’d prefer to eliminate the foundation completely and make use of cosmetic fixing sprays. They’re great and simple to use since they can set your makeup well, making you appear fresh for 24 hours”.

Summer Makeup Color Palette

The last calendar year has been all about the color palette of nude-pinkish the nudes, peachish-ish nudes along with brownish and peach-ish shades. This year , makeup artists are trying out vivid and vibrant colors that are in harmony with the nudes. Expect the day-of-the-wedding makeup to be classic in tone such as browns and kohls while the bridal festivities can be creative with the use bright colors, either on the lips or eyes. The best bridal makeup artists show their favorite colors for summer 2020 weddings that are daytime as well as night time celebrations.

“The most popular color for this year is blue, therefore we’re sure to play with blue in a variety of ways. However, neutrals will remain trendy. For daytime, Matte colours or very light shimmers on the eyes, with cheeks that are rosy and lips that are tinted. Skin as I said, clean and fresh.Shimmer/matte/glitter, everything works for the evening, depending on what you wear, how heavy your outfit is and what the occasion is.”


“When the sun shines brightly, I like the idea of adding a splash of color on the lips or cheeks to help their appearance pop. In addition, enhancing the look by smoking it or adding glitter is best for nighttime. There’s also the classic eye that has a kohl rim, which is perfect for weddings, whether it’s day or night.” She adds, “More often than not the Indian bride always looks to add color to her outfit and jewelry. Therefore, as makeup artists I believe neutrals are the best option, regardless of what trends are currently trending. neutrals allow you to experiment and tie the bridal ensemble effortlessly.”

There’s nothing more gorgeous than the concept of a wedding in summer. The only thing that isn’t beautiful but the melting makeup, especially when you’re planning to get married. As summer is here, we asked our best makeup artists to create an array of tricks to ensure your makeup doesn’t cause a meltdown, or even give you a hint.

Foundations- Learn the fundamentals right!

Your face may appear dry in the summer months due to the sweaty sweat that gets mixed in with the makeup. If you are brides, you’d prefer your skin to glow instead of looking oily.

Hydrate your skin. For oily skin, you should use a moisturizer that’s oil free. When your face appears particularly oily. You can skip the moisturizer and instead apply a tiny amount of eye cream under your eyes. The T-zone region of your face tends to become oily. Even if you have dry skin. Which is why you need to be cautious when applying any type of cream there. If you have dry skin, moisturise your skin using the standard method. It is crucial to do this because otherwise, your makeup may crack when exposed to the scorching heat.

Apply an anti-shine foundation product to your face prior to applying foundation.

. Instead, you can apply an area concealer that is spot-on for areas of blemishes. Around the eyes, or on the edges on your face. The spot concealer lasts longer than foundation.

2.Blush for the bride who is blushing

Make use of blushers made of powder instead of cream-based formulas which can cause your face to appear oily.

To make the blush last put on a stain for the cheeks, and. Blend it with the shade of blush powder.

3. Bronzer – Less could be more

The sun’s rays will give an extra shine to your face regardless and. You need the right bronzer, one that doesn’t sparkle too much.


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