Mahnaz Afshar was born in Tehran in June 1977 and was born in the year of the snake. She was very mischievous as a child and always wanted to be a school buffet attendant. It was the police and…. He loved to watch cartoons and mentions Cinderella, Hundreds of Spotted Dogs, Pink Panthers, Ants and Ant Eaters, Wind Sand, Barba Papa, Humor, Bee Hatch, Dr. Ernst’s family and Judy Abbott as his favorite childhood cartoons. His field of study was at the High School of Experimental Sciences, and in order to continue his education for four years in a non-profit institution, he began to study acting in television and began with the television series ( Lost Love ) in 1997.

Mahnaz Afshar Net Worth 2022:

Mahnaz Afshar Net Worth in 2022 is 1.3 Million Dollars. With the movie ( Dost An) coordinated by Ali Hatami, he went to the film in 1998 with Mohammad Reza Golzar, showing up in the movies (Coma), (Honey Poison), (13 Cats on the Roof), (Trap), (Ceasefire). Also (crow) can be said to have shaped a creative couple. It is worth focusing on that the referenced movies have all been the successes of their time.

He accepts that Real’s acting is a lot harder than different kinds, while film crowds were familiar with seeing him in films that were just planned for the movies. His simple presence in these movies and playing in (Ceasefire) Mehr affirmed this case. Presence in “Invitation” Hatami Kia considers it a great event for himself and expresses his happiness about this event.

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Mahnaz Afshar

Mahnaz Afshar Biography

Among the sports, he enjoys skiing and swimming, and of course, volleyball is one of his favorite sports.

He only wants everything in life from God and that is enough. He had a fashion show for a while , but gave it up because it was time consuming. In cinema , he believes in the parts and events that happen to people and says, “I believe that Messi Rome has been identified.” As a child, he enjoyed hard work that was very exciting, and for this reason he never wanted to be a doctor or an engineer, but wanted to be a driver.

After finishing his role in ” Tonight in the Moonlight”, he made a short film in South Africa called “Black and White” about the life of Nelson Mandela, in which he addressed the issue of apartheid. If he were to choose a film to introduce the world to space, it would be “Tears and Smiles.” She loves home decorations and likes to design a new space for her house every few years. He always feels dissatisfied when he sees his own films and does not seem to like himself in the films .

Mahnaz Afshar Car Collection:

Car Collections Price
Lamborghini Urus $ 500,000
Bentley Continental GT $ 300,000
Maclaren GT $ 250,000
BMW Sedan $ 19,000
Updated  2022

Mahnaz Afshar Career:

In March 2007, in support of working children, he donated a part of the salary of one of his films to the education of these children. He believes that good things have happened to him late, but he is still happy that he is moving forward step by step. He considers war the most frightening phenomenon in the world. In the only period of the Golden Barberry Ceremony of Iranian cinema , the film “Passion of Love ” received the Golden Barberry Award. He, who played the lead role in the film , believes that the dedication of the Golden Barberry to “The Passion of Love ” caused the film to be seen.

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Mahnaz Afshar Net Worth Growth (2017-21):

Net Worth in 2021 1.3 Million Dollars
Net Worth in 2020 1.1 Million Dollars
Net Worth in 2019 0.9 Million Dollars
Net Worth in 2018 0.6 Million Dollars
Net Worth in 2017 0.3 Million Dollars


He loves money very much and it may be strange that he is also interested in spending it – both for himself and those around him. Until before appearing in the movie “Dawat” did not have the experience of riding a horse and went to work before doing anything to play the role he had in this film . Recently, in an interview, he announced two story scripts that he will take to the camera for himself. When he sees his films , he always thinks that he could have played better, and this is perhaps due to his strictness. He mentions the films “Salad of the Season”, “Ceasefire” and “Invitation” as different and valuable films of his artistic career.

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