Making Your Home Safe For A Puppy

If you have a new arrival coming, good for you! Puppies can be a lot of fun, but they can also be extremely hard work. 

If you’ve owned dogs before, you’ll know that puppies love getting into trouble. With countless potty accidents, chewing, and basically being prone to ransacking the house, pups have a tendency to drive us crazy.


Before you bring your puppy home, you’ll need to make a few changes around the house to make it safe for a new puppy.


You certainly don’t want your pup to eat a bunch of stuff from the trash and fall sick, or chew up your expensive, favorite shoes and bags! Make sure to keep heaps of interesting chew toys around so that hopefully, your pup will leave your stuff alone.


However, try as you might, pups simply get into everything. 

The Living Room and Bedrooms 

If you have rugs or carpets, now might be a good time to put them away for a while. Puppies cannot hold their pee and poop very long, and will have plenty of accidents! 


Keep all electronics, cords, and wiring stashed away. Not only are they going to prove an expensive chew toy for your pup, but there is also an electrocution risk that you most certainly won’t want to take. 


Put all skincare products and liquids out of reach. Your pup is likely to be curious and go exploring, frequently with their teeth! You don’t want them ripping apart your bottles and potentially ingesting loads of chemicals and toxins. 


Secure your waste bins and make sure that all plastic bags are cut up and can lay flat. Suffocation among pets is sadly, more common than you think.

The Kitchen 


The kitchen is a scary room with plenty of stuff that could potentially hurt a new puppy.


The first step is to clear away any potential hazards. If you have any low-hanging fruit or vegetables, make sure to put them up out of reach. Make 100% sure trash cans are sealed and your pup cannot get in them.

 Move any poisonous plants to a different room and make sure all of your cleaning supplies are stored in a locked cabinet. Once you’ve removed anything harmful, it’s time to create some safe spaces for your puppy to explore. 


Set up a bed or crate in a quiet corner of the kitchen and fill it with their favorite toys. This will give them a cozy spot to rest when they need a break from all the excitement. 


Finally, remember to always supervise your puppy when they’re in the kitchen- even if you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, accidents can still happen. With a little effort, you can easily make your kitchen puppy proof and create a safe space for your new best friend.

Final Thoughts

Raising a puppy can be a lot of fun, but one thing is undeniable – it is a lot of work! Not only do you have to prepare your home to welcome the new arrival, but you also need a bunch of essentials that any responsible dog owner should have.


The good news is, the chewing phase passes! Good luck, and have fun with your new pup! 


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