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Be it any business sector, adaptation is the key to growth. Here, we will get into a detailed discussion on the food delivery business and how the pandemic has forced the food delivery businesses to adapt to the new normal in order to thrive. 

Measures were taken by food delivery businesses to thrive in the pandemic

Online presence became mandatory

Making a shift online presence became mandatory for restaurants that were running a manual business. Partner with different marketplace apps or develop one’s own ordering application. Either of them became a mandatory thing for restaurants. 

Not to exaggerate, the pandemic has force-fed the need for making an online presence for restaurants, which resulted in a high number of restaurants listed on marketplace apps.

Contactless delivery

During the initial days of lockdown and other restrictions due to the pandemic, people were fearing to consume food from restaurants. But that situation didn’t last long. Eventually, people started reverting to normal and started consuming food from restaurants. Online food delivery app like UberEats is one of the pioneers to set up this feature.

Here, restaurants and marketplace apps have a huge impact on letting users consume restaurant food. How? The contactless mode of delivery coupled with other safety measures created a sense of safety among users to order food. Delivery companies that enabled the contactless mode of delivery instructed the delivery partners to maintain social distancing, and it is the same for users.

The user will define a place outside their door, and the delivery partner will keep the orders exactly in that place. Barely, there will not be any contact between the both.

Disabling cash on delivery

Cash on delivery will involve the delivery partner and the user to come in close contact. To curb that, cash on delivery was disabled in many delivery apps. So, considering the risk associated with cash on delivery, people were compelled to use digital payment modes. 

Undoubtedly, digital payment modes are convenient for your users. You can further size up their convenience by appending all the available digital payment options. Among them, an in-app wallet must be present, which is the easiest way to make the payment.

Addition of healthy food items

Generally, people are a bit conscious about the consumption of food. Though they consume food from restaurants, their inclination towards healthy yet delicious food items hasn’t changed. Moreover, the pandemic has created a state of awareness among the masses to consume food that will boost the immunity level.

You can upload a category of healthy food items and mention the key ingredients, which will drive them to order quickly. Generally, your menu can be categorized based on the key ingredients used. For example, if the main ingredient is dairy, then you can put that food under the dairy category. Likewise, prepare a list of food you provide based on their category.

Familiarizing the safety measures implemented

Marketing is the foundation of any business, and you can make use of it wisely. Nowadays, social media channels are the best source for promoting any business as people are glued to social media apps. Alright!

It is necessary to let your users know about the various safety measures that you have taken up in your business. For that, you can use short videos and blogs to tell them about the level of safety measures you have implemented. Videos will do best as they will catch the attention of users in a tick when compared with other forms of content. 

You might have come across different influencers who posted videos on the safety measures carried out by restaurants. So, here, the influencer marketing strategy is also employed, which will build trust among users quickly.

Safety badges

Safety badges are highly appreciated for restaurants. In the previous pointer, we saw the importance of familiarizing the safety measures carried out by restaurants. One obvious way that lets users that a particular restaurant abides by every safety measure is the safety badge. You would have spotted restaurants with a safety badge icon in marketplace apps. 

If restaurants have safety badges, users will not hesitate to order from those restaurants. This became an inevitable thing for restaurants due to the pandemic.

Priority delivery

The priority delivery has not yet become a prominent one, but you can consider implementing the priority delivery. Are you unfamiliar with the priority delivery? Read more. Zomato is the only food delivery app to implement the facility of priority delivery. Zomato’s users can apply for priority delivery especially if they are affected by Covid-19. 

This feature has given an advantage for users as they don’t have to wait for a long time. You must consider this feature in your app as this feature has not yet become popular. So, take advantage of this feature!

Yes, these are the trends that have mushroomed during the pandemic, and users do love these new features. Before closing this write-up, would you be interested to know a little about the features of the food delivery business? If yes, roll your eyes down!

Features that are non-skippable for your food delivery business


Pre-booking feature is being preferred and opted for by users. If users want to book their orders in advance, they can head to the pre-booking feature and enter the date.

Real-time location tracker

One of the best facilities you can provide to your users is by allowing them to track the delivery partner’s location in a flash. The purpose of this feature is not restricted to users but extends to delivery partners as well. The delivery partner can get help from the location tracking facility to spot the user’s location precisely.


The reordering facility is said to be preferred by users as the selection of dish, and order placement everything happens just in a click. So, never leave the reordering feature in your app.

Summing up, the prevailing demand for food delivery businesses is a solid opportunity for you. Use this opportunity when it is red hot with an advanced food delivery app.


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