Why Should You Rent Mercedes S 500

Mercedes Benz has always been a symbol of luxury and super comfortable rides, making it the first choice of corporate workers and organizations. It does not only offer a luxury riding experience but supports the high-class image of riders too. The luxury car brand has been following the advancement of the era and introducing new editions. The Mercedes S 500 is one of the latest remarkable addition.

The Mercedes S 500 is the epitome of a luxury car that prioritizes comfort and classiness. The model has also received some interior and exterior facelifts, making it even more attractive. The best part is that you do not necessarily need to buy the car to enjoy all these luxuries but rent it and explore long rides.

If you are contemplating why you should rent and ride the Mercedes S 500, give an in-depth read to this article, and you will be tempted to explore and enjoy its rides.

Top 7 Highlights of Mercedes S 500 You Must Know

The Mercedes S 500 has got an upgrade in the edition in recent times. The previous model was super attractive and offered a high-quality driving experience. However, the newer version is even more impressive, leaving the riders stunned. You must explore the highlights of the car to decide if you are contemplating the choice.

Some of the major highlights of the Mercedes S 500 you must know about include the following:

1. Bigger and Better

The latest model of the Mercedes S 500 is bigger and better than the previous models, which is the most prominent highlight. The car comes with an upgraded MRA2 platform. 2.1 inches have been added to the width of the car, and it has also got a two-inch longer wheelbase. The bigger battery for the PHEV version is another addition that makes the car better. It compels car lovers to rent a luxury car in Dubai and enjoy supercharged and high-quality rides.

2. Engine

The engine is the most impressive and tempting highlight of the Mercedes S 500, which will make you get behind the steering wheel immediately. The car has a 3.0 liter inline-6 turbo engine with a mild-hybrid drive, making rides supercharged and unforgettable. The car has an acceleration of 4.9 seconds, enough to stun and surprise car lovers. Moreover, it has an impressive fuel economy too, which makes sure you can enjoy long rides without stopping.

3. Exterior

The exterior details of the Mercedes S 500 impress not only the layman who rates it on looks but car lovers too, who put more stress on technicalities. The car follows the theme of a clean body style and has seamlessly integrating door handles. It also has a larger trunk space; however, it does not compromise on overall space. The car supports a sleek and sophisticated design that immediately catches the eye.

4. Interior

The interior of the Mercedes S 500 is another major highlight. The interior of the car is quite spacious, and the leather seats make it super comfortable too. You can easily opt for the type of leather seat covering and colors to keep it closer to your taste. The most prominent feature of the interior is its ambient lighting system which makes long rides dreamy and more relaxing. The car also has rear airbags to ensure the safety of rear passengers too.

5. Tech Details

The latest model of the Mercedes S 500 is all about advanced technology details, which makes it a dream car for tech lovers. The car has up to 5 screens, along with a 12.3-inch gauge cluster. The tech system can be operated through voice-activated commands, facial recognition, and fingerprint scanning. The car also has a Burmester 3D sound system, which surely adds to its appeal and improves the quality of entertainment too.

6. Parking Assistance

One of the major highlights of the Mercedes S 500 is the advanced parking assistance system. The car has five cameras, five radars, and a dozen ultrasonic sensors, leaving no room for mistake. All of this support and assistance make parking super easy even for the new drivers and those who always struggle at parking. The advanced parking and driving features of the Mercedes S500 make it super comfortable for anyone to drive.

7. Customizable Features

The last and most notable highlight of the Mercedes S500 is that it comes with customizable features. It means the manufacturers greatly care about the experience of the riders and try their best to win over them. The car offers a multi-direction seat adjustment, along with nineteen massage motors and a headrest pillow. Explore rent a car option to rent the Mercedes S500 and get first-hand experience of customizable features and comfy rides.

Are you eager to enjoy rides in a Mercedes S 500?

Do not waste any more time and explore registered and certified luxury car dealers. Rent the Mercedes S 500 on easy terms and conditions and start your exploration journey.

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