When you think of Miami, probably, you remind of the sunny beaches, diverse nightlife, and the luxurious Art Deco district. Whether you plan to lie getting tanned, there is no need for wheels. You can take taxis. However, things change when you travel with kids. There are so many fascinating places in and outside the city to attend! The city is worth preordering a vehicle in Alamo car rental Miami. Come along to find tricks for happy holidays from experienced travelers with children!

Plan your route

That is essential to make some plans before you go. Thus, you find optimal routes, remarkable destinations, and landmarks. Besides, you can save some money with preorders of tickets to amusement parks and rooms in hotels. Another thing is that you get to know the new city. The road map of Miami is advanced. You might need a printed map, Navi, and SunPass for the toll roads, for example, Airport Expressway (Route 112) and Dolphin Expressway (836). Thus, Alamo car rental at Miami airport is your start point. Your getaway will begin there, after your plane’s arrival. Then, be ready to hit the road!

What is great for planning is operating online maps and video cameras. They are available on the Internet. You can check current road conditions and make corrections to your itinerary. That is great for time management. We know it is hard to wake up children and make them eat or dress up to go out. It is a relief when you know you have more time, or you should choose the Miami Shores Aquatic Center instead of Jungle island. Thus, do it seriously once, and have a rest soon!

Make fun

How to be bored in the most cheerful city, Miami? There are so many activities both for skilled tourists and newcomers. Whether you dreamt of surfing, you can learn that here. There are many clubs for rental surfing desks where you can ask a trainer to teach your kids. No problems. Also, choose from the million ways to know underwater life. For example, go diving, kayaking, or sailing on glass-bottom boats.

Ask your family what they would like to do. Or take a simple look at them. Whether they need some passive recreation, go bathing in the ocean and enjoy the bright sun. Do not forget caps and sun cream! Alternatively, you may walk along streets with landmarks, beautiful architecture, and boutiques. Suggest trying local cuisine. Besides, there are many locations in the neighborhood, and a 2-3 hours drive from Miami. You may buy a day tour with a guide on the bus and go there. If you rent a car, you may do it on your own after consulting with the Miami visitor center. Do the latter because there you may clarify schedules and prices. Thus, you will avoid unexpected issues on your way. 

Check forecasts

Indeed, Miami is one of the sun residentials in the USA. In total, it is always warm there. Yet, do not be careless when packing your bags as long as it may become rainy and a bit cold. Take jackets and jumpers with you. Local weather is changeable. That is so due to the climate, which is monsoonal and tropical there. In addition, the season of rain starts in May and continues up to October. You might often hear on the news that typhoons and tornadoes came to Florida. We can hardly say that it is a good vacation when residents buy all the necessary staff and board up their houses’ windows. Do not let that unpleasantly surprise you. Thus, check the Florida Climate Center’s forecast to check the best time to come here. It is all about safety and wellness. Take care!

Be attentive

That is the rule to follow wherever you go, though. Keep an eye on your children in unknown reservations, parks, and on the shores. Locals say that it is easy to meet alligators because of the closeness of Everglades swamps. That is not always dangerous to death. A few alligator types may attack without reason. Just educate your children on how to behave in a case of such a meeting. Just read and follow simple rules to prevent them from happening. These predators’ habitat is in most rivers and swamps in Florida. Thus, driving from any of Alamo car rentals and deciding to have a picnic, be attentive and careful around water. Never allow kids to play alone and feed even a small alligator. Talk to Miami residents and tourist centers to know more about that issue. You will find the solution!


Your children will appreciate your organizational skills and the vacation you did for them. Pre-order a rental car and check Covid-19 regulations. The list of tricks helps you to have a good time in Miami! Nothing can stop you from that!


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